Sunday, 22 February 2009

Jades wedding nerves as reported on the BBC

Dear Jade,
I wish you a wonderful day with red shoes that you can click the heels of and a yellow brick road called life there for as long as you want to walk it.
Nerves just show that you are marrying for the right reason and that is because you truly love Jack Tweed enough to want to marry him.

I hope you love every minute of the fairy tale Down hall country hotel and that the cake is the best you have ever tasted.I hope the wedding dress as you twirl in it is every bit as magical as Harrods own hero Mohamed Al Fayed intended it to be. And I wish you enough energy to have fun with your much loved boys.
You have captured the imagination of everyone who has lost someone from cancer,who has cancer or who fears it and you have lived and danced like we wish our loved ones could for just one more day.

Max Clifford has kept us all informed like we are friends and not strangers through the press association and the BBC. I notice there are still journalists desperate to capture the most readers who dig through your past with tales of your father Andrew,your mum Jackie Buddon,Jack Tweed the "criminal lover" and your reference to East Angular being abroad. (ask anyone an address in their own town and they wont know). The press must be miffed because you told the world everything in your innocent but honest Bambi way so there is nothing bad for anyone to say.

In fact you are one of the most determined and smartest people I know because you are not dying you are LIVING until the game ends because you are out of time.

Most people don't know they are born until the last nail thuds home. You have given your children not just life but a future and you have saved the lives of thousands of other women because they identify with your vulnerability and earthiness recognising a cervical smear is a very important thing to do.

You have done good in this world and I wish you much happiness and laughter. We need more people like you not less.

Have a wonderful wedding day !

Friday, 20 February 2009

Bengal cats rule Suburbia

What a learning curve that hissed and spat from the cage that day. An F3 with a bulging belly full of arms ,legs and wild expectations. She had been found wide eyed and assumed to be a fox until the torch light that set off her glittered coat revealed a none too happy Pussy cat with an Asian past.

We never found why she had escaped or was abandoned but she was safe to have her kittens in the Farmhouse at Trallwm Farm and to rest up for a bit. All the time she was heavily pregnant or nursing her babies she had no interest in anything other than their welfare and she had a wonderful instinctive nature that clearly showed how motherhood would be done in the wild. She produced five mewing fur balls with spots and glitter that Cruella De-ville would remortgage for. Each Kitten was destined to be a career cat because all good Bengals need to be a super hero in their own territory and many don't get that opportunity in this fast and furious world where we have taken away the rights of wild animals in exchange for ready caught food and fences.

The famous five grew with extraordinary leaps and bounds in every sense of the much used words. They suddenly were nearly as big as their long suffering mother who became the patient butt of their many games of torturous intent. Her ears were chewed and her belly sagged with their fervent nursing. She loved them with the quiet watchfulness of a Tigress and apart from the odd slap of her long elegant paw and her quiet chirruping they remained free to terrorise the house hold
Kesari as we called her was a girl of meticulous grooming and timing.She coped with being captive by adopting a form of hunting involving left over chips smeared with Heinz tomato sauce. The chips would have to be left grazing on plains of the wooden farm house floor. She would size up enemies and distance before sloping off behind the sofa forest to organise an attack on the unsuspecting chips. It was awesome to watch a streak of freedom launch itself from behind the furniture and carry off her prey which was beheaded and swallowed before it had time to blink. Kesari would always argue and scream at food which would result in her litter of fireballs swooping from cupboards,wardrobes and under beds to help their mother catch and thrash dinner within an inch of its life.
Soon her beloved babies needed her less and she watched the world outside with renewed interest. Several times she escaped but came back smelling of freedom and the joy of life. One day I saw her walking up the lane towards the house,she stopped and sniffed the air before giving a daffodil in bloom an argument in the hedge.She turned and disappeared into a new life leaving her beloved offspring to fend for themselves trusting that their heritage would be enough. I never saw her again.

Her Beautiful babies grew to be huge spotted, Rosetted Bengal cats that rampaged and decimated trees, curtains and the rat population. I had a friend with a dairy farm who agreed to take and love the whole litter. Somewhere where the mountains were safe enough for a few boys and girls to dream wild cat dreams and to play in streams,climb the backs of Jersey Cows and still be home in time for dinner. Somewhere no crimes could be committed and human captive rules broken by unsuspecting Bengals out on a charabanc.

I often wonder what happened to Kesari. I like to think that she never became a prisoner of humanity, trapped in a brick cage with words she couldn't understand and punishments that broke her spirit.I hope she lived her life hunting, sniffing the air, batting daffodils and finding the odd chip that in her mind was a antelope. I hope she never went without Heinz sauce but most of all I hope she remained free in her own space with her own dreams just like all Bengals should if their humans understand them.
Since Kesari bounded into our life and out again, we have had many Bengal casualties here. Refuges from a world they dont understand and from enclosed space that you wouldnt swing any cat from let alone a Bengal. Time and knowlege has moved onwards and we are lucky enough to have a Bengal cat expert called Debbie Connolly who translates for sad Bengals,smooths neighbourhood spats,and works out ground rules for desperate owners of these beautiful unique beings.
Most of all she is a friend to them who understands all things important to thier little souls. She saves them from disaster and helps them negotiate a new way that human restiction can cope with, but little hearts with big cat dreams can still live to fight another day for.

Peanut allergy breakthrough Trallwm Farm research

What an opportunity lost this was for anyone enterprising enough to have a peanut mountain stashed.
The 1st step is to start a peanut scare which stops anyone gullible enough eating peanuts when pregnant. Now anyone with common sense understands that if you have never had access to something then you are going to have a reaction to it. Children should have the chance to experience as wide a variety as possible of tastes textures and types. It establishes positive principles in as many ways as possible. That's nature and as much as humans fight her she knows best.
The next bit of this saga is you wait a few years until everyone takes it as gospel that children and peanuts should not be in the same county and then suddenly...

