Saturday, 25 September 2010 Who is spying now but doing nothing to resolve misjustice. Is it MoJ or Dyfed Powys police or JUDGE VOSPER ? is a means of government surveilance which remains anonimous unless you are in the government dept spying. It could be anti terrorism which is fair enough but more likely a spineless ministry protecting people who should be the people being watched.
Please read all about Judge Vosper and what he allowed to happen to me.Its a long thread but neccesary so please read to the end
The evidence is available to Vosper or the ministry of justice to check out but so far they just spy on here because they dont actually want the truth to surface. Also because I went to a meeting to complain about Ex Chief constable Terry Grange. I believe I was placed on the MAPPA list which is for terrorists.I have committed NO criminal offence ane therefore have no criminal record. Another reason why I believe I was not allowed proper justice in Vospers swansea court is he had access to the MAPPA details.
Grow a set Vosper and look at the clear evidence of perjury in your swansea court. Explain why you and Gillian Gibson (gods right hand helper but now banned from being a witness in court by Crisis in farming) work for the same welsh church yet you allowed her in as a "witness". How do you strut around Sainsburys buying lunch with no spine. Tell me why you are so arrogant that you feel able to work for a church in gods name when you wont even look at what I believe to be clear evidence of wrong doing in your own court. What do you reckon God makes of it all then ? Or are you and Gillian "special" and above everyone else.
You may ask to see the paperwork at any time, you or the ministry of justice. I can then show quite clearly that I was the one telling the truth. And every time some government agency types in your name to see whats on here about you, then I will publish the Government address and shame them. Not a day goes by when legal people dont crawl over this thread but its all truthful and its time you realised it.

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As all readers of this blog will know I have striven towards displaying for the world to see misjustice and prejudice on these very pages. I have never put anything that is untrue and what I state is easily provable.

It has been wonderful watching MPS,Judiciary and chief constables alike squirming with shame (TERRY GRANGE MEET CHRISTOPHER VOSPER YOU HAVE LOTS IN COMMON ) as the truth has been displayed on the Trallwm Farm Blog. The book of course will be even more damning for those that failed to do the job they are paid to do. The Pirates of Trallwm Farm book isnt far off !!!

Now Its Judge Christopher John Vosper's turn to explain his behaviour.

I have spent time gathering evidence to show what a prejudiced little coven exists and how no matter what I showed in court no one was listening anyway.
Quite why the building is known as the Swansea justice centre is beyond me. You Vosper are a judge and I should be able to expect fairness and no prejudice when you are dealing with a case. I dont feel in my case this happened. The original surveyer was struck off but still her novel of a report was what the whole case was built upon.The surveyer had already taken her untruths to Defra hearings to help her friend get subsidies he had been refused. I was convenient to blame being English and new on the block and no one questioned thier claims so neither did you. But there was a big pile of her rantings introduced as accurate evidence against me.

The "Expert charactor witnesses " had never met me nor visited Trallwm farm so they were misled but still blundered on with no true knowledge to inpart to the proceedings. you thought they made excellent witnesses although of course they never saw all the terrible things he did here.

I have in front of me the forms from Petty France London complaining about your behaviour and Ive got the appeal forms on there way from the royal courts of justice !(Update THEY ARE HERE ! ) What wonderful people the staff are there from the appeals section right through to the free advice and the libaries.

So Vosper what are you going to do ? Are you going to take this opportunity to revisit and introduce yourself to the truth ?
You can go to the ministry of Justice but...DOH ! Ive been there first.

Im aware how to put in a formal complaint about your behaviour and also your verdict. You will see just off to the left a poll so anybody and everybody can voice thier opinion on Vospers thoughts that.

"I had cynical views on this mans farming methods "

You can start digging through what you said and did in court but...DOH ! Ive been there too. So heres a clue.. You can look up Upton Walker and Shona walker and see quite clearly that she was struck off as a surveyer a few years back yet you accepted her evidence ! You allowed witnesses who made it up as they went under the veil of a Christian Organisation called Crisis farming network who never met the cattle here and of course the insurance sellers welsh farmers union expert.
These people may be qualified to judge victoria sandwich cakes at WI meetings but thats it.

