Sunday, 30 August 2009

Why people get away with murder

The lunatic who has this blog is the man who held captive a girl called jaycee for 18 yrs,fathered two children with her and is now facing 29 charges for crimes committed against her plus there are investigations into murdered prostitutes.

In 2006 a neighbour contacted the police and an officer went out and had a chat at the door. THREE YEARS LATER he got caught because someone with a bit of power started checking.

Its easy for criminals to avoid being caught or convicted because it would seem that here or in America its not what you know but who you know. As long as your face fits you can pretty much do as you like. How can we protect the innocent when such shoddy police work through out the world allows criminals to remain undetected even though someone was brave enough to come forward.
The criteria for joining the judiciary should be raised to an acceptable standard so there wont be room for evil people to slip through the net.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Dear Plaid Cymru If you have time to spy on here then you have time to take up constituents complaints AND PUT THINGS RIGHT

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OOPS And another look, Wouldnt it make sense to do your job then you dont have to get mentioned on here

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Gabo-i-n-g as Plaid Cymru swoop in for another look.
Why dont you try and get plaid Cymru to speak to me and resolve the problems instead of googling my name and other peoples looking for dirt THERE ISNT ANY.
I was the innocent victim in this so why dont you do what you claim to do and help a constituent. Unique Visitors

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

My Friend Maurice Kirk the flying vet on hunger strike

Latest bit

From: "norman scarth" View contact detailsTo:,,,,,, headquarters@south-wales.pnn.police.ukCc: "norman scarth" Irma Grese (google the name) will never be dead while Sian West is alive! (Sian West is the Governess of HMP Cardiff). The brainwashing ‘News Media’ (so called) are constantly telling the gullible public that Her Majesty’s prisons are Holiday Camps. Some ‘Holiday Camps’ – when every year a hundred captives (many of them stitched up) are driven to take their own lives! Maurice Kirk is not convicted of any crime, but held on remand in HMP Cardiff on a ridiculous charge of once owning what used to be a WW1 Lewis gun, but had, many years ago, been turned into a useless piece of ornamental ironmongery. I have today received a brief letter from Maurice, along with ‘Form 256D/2 ADJUDICATION NOTICE’. During a visit, Maurice tried to give the visitor a cheque to give to a lawyer (who will not act for Maurice without payment up front). For this dastardly ‘crime’ Maurice has been punished: The sentence: 14 days ‘Cellular confinement’; 14 days denied association with other prisoners, & 21 days denied access to his ‘canteen cash’, which means he cannot purchase stamps, paper, toothpaste etc. or make telephone calls. How can Maurice prepare for his court hearing today, an application for Bail?

Hitler, Himmler, Heydrich & Co. could have not have carried out their evil without millions of other psychopaths to do their dirty work. There is no shortage of them in Britain! Irma Grese was hung for her sadistic brutality as a Nazi concentration camp guard. Oh for the day when her more subtle successors in Britain will suffer the same fate!

Norman Scarth.

PS: Maurice sends “The Seasons Greetings to all my friends out there”.

My friend Maurice is a capable talented man who is a firm believer in justice and truth. We have a lot in common with our love of animals and the firm belief that life is for living but not at the criminal expense of all others who happen to be in the way.
Sadly our faith and trust, which was ingrained throughout our childhoods, that those in authority should be respected and trusted has been eroded to the point of an open ulcer.
Maurice was a well thought of vet. A trustworthy family man whom you could quoth Bordeaux with at the local before watching the cricket on a warm summers afternoon.
Just like me Maurice found himself a victim of police policy. That doesn't mean he intentionly or otherwise committed an offence.It means that he was persued and bullied with the intention, that he would back down and disappear leaving wrong doers to inflict harm on others less likely to fight back.

Not many people know that there is an elite within the justice system that have an immunity to prosecution.That extends a little further until the point that hangers on, like dogs of war, who serve their masters well also share the spoils. If you cant get them into court and have them shamed then the next best thing is to identify them like poltergeists when they get YOU into court. Remembering of course that they cannot be charged themselves,they can twist the truth into a characiture of its former self. It is legal ectoplasm that drips on the innocent and haunts the whole court system, without fear of legal retribution. Its a nightmare that you can never wake up from. There are various spectres who benefit most with protected pensions, regardless of wrong doing and there are various entities that carry the evil to unsuspecting good people who believe in the truth and the good of mankind.
If you truly believe in the good of mankind, then you have to believe in the evil of mankind also as you cannot have one without the other.

