Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Golden handshakes for bosses,police with records and assault....

My letter to Terry Grange regarding race and hate crime ignored by him as the then Chief Constable of Dyfed Powys police.I was helped to write it by Taha Idris of racial equality swansea. I am still to this day waiting for a response from the police or anyone asking me if they can protect me or help in any way. These are the people policing Carmarthenshire as we speak.Is it any wonder there is a record number of murders in Llanelli this year with this sort of inadaquate policing.I will put all the other stuff on later.
Given the sudden spate of racial attacks going on in Ireland against Romanians reported in the BBC tv and radio news,Sky news "Romanians Flee Homes After Racist Attacks" and the various commnents Ive seen in papers about getting the English out of Wales racism cannot be ignored for much longer in Wales by the dyfed powys police or any other police force who may be looking to doctor the true figures.
This is what Terry Grange actually said in court
"She explained to Mr Grange the protest was not political but a complaint, claiming she was ignored by the force.
She said: "When you walked away from the force in November after relations with Lorraine Thomas and Samantha Gaynor, you left people like me who needed help.
"You never replied to my complaints," she added.

Mr Grange explained he could not reply to every letter he was sent !!!!

In the witness box Mr Grange said: “I know vaguely of [Lady] Cooper but have never had any personal dealings with her. “I think she has been involved with a group of people who are regular e-mailers to Dyfed-Powys Police. “They had a variety of names they called themselves, because other access to the force was cut off. They just changed their name.

“I think they had all been defrauded by somebody or other.

The letter is above ! And Yes Terry Grange you cut my access to safety off by ignoring 999 calls ! AND failing to respond to requests for help regarding race and hate crime.

The Police authority is equally to blame because they do everything they can to avoid investigation into this matter to keep their snouts in the public trough

Updates on the situation (ARTICLE IS FURTHER DOWN) Im happy to give anyone mentioned on here a write to reply...really just jump in when you want....If you are correct then surely you will want people to know......

I am going to put on this blog and every where else I can the letter I sent to Terry Grange regarding racism and the receipt from his PA. I will no longer be bullied by the police. I have offered the evidence but they will not talk because they are desperately trying to find away out without admitting liability. One of the reasons I am now going to have to make public letters and things that anyone can check for themselves the validity of is because.....

Ive just been told that I will be placed on a persistant caller list if I keep asking to speak to Chief Constable Ian Arundale.
I wonder if we are any better off with him as Terry Grange was never in his office either. We actually parked in Granges car space during a meeting with the police authority and they STILL claimed he was there.
The irony of it is that my emails are blocked anyway, 999 calls are ignored and have been for a very long time and phone calls wont be taken.
All Im asking is why were the 999 failures when I was being attacked, not mentioned on the recorded police complaint and why will they not discuss the failure to record race and hate crime. Ian Arundale could have phoned and told me but he clearly doesnt want his bonuses affected. Ministry of Justice Jack Straw,
Having been invited to email stuff in I await some response from them 13.15pm
Inspector Bizby and another officer came out on Thursday and asked questions. He gave me the option of the assault being dealt with locally or criminally. Ive gone for the criminal option as all this harrassment has to stop. Someone has to be honest enough to admit the police were wrong and that no one has ever looked at the evidence just been persuaded by a few politicions who never looked at what their names were being put to.

From: Morris, Paul (AM Support Staff, Conservative)
Subject: Dyfed Powys Police
Date: Monday, 16 March, 2009, 9:13 AM

Dear Lady Cooper

Thank you for your emails addressed to Nick Bourne AM regarding Dyfed Powys Police.

Nick will write today to the Chief Constable on your behalf and will contact you again as soon as we receive a reply.

Paul Morris
Office of the Leader of the Opposition
National Assembly for Wales
02920 898311

Thank you for your kindness.

I have every bit of evidence to prove what I am saying if people would only look at it.

The police are avoiding the fact that 999 calls are being ignored by them when I have called.Emails are blocked still and my phone calls dont get beyond the call centre.

Lady L Cooper

Update at 12pm,
After checking that all phone calls are recorded in the DPP call centre I asked for Ian Arundale only to be told that despite having leave all last week he wasnt available today. I pointed out that I am giving Dyfed Powys a chance to correct their mistakes and Im quite happy to show them all the paperwork to prove what Im saying. So far we have a police force that wrongfully arrested me, Allowed someone to commit criminal damage and race hate crimes with no come backs.Allowed him then to use a friend to organise a report that was then given to Defra. Aided and abetted by Gillian Gibson who displays herself as a expert witness. Defra assumed they were dealing with honest people who were represented by expert witnesses. The Friend was struck off so not allowed to act as a surveyer but thats ok because Defra then became evidence and so although there is no evidence, no expert witness and the surveyers struck off, Judge Christopher Vosper of Swansea "justice" centre declared that I had a cynical view on this mans farming activities ! Scroll down for the photos of his animals.
At all times Dyfed Powys have ignored 999 calls ,failed to record hate and race crime and done their best to deflect any mess from their back yard.