Dont be shy lets get all this out into the open.

You are being allowed to judge child porn cases Christopher Vosper qc yet 98% of people on our poll disagree with your moral judgement on animal neglect/satisfactory farming methods which is alarming enough ! How different is your view on child pornographers to other peoples I wonder ?

Heres your latest judgement on an EX DYFED POWYS SPECIAL POLICE OFFICER charged with assault and child pornography.
Well he is out on bail !!!!!

I wonder how you get your cases allocated ?

Ive given you a head start but no doubt you will smugly think that you can silence me ! THINK AGAIN ! Justice is out there, Ive not seen any yet but I will
There is NOTHING you can ever do to stop me getting the truth before higher judges and to people who can see for themselves. You may have noticed that I write books and now Judge Vosper,you and Terry Grange will be immortalised together forever alongside Lady Cooper who you failed to deliver fair and honest justice to.

UPDATE 16/4.
Ive just spoken to Julie Richards at the Appeals electorate,Welsh National assembly.
She tells me that they dont check that information given is true. If someone says they are ill then they can ask for a doctors certificate but other than that anyone can say anything, They had no idea that Shona Walker the main spokesperson had been struck off. That left Gillian Gibson and the insurance bloke from Welsh NFU PETER DAVIES simply repeating what they had been told and adding a bit without ever checking facts.I now have the insurance details for FARMERS UNION OF WALES They had no knowledge of anything themselves as they had never been here nor seen me or the cattle.Nor did they have procedures in place to check the facts.
Neither will come forward and admit what they have done even though in Gillian Gibsons (Crisis in farming) case I have written evidence which contradicts her.

I have been told to write in with relevant questions to Defra and they will reply accordingly.They were horrified that all the paperwork for the many failed attempts to get subsidies were used in court as evidence of support from them against me.

This Blog has been a godsend because people can now see the evidence,Before no one would talk to me because of data protection and they didnt want to get involved.Its taken me this long to get this far. And of course Ive had to sell everything to give the person you helped.
Now lets reveal Adas who advertise themselves as "Expert witnesses"

Aled Roberts Duel Expert witness !!! Really ? If phoning please mention you saw them on here

How come they missed two mains water supplies bang smack in the fields then ? Id already tried to speak to them and they said they wouldnt discuss it with me.

I will do a letter to them asking if thier surveyer has a sight problem and then I will put the maps etc on here so people can see for themselves how two major points of evidence in my favour were simply left out.
I have paid ten thousand pounds for not supplying water to a field I dont own when THERES ALREADY WATER THERE supplied by the original landlord but Vosper was misled yet again.

Ive now spoken to MARK TALBOT who organises thier "expert witnesses" who has asked me to write in so they can inform thier insurers. Thats all very well but these lies need to be exposed in a proper honest court to show none of this should have happened in the first place

ADAS consultants of wolverhampton advertise themselves as
… delivering solutions that make the future a better place
ADAS is the UK’s largest independent provider of environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice."

I will put his letter to me on here later so you can avoid the risk

As a taster here is the 1st evidence that clearly shows on the surveyers report mains water supplied to the field.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Pontyberem Guide £400,000.mht

All the stuff I put on here is easily provable and historic .

Update to say Vosper seems to be doing what Terry Grange and Dyfed Powys police did which was to say nothing and hope it goes away.Dyfed Powys failed to stop the same person inflicting race and hate crime on me. I also have statements about the criminal damage caused by his tractor. His father was cautioned for assault and spitting in my face.

If Judge Vosper wants to see all the evidence that I have showing quite clearly in black and white then he only has to make an appointment and I shall attend Swansea court. I shall bring upon him the court system that he so innapropriately brought down on me if I have to. Be a man Vosper and accept you made mistakes.

08712300873 you can get a court official to make an appointment anytime

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Master Reynard leaves the building

My little red liveried friend has now left for rehabbing at the Vale ,Glos. The point is he should have just been left a free fox but sadly someone taught him that humans were his friend and of course that's not true.

Many foxes die in many ways, run over, trapped, necks broken and ripped to shreds by hounds. One which particularly horrified me was stabbed inside a fox trap. That will live with me forever and each time I get asked to save a fox I do so partly in memory of a terrified small animal drowning in his own blood which filled his lungs not able to escape his tormentors.