Maurice Kirk has been fighting a battle against evil for some time now. He has various stuff ongoing and a matter of relevance is that over a period of time he has been harassed by little entities in police cars carrying evil on behalf of spectre's.

There are 100 little entities actually. I cant name them because despite a civil case that requires all 100 to be named so that they can be called into court and questioned by the defence, Barbara Wilding ( Chief Spector of South Wales police ) has signed an order which prohibits this happening and therefore prohibits civil action and compensation for anyone other than South Wales police in this particular case.
Now Mr Kirk is somewhat brighter than Spectres and entities and has metaphorically shoved them into ghost vaults so Ms Wilding simply waved her little wand to protect the evil entities from having to appear.

Can you imagine any court case where only one side is allowed to present its case ?

South Wales police arrested Mr Kirk for criminal damage ( This is listed on the custody record ). This was after Mr Kirk put in a bill to the police solicitors Dolmans for £150,00 6 months previously,which is rightfully his in costs because of all the cases he has won against the police previously. I gather he was allegedly arrested on the say so of Adrian Oliver who is chief spector at Dolmans after talking to the police on the 19th of June. This is what I believe to be true as told to me by Maurice Kirk and I have no reason to not believe him as I have seen Adrian Olivers name appear regularly on letters and correspondence protecting the various spectors that disembowel peoples lives.

The charges of criminal damage were dropped against Mr Kirk.

The vortex of evil rose from hell in a rage and decided to search Maurice Kirks website to keep him in some sort of legal no mans land, away from telling the truth about the 100 entities and a farcical court case.

They found a scrap WW1 replica plane on his site that was sold as that, SCRAP . It would not fly again in battle just as the remains of an old machine gun would not work. It was sold to him as such. Sadly being Maurice with an interest in planes he took a photo of it and it was on the website.
The actual plane and all parts have been scrapped so there is nothing left as far as Im aware to cause a problem to anyone.

Maurice Kirk has been locked up in the haunted castle of Cardiff prison for selling a sub machine gun !

Now it could be argued on a technicality that yes he did, but he didn't sell it for anything other than a lump of metal to be melted down. Maurice was granted unconditional bail that showed the courts view that this was no big deal and just a technicality to be argued and mulled over.

South wales police went before Judge Cooke on the the 25th June and relying on CPS 15 made up horror stories, overturned the previous judges order which meant that Maurice ended up in Jail. Maurice has had problems previously with Judge Cooke and police witnesses in another case.
At various points Maurice has been refused bail on ludicrous grounds. One of which was that he had to seek legal advice from a barrister, who would decide things on his behalf. One of these "things" was to help the justice system have Maurice sectioned under a mental health act. He doesn't actually need a barrister because in all the cases he represented himself he won and as a medical man he can spot a
ill health at twenty paces ! There have been various shenanigans involving his right to appear in court and not be silenced with the use of a tv screen on which he would appear from his cell.

Maurice Kirk took one of the few options he still had and went on a hunger strike for three weeks. He is now in the Caswell clinic in Tondu rd Cardiff in a very poor,physical state of health. He is eating food that is taken in to him by well wishers but quite rightly doesn't trust that a liquid cosh wont be added, or something that could effect his mind set or behaviour which would be ideal for the spectres and entities seeking an innocent mans down fall.
Maurice is still trustworthy Maurice ! I would be less concerned sharing a cell with him than with Terry Grange, Judge Vosper or in this case Barabara Wilding ( for some reason the Exorcist theme tune is playing in my head )
Please comment on this thread, please tell everyone. Please bang on the windows of South Wales police cars and ask when normal people will get their turn at justice.Please ask your MPs and newspapers to start looking at wrong doing in the justice system. After all they cant say it doesnt happen. Look at the MPs expenses fiasco. Who would have thought the final figure that those voted in, had away from public coffers.
Ask for help for Maurice Kirk but most of all ask for your self because one day its us and one day it will be you because you dont have to commit any crime in order to be a victim of the justice system.
My dealings with South Wales Police were equally appalling when a much loved pet pig, Trallwm farm Sanctuary owned, was shot with a shotgun through the head in the middle of the night at port Talbot by a drunk on a public foot path. It took five shots before our pet died in a pool of blood.
Despite being the legal owner of the animal, the police would not deal with my complaint and an email I sent to them was blocked. The person who did the shooting avoided arrest.
Its not what you know its who you know.

G-Kirk Flying vet website