Monday, 9 February 2009

My favourite person this week is Jade Goody

Sadness has overwhelmed me this week and part of that was an icy kick inside my heart when I read that Jades cancer had spread.

How Jade used to annoy me when she first joined the rest of the world chasing the lime light and trying hard to fit in. How angry was I when the comments were made about racism. Her introduction to tv was after all self inflicted and therefore she made herself a fair target in my eyes.

How much my opinion changed on her when she got back up and apologised but put the world straight on what was said. She didn't squirm ,lie or back down. I saw a truthful person who tries hard to do the right thing.

I watched her show out of morbid but genuine interest and saw how much she has grown as a person and how she has genuine interest in others.I had laughed at her innocence once but could now see what a wonderful gift she has for seeping into peoples hearts and leaving a desire to wish her and others well. What a great ambassador she will be for the cancer charities,cancer sufferers and for fund raising to rid the world of this terrible affliction that cancer is.
She has carved herself a new role as a latter day hero without meaning to be one which to be fair is how Jade has lived her life and that is why people warm to her. She never plotted or planned to get the life she had so no one begrudges that she fell on her feet.

I wish her well in her fight for life. If there is anyone that could survive it through sheer determination its Jade and if there are any two boys that are lucky to have the tiger of a mother they have its her boys. She has taught them the value of life and that's an education worth having.
The tragedy is that she barely survived her own childhood but built a future for her sons and now she is faced with barely surviving her adulthood when she should be enjoying all she has worked hard for with her much loved children.

Ive never tried cosmic ordering but if I get the hang of it I will ask that a chunk of it comes to you Jade when I'm asking for big bales for the cows and a bit of justice. That Max Clifford and his team come across as trustworthy and loyal people to have around you
I hope you live to enjoy the fruits of your hard work Jade and I hope the tiger in you refuses to leave your boys for a very long time yet

The worst news possible is that Jades illness is now terminal but look at the magic that is being given to Jade.

You find out who the good guys are in the end and I would rather have the loyalty of these people than anything else in the world. Shame on all those people who have been vile in print to Jade Goody just to make a fast buck. Well done Mr Al-Fayed for helping to make Jades last days as good as possible.

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