Our latest fox was getting into trouble by wondering into houses at meal times in a farming community in Pembrokeshire. There were several miffed cats that lost their lunch and some angry farmers afraid their chickens were on the menu at cafe fox.
This boy was too tame to find his own food and preferred tins of cat food. I know people mean well when they humanise fox cubs but it then puts the fox at risk because they go waltzing up to people when the novelty wanes and the pungent aroma of dog fox pervaids all and they are abandoned.
They cant feed themselves and in desperation will take anything they can to stay alive as long as its easy pickings.

There are two ends of the scale when it comes to foxes either they are evil shadows killing all and sundry for fun that should be brutalised and forced into extinction.
Or they are a magical part of English heritage that eat everything from bramble leaves to MacDonald's leftovers. They are nocturnal and bone idle. When they gain access to chickens they will kill all but they remove bodies one by one and bury them in a larder. When people claim foxes killed for fun its not true. They just got caught before they could remove all the meat to safety. Two foxes care for cubs, mum and an "Auntie" which could be a previous older female cub. When there is a litter of cubs already no other litters are produced because that would make an area overrun and all would starve. Foxes don't invade our habitat, we invaded theirs !
Its therefore our responsibility to protect both our livestock from foxes and also our natural foxes right to survive.

Our latest little chap I didn't even take photos of because I was determined that I would not interact with him other than to feed him and change bedding. It was too much temptation when whilst I was sat next to his cage he leant against me. I passed a doggy chew in and he gently took it whilst staring kindly into my eyes. He loved chews and toys being a late cub from last year. On one of our look but don't touch sessions he sniffed my flattened palm all over and then next time he extended his nose through the bars almost gesturing for attention. Being very wary that he would be quicker than me and could sever my finger if he wanted I carefully held my breath and stroked his velvety nose. I became to realise on our many chats how tame he actually was.

This morning he left on his transport run carried out by three kind people. We lifted his cage from the barn and his demeanor changed. He hissed and snarled threatening when I cleaned his cage for the last time. Before I could just open the door and do what I wanted.This time he was afraid.He eventually settled in the car and I'm told went to sleep. He was passed to two more cars to finish his journey.
The best we can hope for is he will learn to be wild and be released to take his chance in the world or if as I suspect his life has been blighted unintentionally by misplaced human kindness he will be neutered and live with other foxes in huge pens. This means he gets to be a free fox but will get his meals provided.
I hope he gets to be freed one day and I hope all his interaction with humans will disappear from his mind. I will remember forever a little chap gazing into my eyes as a friend,who let me stroke him and who enjoyed his tinned lunches with dog chews for afters who was very loved for just a short while.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sgt Mike Melly cleans up Dyfed powys poor record

Its not often that you will find me praising Dyfed Powys police because the lies some of them tell are so brazen and the racism and selfishness over powers the good that some officers try to do.
If its true that in every barrel of apples some will be rotten to the core equally it will be true that some apples will be exactly as they are meant to be,good and wholesome.

Ive met a few nice police of late and today I had cause to call Cross hands station with regard to an allegation of theft. Sgt Melly spoke to me at the earliest opportunity,took time and trouble to speak to an organisation trying to help and between us a truth emerged that everyone was happy with.

Perhaps those grasping the ladder up to Chief constable level could take the time and trouble to learn about good old fashioned policing from Sgt Melly.
I was so impressed I'm considering taking sandwiches and a copy of the Anarchists cook book down to Cross hands waiting room. Its ever so convenient as the armed response unit live next door. We could all have tea and sandwiches before the ARU smash a few windows.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

When Angels go home

No one said I had to like the teenagers I took in from courts and youth justice. In fact there were several that I actively disliked, but who had no where to go so for their own sakes and that of their hard working legal teams I would babysit them until their court dates. One such irksome boy who lied every time he opened his mouth brought back a friend to stay. I wasn't supposed to notice him living with us but as he was quiet and obviously needed a roof over his head at 15 then I chose to look the other way instead of losing the young lad to those that would lead him to harm and destruction. My first task was to separate him from the boy who had brought him as this one was destined for jail and certainly no good influence on my boy with haunting features and a kindness about him.