Chief constable IAN ARUNDALE of Dyfed Powys police has to either phone me this morning to explain why he doesnt get my emails or phone calls. There is the little matter of 999 calls not being responded to.Ive put either because he may choose to put a paperbag over his head and hope I will go away. If he takes this direction and control course then ALL the evidence I have will be slapped on here or any other media it will stick to. After 8 years of abuse it now stops and I get justice. That goes for Judge Christopher Vosper who will get a complaint on the ministry of justice desk this week. All they need to do is look at the evidence properly.

Please note this forum has been read five times by members of the house of commons and by a journalist at the Mirror news paper in the last half an hour. Please do the jobs you get paid for because Im not going away untill this is resolved.
2 more hits from the house of commons and NICK BOURNE Conservatives have confirmed receipt and will respond by email. Nick Bournes PA is speaking to him now to see what he intends doing 3pm friday

Plaid Cymru
pricea @parliament does not like recipient tut tut Plaid Cymru. At least Dyfed Powys hide the fact emails are blocked.
I phoned and was asked to send to another address and someone from the same ip address opened it at 9.51am. No response so far.
Helen Mary Jones NO RESPONSE yet again
STILL NO RESPONSE but I didnt expect any. Plaid Cymru are not there to help outsiders. Fri 3pm

Chief constable Ian Arundale is apparently on leave, Carol Price was on leave till monday but is suddenly coming back in now and allegedly will respond to my email.
According to the witnessed phone call Ive just had there is no one in the office able to accept emails for the CC nor his PA nor the DCC. So if 999 calls are ignored and also emails is it acceptable to send pidgeons with notes on their legs. Im giving DYFED POWYS POLICE the opportunity to resolve this for everyone.
CAROL PRICE has not bothered and Dyfed Powys police are refusing to respond or acknowledge the problem through any medium.Phone or email so THEY ARE STILL BLOCKING EMAILS.
FRIDAY 3pm Carol Price I have just spoken to after asking if my call to the call centre was being recorded. I pointed out that as my calls and emails were being blocked I would be recording it with the IPCC. Carol Price DID take my call and said she can remember signing for the letter regarding Dyfed Powys refusal to record race and hate crime from me. I shall post the letter I sent to Terry Grange on here later. However my emails are STILL blocked by Dyfed Powys police unlike TERRY GRANGES MISTRESS as no one knows what I sent them yesterday it proves it. Professional standards are apparently throwing a letter together about last Fridays assault on me by a serving officer.I shall update you all on what they intend doing but the likelyhood is they have been conspiring with CPS to get me on something to justify me being attacked by a policeman.
As Dyfed Powys police wont have seen all this due to emails being blocked perhaps someone ought to post it to them !
NIA GRIFFITHS has made an appointment to see me THANK YOU !!!!!!!! And bless her she was the first to read this blog and she saw me that day and is writing to Dyfed Powys police.

Article Lady Lesley Cooper


A trilogy of life changing stuff has rocketed round the inside of my head for a week or so now and Ive thought that I must record it all on the Trallwm Farm blog.
Life is a struggle for many and I know a lot of people including me are waiting for the refund of our bank charges. Sadly I cant see this happening because a huge chunk of money has been dished out as a golden pension to, as far as I can see an undeserving ,unqualified for the job wide boy who has bagged millions and gone like a long dog.
I wonder how he got his job ? Is he a freemason or does he just work the mates system in an upmarket matesrates game. Im sure there are more people like him in the banking world and I know there are some in DYFED POWYS POLICE WORLD.

Having simply asked for the treatment that DDP claim is the every day friendly honest service given to all and finding a solid barrier of institutional racism I was confused as to why this would happen to me and the many others all wandering round in the darkness of legaldom. How could I dial 999 and be ignored, be physically assaulted ,verbally and racially abused,criminal damage rained down upon the farm and terrible animal cruelty inflicted and yet never once were certain things recorded by the police or action taken on others.

A letter that was signed for by Terry Granges PA asking for help about racism was simply ignored by the then Chief constable of Dyed powys police Now ignoring is a DPP tactic still being used today hence my updates so you can see who is in office to help victims and who is in it for themselves. Whilst ignoring race and hate crime against me they sent armed response police in to get me out of terry Granges house when I was desperate to tell the world the reality of this unfair police system.
Now as we all know Dyfed Powys police and the CPS were desperate to get me into court to silence me by convicting me of something, anything.