Piff, paff ,poff

Some one magically pulls out of the hat not a rabbit but a miracle of modern science.

Lets very quietly assume that all that research money has gone towards back tracking against government advice which wasn't right in the first place and that IF YOU FEED KIDS PEANUTS THEIR BODY ACCEPTS THEM !!!

In true K-Tel tradition you regrind and repackage and whack a good price tag on and bobs your uncle ! A whole new package to a whole new generation !
According to the statements glossing our computers and newspapers this new fangled product that will save our children from anaphylactic shock is amazing in its chemical make up.

Its peanuts.

Well ok they are squashed tis true but peanuts none the less.
I bet Asda,Salisbury's,Tescos down the road from these research and treatment centres must be coining it in with as much glee as the light bulb fiasco.
I wonder if its still possible for BBCs Dragons den gang to get involved here.
With the help of a coffee or flour grinder we have a lucrative market that will appeal to many allergic Tristan's parents as well as the more bobby basic Dwayne's foster carers.
We can opt for tescos basic range to Harrods in a tin. Chocolate covered for birthdays and Christmas and smoky bacon flavoured for early morning appointments.
If I had a peanut allergy thanks to an overpaid and under educated government official I would now be forming a group to sue them. After all we are unlikely to get our bank charges back now because they have to pay themselves bonuses whilst claiming poverty and some banks will be government property by the end of the year.

Monday, 9 February 2009

My favourite person this week is Jade Goody

Sadness has overwhelmed me this week and part of that was an icy kick inside my heart when I read that Jades cancer had spread.

How Jade used to annoy me when she first joined the rest of the world chasing the lime light and trying hard to fit in. How angry was I when the comments were made about racism. Her introduction to tv was after all self inflicted and therefore she made herself a fair target in my eyes.

How much my opinion changed on her when she got back up and apologised but put the world straight on what was said. She didn't squirm ,lie or back down. I saw a truthful person who tries hard to do the right thing.

I watched her show out of morbid but genuine interest and saw how much she has grown as a person and how she has genuine interest in others.I had laughed at her innocence once but could now see what a wonderful gift she has for seeping into peoples hearts and leaving a desire to wish her and others well. What a great ambassador she will be for the cancer charities,cancer sufferers and for fund raising to rid the world of this terrible affliction that cancer is.
She has carved herself a new role as a latter day hero without meaning to be one which to be fair is how Jade has lived her life and that is why people warm to her. She never plotted or planned to get the life she had so no one begrudges that she fell on her feet.

I wish her well in her fight for life. If there is anyone that could survive it through sheer determination its Jade and if there are any two boys that are lucky to have the tiger of a mother they have its her boys. She has taught them the value of life and that's an education worth having.
The tragedy is that she barely survived her own childhood but built a future for her sons and now she is faced with barely surviving her adulthood when she should be enjoying all she has worked hard for with her much loved children.

Ive never tried cosmic ordering but if I get the hang of it I will ask that a chunk of it comes to you Jade when I'm asking for big bales for the cows and a bit of justice. That Max Clifford and his team come across as trustworthy and loyal people to have around you
I hope you live to enjoy the fruits of your hard work Jade and I hope the tiger in you refuses to leave your boys for a very long time yet

The worst news possible is that Jades illness is now terminal but look at the magic that is being given to Jade.

You find out who the good guys are in the end and I would rather have the loyalty of these people than anything else in the world. Shame on all those people who have been vile in print to Jade Goody just to make a fast buck. Well done Mr Al-Fayed for helping to make Jades last days as good as possible.

Such trying times

We are marooned in a snow filled cocoon on top of a mountainous range and I probably listen to the news more than I would normally. I would like to put a bigger fence up between me and the rest of the world but I would probably need planning permission from Carmarthen council and Dyfed Powys police armed response unit would make large gaping holes in it whilst blaming someone else.
Im filled with sadness at events unfurling in a turbulent world. No one goes unscathed and unharmed. The devil is indeed winning according to my good friend who would know as she is a vicar.

Parts of Australia burn because of a few people who have taken the rights of others away.Children have died a terrible death, adults are missing,farmers are shooting thier animals because they know that they cannot get them all to safety. Pain is etched on faces as vividly as the soot and tears.
In England and the USA families have been blown apart by the dissapearance of life as they know it for various reasons.The tragedy of a baby killed by two pet dogs who unwittingly played with the child in wales.Nationally homes are being taken away,careers lost, normality suddenly has a different meaning than it did this time last year. Not everyone is as capable at surviving and so they dont. they drift as lost souls in a downward spiral never complaining untill their voices are lost forever.

This cannot just be bad luck or fate. These events happen because someone somewhere caused it to or allowed it to. The next generation has to wise up to the fact that what we took as freedom and our financial right has left us with a legacy of deranged kids and an inability to live without credit. A disaffection for creating something out of nothing and taking pride in it.A lack of gumption,humility and common sense.
The only thing the human race has gained through evolution is stupidity and the freemasons. Neither are good for anyones future.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

We are snowed in and need feed desperately to feed the animals

Thank you for your membership of the Trallwm Farm Animal Sanctuary Forum. You have all seen the recent terrible weather conditions and Lesley has struggled to keep the animals warm and fed. Cold means we use a lot more bedding and food than usual and stocks are now almost gone. Sparing a small moment to make a donation will make a big difference to the animals here, currently combating the latest bad snowfall.
PLEASE use the donation link to help and pass this message to anyone else that could help desperate animals already let down by their humans.
Thank you all