After a few days of winning Richards trust,I found out that he was up for a multitude of car theft and burglary charges but hadn't attended court.There was something about him that struck a chord with me. His sweetness and politeness. He wasn't evil,he wasnt nasty so there had to be a reason why he had carried out all these acts.
I set about finding courts and court dates persuading Richard that if I went to court and stood up for him like no one else ever had and it went wrong,I would drive him to Bournemouth and leave him there so he would be free. We made a pact and never once did he ever lie to me or not do as he said and I was exactly the same in my behaviour towards him. I took him shopping and bought him things in Top Shop that he had never had before. He smiled all the time. He was such a pleasure to have around that he became my Richard and to my daughter he became a brother.

We had an immaculate suit that we used for court appearances if new kids didn't possess presentable clothes and so Richard was dressed and polished within an inch of his life. We attended youth court sitting downstairs on the meagre chairs in Basingstoke court. A large man was talking to the bailiff saying that Richard Ayres hadn't bothered to show again. I stood up and corrected him. Richard smiled because just once he had done something right and he had someone with him who was going to tell the court that he was doing it right. He was bailed to me. Everyone was happy because a problem had gone away. A senior police officer once confided to me that Richard was a prolific car thief as a child. He would find a car and take it to where he wanted to go. He would rob to find food and then he would sleep in either that car or another that had fuel in. It never once dawned on him that the consequences of his behaviour had a catastrophic affect on his victims. He simply saw what he did as a means of survival. It was possible to follow the trail of Richard from Basingstoke to Cove,Frimley,Farnborough,Odiham. Finally he had a roof over his head and as much food as he wanted. We used to go night rallying and he adored it. Totally legally being out in a car having fun without harming anyone. He was literally bailed to me and on a curfew so as long as he was actually in my presence he was fine and out of trouble. There were those that tried to pull him back into a bad way of life but he was smart enough to know he had been given a big break.
He dealt with youth justice and and life was looking good for him. He still did crazy things but not bad things. He once played chicken with a knife with the idiot that had brought him to me and ended up severing a tendon in his hand. His fingers flopped and I had to take him to see a specialist to get the tendons reattached. I have nerves of steel but Richards nerves were far ,far stronger. He refused pain relief and watched avidly as the specialist put tweezers inside his hand and pulled the tendon ends. He reattached layer after layer until apart from surface stitches nothing showed.
Richard had years of tradition behind him and taught me a lot about the true travelling way of life. Once after a party he insisted on searching for a hedgehog to bake in clay,just for me to try. He got told in no uncertain terms not to and he flashed his wonderful dark eyes showing he had just got one up on me.

Richard used to visit his little brother Dwayne who was a miniature version of his elder brother and equally beautiful in manners and looks. He reestablished contact with his family and finally made the decision to live with his sister. He had a lot of loyalty and would stand up for any of us and one day he did. Sadly a fight turned into a serious injury and Richard once again faced court and a jail sentence. I was absolutely gutted and there was nothing I could do to get him home safe.

He served a sentence and when he got out his father Freddy brought him to see me. I cried as I hugged him and he just laughed and smiled hugging me back.
He came and saw me several times telling me about his girlfriend and staying out of trouble.He had a red trials bike and I begged him to be careful. He just laughed that same white teethed huge friendly smile. I moved to Wales and got caught up in stuff that smashed my life to bits but always I tried to find out how Rich was and his adorable little mini me brother Dwayne.

Richard once tied tape to the leg of an antique table for whatever reason and it will remain there forever. He used to play a song over and over "save the best till last " by a unknown artist and every time I hear that song I will go back to that time of being lucky enough to have spent time with someone so so special who taught me about loyalty.

On the 16th September 2005 Richard died in a motor cycle accident.

