Saturday, 11 October 2008

Trallwmfarm forums ARE NOW OPEN !!!!!

We have recently shifted from Blackfoot hosting whom are expensive to 123reg.
We tried to shift last year but Blackfoot held us ransom with the forums.
This time we have asked for the forum files and so far they have just ummed and ahhed.
We are in the process of completing a new Trallwm farm sanctuary forum with bits that actually work !!! so if Blackfoot dont want to do the decent thing then shame on them !
We have a counter on here so we can see where people have dropped in from and it appears staff have time to look at this blog but not to help an animal sanctuary whose list of animals needing a home is on a forum they have the files of.Nor to get files from a forum and site they have hosted for about five years.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Ooh look its the armed response lot again

Im very pleased to see Mr Martin James whom has had the most terrible time has been proved to be innocent and to be the one telling the truth. You will notice in the background is a serving member of the armed response unit in dyfed powys police showing his colours .Good to see our rates are being spent in the usual manner of abusing innocent people. In the Lady Lesley Cooper / Terry Grange case armed response unit police used heavy handed tactics and I believe there is a 3rd case in the news this week where one of the "fire arms" officers was actually convicted and allowed to keep his job. How does one tell who are the criminals now days ?

Disabled man cleared of Pc attack

Martin James was photographed by a newspaper as he was arrested

A disabled man has been cleared of hitting a police officer in a row about how a police van was parked.

Martin James, 47, from Carmarthen, in west Wales, had called the press to photograph a police van he said was causing an obstruction near his home.

He was cleared of a public order offence and assaulting a police constable at Carmarthen police station.

Magistrates in Llanelli said Mr James was "reacting" to being lifted out of his wheelchair by three officers.

During the trial, magistrates heard Mr James was having his photo taken for a local newspaper next to a police van when the row started and led to his arrest.

Mr James, who lived in a nearby street, had contacted the paper to complain about the way the van was parked in the cul-de-sac.

Prosecuting, David Haines said at around 1500 on 19 May, an off-duty officer was returning to his house in the Llangunnor area.

They treated me worse than an animal - they just threw me into the police van onto the floor

Martin James

He noticed Mr James near to the police van and a photographer from the Carmarthen Journal taking his picture.

When the officer approached him and asked what he was doing, Mr James became "abusive and very agitated," said Mr Haines.

The van belonged to another off-duty officer, Andrew Edwards, a police dog handler, who lived in the cul-de-sac. Pc Edwards was called and around the same time, a CID officer, who was passing, also stopped.

Pc Edwards told the court the van was parked at the top of his drive, with two wheels on the pavement, which was on a private road, maintained by himself and his neighbours.

Martin James said he was angry at the way he had been treated

He told the court that Mr James became abusive before officers restrained him, lifted him out of his wheelchair and put him in the back of the police van.

But Mr James told the court his arms were "wrenched" behind his back and he was "thrown" into the van.

"I was screaming in pain," he said.

"They treated me worse than an animal - they just threw me into the police van onto the floor."

He accepted he "accidentally" made contact with an officer but denied assaulting him.

Peaceful manner

The court heard Mr James has hydrocephalus - water on the brain - due to smallpox vaccine damage he suffered when around six months old.

Delivering their verdict, the magistrates found that up until the off duty officers intervened, Mr James was acting in a peaceful manner.

Chair of the bench, Margaret Davies said: "We are of the opinion that Mr James's behaviour was a reaction to the restraint procedure, the pain, and the fact he felt he was being treated with disrespect by the three officers when he was lifted out of his wheelchair and onto the floor of the police van."

Turning to the allegation of assault, Ms Davies said they again found the case unproven.

She said: "We have viewed the CCTV camera (footage) several times, we cannot say that the contact was intentional."

Speaking after the verdict, Mr James said: "I'm exceptionally pleased. In my opinion, it should never have gone to court. The police dog van was obstructing the pavement."

He said he was still angry at the way he was treated.

"I hope that they (the police) have learnt a lesson but I doubt that very much."

A spokesman for Dyfed-Powys Police said: "A complaint has been received and an investigation is ongoing - therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time."

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Preferential treatment yet again

Nothing would give me more pleasure than never having ever to think about or write about DPP or the legal system.This being dependant upon the good old fashioned honest justice system in Dyfed Powys police area but it just doesn't happen when you are English, female, got more balls than them.

Last night Kyra had her cars keys snatched from her hand and her car stolen with my six month granddaughter in. The car was driven at speed down several roads before the baby was removed by the perp who had been drinking vodka.
My daughter was threatened and abused before she managed to get her baby back.

Someone who witnessed this called 999 and I'm pleased to say that on this occasion police arrived promptly and arrested the perp.The two officers who were kind courteous and actually did an unbiased job very well and were here until nearly 2am taking statements etc. Another witness who very nearly got hit by the car also made a statement we were told. Soco attended this morning and took photos of my daughters injuries and finger printed the car steering wheel to prove who the drunk driver was.
We were told that the possible charges were serious and likely to involve TWOC, aduction,robbery,drunk driving.I was asked if I wanted bail conditions to include Trallwm Farm just in case of intimidation.

this afternoon the perp was released on UNCONDITIONAL police bail so he is free to do and go where he pleases. I phoned to speak to Det Sgt Lewis at Ammanford who had imparted this info to my daughter but he said he wasnt talking to me ( THE CAR IS REGISTERED TO ME AND INSURED BY ME ) This seems to be standard practice by DPP.
I asked for Duty inspector N Jones to phone me within half an hour as they tried the usual avoidance tactics. He DID actually phone me but said that because there WAS NO EVIDENCE to put before CPS then the police bail could not include bail conditions.

So.............the bail conditions given by the same custody lot at Carmarthen police station to Myself ,Kyra and Meirion because I squatted in Terry Granges house didnt include that I couldnt go to any police station in DPP area nor near anyone connected with DPP past or present,nor near Terry Grange,Samantha Gainard or the estate agent ? And they were not inflicted on us the 1st day and they never had to tout around CPS offices for some one gullible enough to join in then after London CPS refused twice to make a decision in thier favour and Carmarthen CPS once ?

Preferential or prejudicial treatment yet again ?
nooo of course not.

Kyra has had to leave the country in order to be safe with her daughter and IPCC here I come again !!! You couldnt make it up could you.