Monday, 9 February 2009

Such trying times

We are marooned in a snow filled cocoon on top of a mountainous range and I probably listen to the news more than I would normally. I would like to put a bigger fence up between me and the rest of the world but I would probably need planning permission from Carmarthen council and Dyfed Powys police armed response unit would make large gaping holes in it whilst blaming someone else.
Im filled with sadness at events unfurling in a turbulent world. No one goes unscathed and unharmed. The devil is indeed winning according to my good friend who would know as she is a vicar.

Parts of Australia burn because of a few people who have taken the rights of others away.Children have died a terrible death, adults are missing,farmers are shooting thier animals because they know that they cannot get them all to safety. Pain is etched on faces as vividly as the soot and tears.
In England and the USA families have been blown apart by the dissapearance of life as they know it for various reasons.The tragedy of a baby killed by two pet dogs who unwittingly played with the child in wales.Nationally homes are being taken away,careers lost, normality suddenly has a different meaning than it did this time last year. Not everyone is as capable at surviving and so they dont. they drift as lost souls in a downward spiral never complaining untill their voices are lost forever.

This cannot just be bad luck or fate. These events happen because someone somewhere caused it to or allowed it to. The next generation has to wise up to the fact that what we took as freedom and our financial right has left us with a legacy of deranged kids and an inability to live without credit. A disaffection for creating something out of nothing and taking pride in it.A lack of gumption,humility and common sense.
The only thing the human race has gained through evolution is stupidity and the freemasons. Neither are good for anyones future.

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