I would never see the boy I chose to be part of my family again. Dwayne survived another 3 years until he was murdered in a cowardly attack. Stabbed until his life drained away.
Never could their be two sweeter natured boys who had overcome so much and gone on to raise good families and make good relationships. Never will there be another Richard and Dwayne because they were both as special as special could ever be.
Wherever they are in heaven I know they will be dishing out sweetness to everyone around them and every now and again swooping down to wrap their wings round any of us feeling sad or needing help. When the sun shines I know its them smiling at us encouraging us all to live our lives to the full until we meet again as I know we all will.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Laugh ? I fell over. Dyfed Powys Drugs investigation

Lets set the scene for two of Dyfed Powys police finest approaching the house of an alleged drugs farm, guarded by vicious dogs protecting the proceeds of crime.........

Two officers using their years of expensive training and stealth quietly approach the front door hoping to take the occupant unaware so affecting a peaceful entry. A drugs bust like this could boost an officers career.
Hardly daring to breathe with excitement they sharply rap the door and stand to one side.
Hm no one in....... Do they organise a drugs unit to smash the door in and seize the growing cannabis plants ?
Hmmm no.....
They decide to take the safe option of thorough investigation and go knock at next doors house.

I'm laughing as I write this but can you imagine the gist of " Excuse me but does the drug dealer live next door please ? "

The neighbour was horrified and asked the police not to return as the pensioner who lives next door was out on walkies with the alleged guard dog and its blind and deaf 13 year old friend. So left in charge of the Operation was a Rabbit,two Hamsters and a few snails you wouldn't want to mess with.

Her "crop" was in fact Lemon scented Geraniums growing on the window sill in the bedroom. I gave her the plants so I guess I'm equally guilty of cultivating such a strong growth of illegal Geraniums. Id love to see Pontyberems ever growing crowd of druggies smoke these. It could put them off spliffs for life.

It was only last week that the Carmarthen Journal had on the front page Dyfed Powys police's new drugs czar stating that he was on the case of drug dealers in the area.
Yet within half a mile of this poor pensioners house are two drug dealers,one quite prolific who has a security system so he can see any police coming !
Its not what you know in Bancffosfelen, its WHO you know !
Meantime anyone who is knowingly cultivating Lemon Scented Geraniums for "own use" should be aware that Dyfed Powys police are fully trained to take you down. Anyone dealing in cocaine, PCP or cannabis will probably be safe enough for another week.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Dyfed powys police finance department, todays asses are .....

I can personally confirm that Dyfed Powys Police finance department operate to the same unnervingly low standard that most of the dyfed powys uniformed and heavy booted lot do.

Dyfed Police at llanelli contacted ME. They were quite rightly trying to avoid deaths of mainly humans but possibly the ponies by default. One officer suggested shooting the ponies on the day if I couldn't catch them. Given the choice of being chopped in half by a car or a marksmen it may have been the only other option.
Not withstanding my views on Dyfed powys police not being able to find their own backsides with both hands and them behaving in a prejudiced manner when " upholding" the law, I and debbie went down to work with the ponies and to remove them from the main link road where they lived armed with several natural horseman ropes and an air tight contract on what we were doing and what dyfed powys's responsibilities were,

Reimbursing the sanctuary was clearly covered.

Now previously Ive said the police helping us and sealing off the road were pleasant and reasonably helpful. we had all four ponies next to the trailer until a knob end in a volvo with flashing lights went flying through the middle of us in the early hours but he upset the other officers too. The ponies trust was gone and so we sealed them in a place of safety and returned the next morning capturing them all safely with no casualties nor stitches in my head.
Time passed and despite reminders we heard nothing so we had to phone constantly only to discover that the contracts which the police had signed had been lobbed to one side and lost. I had already made it clear that if their poor behaviour wasn't sorted then I would be going to the small claims court. Eventually with the help of a kind inspector the contract was found and finance told to pull their finger out.
What we actually got was blatant stupidity and half truth's.

All they had to do was get the fax and send by Bacs system what they owed.

They claim Ryan couldn't read the fax yet he could read the phone number on it which he got a woman to phone after the bacs had done that days bank stuff. She left a message at ten past two to say that as they couldn't read the fax she was putting a cheque in the post despite our agreement. Agreements dont matter to Dyfed powys because they do what they want anyway. Then Ryan changed his story claiming he had phoned loads of times. The down fall of that tale is that the phone doesn't lie. When it says its had only one call at a set time then that is what happened. Its possible Ryan couldn't dial the right number but that's another story.
it wasn't even my phone they rang but debbies.

