Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Amanda Knox is free and innocent

The fear and anxiety is etched upon every sinew in her body. She is yet again in disbelief not daring to realise its over after the sheer torture of being wrongly convicted and heavily punished for something she didnt do.
She is lucky it was Italy because in England with our lapsidasical judges its common place for them to get it wrong, either deliberately or accidentally. Judge Vosper did it to me. I have the evidence to prove that I did nothing wrong but then Im an outsider and not a welsh god botherer.
It takes a big man to re examine evidence and admit that you were wrong. Vosper is clearly not a big enough man to do that yet in Italy they were. Sadly In Wales and England its who you know not what you know. Im not alone there are many people suffering the same at the hands of people who shouldnt be trusted with decisions in my opinion.