Saturday, 13 March 2010

Laugh ? I fell over. Dyfed Powys Drugs investigation

Lets set the scene for two of Dyfed Powys police finest approaching the house of an alleged drugs farm, guarded by vicious dogs protecting the proceeds of crime.........

Two officers using their years of expensive training and stealth quietly approach the front door hoping to take the occupant unaware so affecting a peaceful entry. A drugs bust like this could boost an officers career.
Hardly daring to breathe with excitement they sharply rap the door and stand to one side.
Hm no one in....... Do they organise a drugs unit to smash the door in and seize the growing cannabis plants ?
Hmmm no.....
They decide to take the safe option of thorough investigation and go knock at next doors house.

I'm laughing as I write this but can you imagine the gist of " Excuse me but does the drug dealer live next door please ? "

The neighbour was horrified and asked the police not to return as the pensioner who lives next door was out on walkies with the alleged guard dog and its blind and deaf 13 year old friend. So left in charge of the Operation was a Rabbit,two Hamsters and a few snails you wouldn't want to mess with.

Her "crop" was in fact Lemon scented Geraniums growing on the window sill in the bedroom. I gave her the plants so I guess I'm equally guilty of cultivating such a strong growth of illegal Geraniums. Id love to see Pontyberems ever growing crowd of druggies smoke these. It could put them off spliffs for life.

It was only last week that the Carmarthen Journal had on the front page Dyfed Powys police's new drugs czar stating that he was on the case of drug dealers in the area.
Yet within half a mile of this poor pensioners house are two drug dealers,one quite prolific who has a security system so he can see any police coming !
Its not what you know in Bancffosfelen, its WHO you know !
Meantime anyone who is knowingly cultivating Lemon Scented Geraniums for "own use" should be aware that Dyfed Powys police are fully trained to take you down. Anyone dealing in cocaine, PCP or cannabis will probably be safe enough for another week.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Dyfed powys police finance department, todays asses are .....

I can personally confirm that Dyfed Powys Police finance department operate to the same unnervingly low standard that most of the dyfed powys uniformed and heavy booted lot do.

Dyfed Police at llanelli contacted ME. They were quite rightly trying to avoid deaths of mainly humans but possibly the ponies by default. One officer suggested shooting the ponies on the day if I couldn't catch them. Given the choice of being chopped in half by a car or a marksmen it may have been the only other option.
Not withstanding my views on Dyfed powys police not being able to find their own backsides with both hands and them behaving in a prejudiced manner when " upholding" the law, I and debbie went down to work with the ponies and to remove them from the main link road where they lived armed with several natural horseman ropes and an air tight contract on what we were doing and what dyfed powys's responsibilities were,

Reimbursing the sanctuary was clearly covered.

Now previously Ive said the police helping us and sealing off the road were pleasant and reasonably helpful. we had all four ponies next to the trailer until a knob end in a volvo with flashing lights went flying through the middle of us in the early hours but he upset the other officers too. The ponies trust was gone and so we sealed them in a place of safety and returned the next morning capturing them all safely with no casualties nor stitches in my head.
Time passed and despite reminders we heard nothing so we had to phone constantly only to discover that the contracts which the police had signed had been lobbed to one side and lost. I had already made it clear that if their poor behaviour wasn't sorted then I would be going to the small claims court. Eventually with the help of a kind inspector the contract was found and finance told to pull their finger out.
What we actually got was blatant stupidity and half truth's.

All they had to do was get the fax and send by Bacs system what they owed.

They claim Ryan couldn't read the fax yet he could read the phone number on it which he got a woman to phone after the bacs had done that days bank stuff. She left a message at ten past two to say that as they couldn't read the fax she was putting a cheque in the post despite our agreement. Agreements dont matter to Dyfed powys because they do what they want anyway. Then Ryan changed his story claiming he had phoned loads of times. The down fall of that tale is that the phone doesn't lie. When it says its had only one call at a set time then that is what happened. Its possible Ryan couldn't dial the right number but that's another story.
it wasn't even my phone they rang but debbies.

I get that mistakes happen but its how that mistake is corrected. steeping lie upon lie without basic respect for the job they are paid to do adds insult to injury.
When I asked to speak to who ever was in charge to complain about the stupidity and poor service what the ass holes did was to put me through to Alison in professional standards to take my complaint.

Alison is a typist not an officer from professional standards.

Apparently everyone and anyone in finance had an early lunch from about 12pm onwards.
I was told that they only do Bacs on a Wednesday but they were happy to retrieve the envelope ( which had been posted 1st class the night before you understand ) off the desk it was now lobbed on and post it 1st class again. I was not willing to take that risk of it being lobbed on another desk and hidden from view. Then a kind inspector phoned, apologised and said he would get this unacceptable situation sorted.
So then the head of finance,known by me as "bitch from hell" phoned telling me that my only chance was to accept that they would post the envelope as they only do BACS on a Wednesday.I wasn't getting a bacs done anyway as it would take two days to set up and they didn't have my details.She asked if I was telling her to hold onto the envelope ! Yes I'm really going to do that when Ive moved heaven and earth to get the envelope from your clutches in the 1st place
Actually they did have my details but they were on a roll of stupidity.

The kind inspector from Llanelli phoned again to tell me he had negotiated with "kevin" (yet another clueless wonder) who said they only do BACS on a Friday and by the time they had sorted it they may have posted the envelope any way. So he told them to put the paper work in reception to collect.

Thanks to him they managed that.

At the end of the day they made it as difficult as possible and the only help available was one inspector and one chief inspector whom I'm sure had more important things to attend to.
Mean time with Dyfed powys avoidance of real police work and upholding the law the person who committed perjury continues to walk free and my health worsens day by day.With regard to the rest of the nightmare Dyfed Powys helped create,
It seems the only way they are forced into action is by me showing them up. I can see me going on top of Swansea comedy theatres roof, other wise known as Swansea justice centre.
Why would a rational person want to do this ? I dont want to but I get iller day by day and the police avoid correcting their appalling mistakes yet spend time playing games with me. Meantime I am using this blog entry to lay a complaint of perjury and ask for fair and diligent investigation into the matter.
DP Trustworthy ? I dont think so. I saved the ponies although it caused a lot of stress.
Will anything happen ? I'm still waiting for a reply to my letter of 2007 to play away Terry Grange whose unprofessional behaviour was still a hidden secret amongst the force at that point. The standard of care is so poor at dyfed Powys police that no police officer is allowed to speak to the press. The DP press office make up some cheery words and then pretend its the words of a serving officer.