I get that mistakes happen but its how that mistake is corrected. steeping lie upon lie without basic respect for the job they are paid to do adds insult to injury.
When I asked to speak to who ever was in charge to complain about the stupidity and poor service what the ass holes did was to put me through to Alison in professional standards to take my complaint.

Alison is a typist not an officer from professional standards.

Apparently everyone and anyone in finance had an early lunch from about 12pm onwards.
I was told that they only do Bacs on a Wednesday but they were happy to retrieve the envelope ( which had been posted 1st class the night before you understand ) off the desk it was now lobbed on and post it 1st class again. I was not willing to take that risk of it being lobbed on another desk and hidden from view. Then a kind inspector phoned, apologised and said he would get this unacceptable situation sorted.
So then the head of finance,known by me as "bitch from hell" phoned telling me that my only chance was to accept that they would post the envelope as they only do BACS on a Wednesday.I wasn't getting a bacs done anyway as it would take two days to set up and they didn't have my details.She asked if I was telling her to hold onto the envelope ! Yes I'm really going to do that when Ive moved heaven and earth to get the envelope from your clutches in the 1st place
Actually they did have my details but they were on a roll of stupidity.

The kind inspector from Llanelli phoned again to tell me he had negotiated with "kevin" (yet another clueless wonder) who said they only do BACS on a Friday and by the time they had sorted it they may have posted the envelope any way. So he told them to put the paper work in reception to collect.

Thanks to him they managed that.

At the end of the day they made it as difficult as possible and the only help available was one inspector and one chief inspector whom I'm sure had more important things to attend to.
Mean time with Dyfed powys avoidance of real police work and upholding the law the person who committed perjury continues to walk free and my health worsens day by day.With regard to the rest of the nightmare Dyfed Powys helped create,
It seems the only way they are forced into action is by me showing them up. I can see me going on top of Swansea comedy theatres roof, other wise known as Swansea justice centre.
Why would a rational person want to do this ? I dont want to but I get iller day by day and the police avoid correcting their appalling mistakes yet spend time playing games with me. Meantime I am using this blog entry to lay a complaint of perjury and ask for fair and diligent investigation into the matter.
DP Trustworthy ? I dont think so. I saved the ponies although it caused a lot of stress.
Will anything happen ? I'm still waiting for a reply to my letter of 2007 to play away Terry Grange whose unprofessional behaviour was still a hidden secret amongst the force at that point. The standard of care is so poor at dyfed Powys police that no police officer is allowed to speak to the press. The DP press office make up some cheery words and then pretend its the words of a serving officer.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

From Marsupials to Equine Munchkins that break your heart

I was saddened to get a phone call from a member of the public reporting a Wallaby with a suspected broken back. I requested help from the RSPCA to transport the poor animal to a vets and a thorough investigation of the whole situation. Having put the matter in appropriate hands I got on with other animals needing help and the continual grind of feed providing here at the sanctuary. Next day the phone rang with a distressed lady asking when I was going to collect the Wallaby. I re phoned the RSPCA somewhat angry and I was apologised to and told that I would get a phone call back immediately. It brought back bad memories of inspector Elaine Spence coming out to help with Roberts cattle and then being abandoned in court.

What I got was a somewhat miffed inspector telling me that he went through his to do list on a priority basis and that it was only hear say that the Wallaby was paralysed.It was my fault the Wallaby hadn't seen a vet because I could have gone to his area and collected it and that he would go the following day to have a look.
Somewhat enraged Debbie and I got in the car and drove forty miles to the farm where the wallaby was in a cow barn. We met the couple who had possession at that point and then drove as quickly as we could to our vet for a pre arranged visit.
There is something terribly wrong and sad to see a beautiful Albino Wallaby grooming her front feet,knowing that her back legs are paralysed and there is no hope for her.
We talked to her all they way back and she was quite happy. I carried her in to the surgery and there was no choice but to put her to sleep. The RSPCA did cover the cost of the procedure but I doubt the wiseness of people who throw money at the RSPCA when its small sanctuaries like us that are desperate to stay afloat and were there to help an animal that got help two days later than it needed to. If you have spare cash just find your local sanctuary. They will be grateful and WILL have an animal you can help.

