Wednesday 5 May 2021

Nothings changed in all this time

Lesley Cooper 15m · Shared with Public Heddlu Dyfed-Powys Police Yesterday at 4:01 PM · 20 stop searches with 7 arrests 12 arrests for drug driving 41 traffic offence reports issued 95 shop owners and community leaders engaged with Here are the results from last week's Op Sceptre, which saw more than just knife crimes being detected… Nineteen people arrested and weapons seized during knife crime action week DYFED-POWYS.POLICE.UK Nineteen people arrested and weapons seized during knife crime action week Dyfed-Powys Police has released its Op Sceptre results 21 Comments Karen Titshall We done x · Reply · 1d Karen Titshall Well · Reply · 1d Annette Rosser Well done x · Reply · 1d Jim Phillips Great work Dyfed Powys Police πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ · Reply · 22h Lesley Cooper well done. So you chatted to nearly 100 shop keepers and arrested 19 people. How many people do you arrest in a normal week then cos thats not a lot is it. Yet you dont have time to properly investigate a woman committing fraud by portraying herself as a police officer to stupid people. We know she isnt a customs officer because Ive got the letter from the home office on that claim. Yet we have HER claims in writing that she is both · Reply · 22h Lesley Cooper Every time Ive asked in writing if this woman is a serving police officer you refuse to answer. So if she is you have a serving police officer carrying out hate campaigns on social media and in person. This possible "police woman" is organizing hate gangs of disciples and stupid people on the premise that Dyfed powys and south wales police are recruiting on facebook. Ive been burgled, Ive nearly been arrested for modern day slavery untill I got your little stupid police officer trapped outside my house in his car and pointed out the truth at which point I let him go when I said he could go., Ive had horses slashed and poisoned death threats to me and a little deaf fox. Ive had a car stolen you GAVE to the thief who has a criminal record. You almost let him get away with a murder investigation though cos he is useful for info you did according to a woman who had enough of him. But you know this and wont answer in writing on him either. When however he, at 6ft 3 walked into a police station to appease his girlfriend by fantasising I was stalking him and who he said he had dumped whilst he was playing over the fence here , police terminology here you will know well cos of Terry Grange You ACTUALLY sent two police officers here who were as confused as I was on how I could stalk him when he had my car he had stolen. But they did have a good laugh when the truth was obvious. It was even funnier when he rang me off another sim card threatening to shoot himself and I got the police to do a welfare check on him. What protection have you ever offered me or the animals. Jack shit. Even a court judge told you investigate black mail and coercion. YOU DID NOTHING. Home office say its a police matter and still you do Jack shit.....When I shaft you it will be all the way to your throats. All this because I had the balls to squat in the chief constables house because you allowed bullying and harassment and YOU lost in court and crept out the back door like the weak little spineless people you are. At one point there was an SGT sending personal emails to a horse thief supporting them and this "police womans gang£. I won in that court case too and the judge criticised your behaviour and the SGT who you then promoted to INS had to write me a sulky apology. I have everything in writing and the best you have is refusing to answer questions which protects criminals . I wonder how many people you stopped and searched were victims of hate groups and were perfectly innocent. If this "police woman" is never going away neither am I until you are shown to be exactly what you are. The truth would sting if only you had morals · Reply · 1h · Edited Write a reply… Write a reply… Pippa Bawden Williams 12 arrests for drug driving ? Good work πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»... frightening to think there’s so many out there doing this !🀬🀬🀬 · Reply · 19h Trev Evens Aha Pippa Bawden Williams again.... 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣biggest police fan badge is awarded to Pippa πŸ€“here we are your badge =πŸ₯‡ · Reply · 8h Hughbert Comberdale What's the total income from fines? Lucrative business. Shame it's a monopoly. · Reply · 5h Lesley Cooper How many convictions in comparisons to arrests then Pippa · Reply · 1h Pippa Bawden Williams that's nothing to do with the police? that's down to the courts · Reply · 53m Write a reply… Write a comment… 0 Comments Write a comment… Lesley Cooper 1h · Shared with Public Nineteen people arrested and weapons seized during knife crime action week DYFED-POWYS.POLICE.UK Nineteen people arrested and weapons seized during knife crime action week

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