They failed because I have done nothing wrong ( Proven in court ). Terry Grange by now the ex chief constable of Dyfed powys police and ex of the Llangunnor ivory tower HQ when being questioned by my acting but unqualified barrister for my day in court ( ME ) smugly said that he couldnt be expected to read or deal with letters so he had passed it unread to his deputy ANDY EDWARDS to deal with. Ive never had a response to that letter so they failed to acknowledge or record race and hate crime at every point it was presented to them. Andy Edwards went as far as responding to a letter from a lovely gentleman from the local conservatives and told him he had investigated and could see no wrong doing. So now they clear themselves saving anyone else getting involved.
Given that Terry Grange is now officially found as someone who was caught sleeping with other women,misusing the police email system to authorise his lovers emails to come directly to him and misusing the force credit card to entertain women and then tried to cover it up shows to me a deceptive person quite capable of the very things he is meant to protect us from. His email headings are in the public domain and he presumably found the Carmarthenshire bull living at the hospice that had TB and was taken by Defra an amusing event to share with his lover when discussing legal force matters.
This is the IPCC findings on Terry Grange

Terry Grange also featured heavily in complaints that a paedophile judge escaped prosecution because of a link with him. The claims were made by an ex wife who had links with child welfare and no matter how I rip the argument apart I cannot see any reason why someone would ruin thier own career just to spite an ex. I think she really believed in the complaint against the welsh high court judge because she fought hard the whole way despite a lot of hard core opposition.Ive experienced what the hierarchy inflict on people to stop them being heard.
There is a wonderful article in Southwales evening post about cops in crime shame 35 officers have criminal records. DYFED POWYS POLICE DID NOT RESPOND TO THE FOI REQUEST. They think they are above the law as far as I can tell How many DYFED POWYS POLICE HAVE CRIMINAL RECORDS ???????. Some have even been arrested for sex and violence crimes !
I find it astounding that when a few of us who all have legitimate claims against Dyfed powys police booked an appointment with the then head of the police authority our complaints were allowed to dissapear as fast as the £70,000 police pension Terry Grange went off with like a Pitbull with a rabbit.
We went in November and had to badger for a response in March the following year.
All claims would not be investigated because Terry Grange is no longer a serving officer. Well to be fair if you had it away on your toes with £70,000 you wouldnt want to work either !
Im constantly asked why a whole police force would be set against me and why crimes against me would not be recorded. The answer isnt some mystifying long equation but more rather an understandable greed impulse.
Dyfed Powys police force just like councils and banks have a bonus system. Keep everything sweet and you get a bung.

By asking for help with a whole series of crimes I messed up thier holiday money. By complaining about the behaviour of certain officers I stopped promotion and productivity dosh. Terry had his money but others stand to lose out. The sad part is that there are good honest coppers out there who could lose out financially if my complaints were upheld but most of the ones Ive had dealings with have friends in very high places,want more money,are very racist against the English and often belong to the free masons. Yes I know they say they dont but even thats simple to wriggle round. You dont pay your subs for that year ,you pay it a year behind or in front and then for that year you are not and never have been a freemason. Easy when you know how.

Now for any doubters consider this next bit because you can be actively involved.
On Friday 8th March 2009 I was assaulted by a man who was outside my property demanding my phone number when there was no reason at all why I needed to give it.
I dialled 999 after this person opened my gate and tried to reach me before I got inside the house.He then tried to grab me back out through the door in front of two witnesses. A neighbour had already asked him to move his car because he was blocking traffic. I made three 999 calls all of which were ignored. Even the one where they can hear me shouting for help when I was attacked.
Eventually a nice inspector came out when I started asking about the 999 calls being ignored and he was kind and helpful but its now wednesday the following week and I have still not made a statement nor been helped any further with what is yet another blatant attack against me.
My attacker is a serving police officer who wasn't even suspended. Please feel free to phone Dyfed Powys police and ask about the whole situation if you have any doubts about anything written on this blog. Im open to any questioning or interview in order to sort out what has been an eight year ordeal for me but sadly Dyfed Powys police are still more interested in their pensions than any form of justice.

Over two years ago I had to make them stop someone from accessing the police data system and using it to give out info on a housing estate just like this article in the newspapers at the moment !

"The force ( Dyfed Powys police force ) also had six cases where personal details were inappropriately accessed by staff on police computer systems over a three-year period.
This led to one employee being dismissed " Hold on ....I reported one and HE wasnt sacked !

Over a year ago I asked them to stop a similar thing happening and I can prove this but still nothing is done.I have the emails to Dyfed Powys and from. This included Sam Gainard and professional standards.

This attack on me is just one in a long line of intimidation tactics over 8 years which are all documented. No one in Dyfed Powys police has the balls to admit they made a mistake 8 years ago and to sort it out because they would then have to suffer abuse from DYFED POWYS bosses when the gravy boat ends. I would happily sign a gagging disclaimer not to speak to the press if it meant 8 missing years of my life could be left behind. This would mean Carmarthen police chiefs doing the right thing and resolving all this.The most likely reaction will be for them to try and find something that they can get into court to try again to discredit me but last time paperwork was circulated round CPS untill somone at myrthyr tydfyll was stupid enough to chance their arm and then failed in court as per usual.
Phone Dyfed Powys Police and ask 08453302000. Heres my number for any Dyfed powys police who really havent got it 08712300873