The next day brought a cat with aids that I had to take down to be put to sleep without question this was the right decision for the poor cat.

Saturday brought more trauma. We have all gone down yet again with a bug and I considered asking our vet to put me down with the poor cat but I took a phone call from Dyfed Powys Police asking us to attend an incident of ponies on a main road.
This was an ongoing thing and the police had made the decision to seize the ponies for their own sake and families driving along the road. One pony had already been chopped in two by a vehicle and we needed to save the remaining ones.

Unfortunately they were wild (almost livid on occasion). They were frightened having been chased by people and cars. The RSPCA had been asked to help and again hadn't responded so again we were called in. Never before have Dyfed Powys police impressed me but they sure were better than the RSPCA. We worked with the ponies until the early hours and then secured them away from the road before getting some sleep ourselves.Sunday morning the police sealed the road off for a second time to all traffic and we had enough trust going to ensure we got the ponies loaded and back to Trallwm farm.

We had one unanswered question which was soon answered.

Smokey was in the yard with his new girl and as soon as he spotted the intruders he arched his neck and reared. The four munchkins answered in similar vein with Willy's flashing and nuts clanging.
We had brought back four stallions who all think they are seven feet tall.
Photos will follow of ridiculous ponies who think they need pirate attire and ropes to swing from. The biggest already got bashed by me for biting Rolex the old Dane.
Meantime anyone qualified to geld is welcome here !

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Maurice Kirk is rightly FREED !!!!!!!!!!

I gratefully received this email which is self explanatory

Cc: "norman scarth" A telephone call at 3pm today told me that Maurice is free. Maurice himself rang me at 6.20pm (his speech suggested he may have had a glass of shandy! ). Apparently the jury were sent out at 10.30am & 'deliberated' for four hours (very worrying for Maurice & supporters), came back in & said they were not unanimous. Judge Thomas said he would accept a ten to two verdict. After only 10 minutes they came back & said 'NOT Guilty', by a majority of eleven to one. It appears the four hours 'deliberation' was because they were trying to convert the one Quisling among them. Lord Devlin was right when he said "The jury is the guiding light by which we see that Freedom lives" (though of course there is always the chance of ten or twelve Quislings in a 'specially selected' jury).
Norman Scarth
PS: Don't forget that during many months in prison & an 'ordinary' Nuthouse, the evil ones tried their best to get him into a High Security Lunatic Asylum - along with monsters such as Ian Brady, Peter Sutcliffe et al. Barbara Wilding, recently retired Chief Constable of South Wales has much to answer for (infinitely worse than Police Commander Ali Desaei, described today as 'a criminal in uniform'). Wilding is Chairwoman of a committee handing out Big Lottery money to 'Mental Hospitals' in Wales, & obviously had great influence over 'Doctor' Tegwynn Williams of Caswell 'Clinic'. NS.

Yet another " outsider" wrongly tortured by the welsh police.
Dyfed Powys police, coincidentally are so desperate now that they mislead the public into thinking quotes in newspapers are given freely by nice young police women doing a good job when in fact all police are now banned from talking to the press at all so the same lot that made up the claims against me and had them slapped in the press now make up quotes for said police officers and publish them pretending they were given by the nice police officers.How long untill South Wales follow suit ?

Friday, 29 January 2010

Lesley Halley

A few years have passed since you phoned me to ask for help with a pony that lived in a cow barn. His owner was in much torment after the suicide of his son and couldn't bare to look at the pony let alone give away the last link he had to his sons tragic life.

You carefully worked with the man and gave him hope of a future for both he and Alphie a very beautiful silver stallion who had competed and won before being sealed away to be a memento in a mausoleum.
I travelled up in heavy snow and met you not sure if I would be spending Christmas at your house if I couldn't tow Alphie back in the bad weather.

Alphies owner didn't want to give him up to the various places you suggested until you showed him us on the internet. He spent the night before I arrived trimming mane and tail,clipping overgrown hooves and making the once white coat gleam again.

You created a positive situation for a lost and tormented man to help his horse find freedom. You had an ability to be friends with most people and to fill their lives with energy and fun. You also had an amazing ability to help those worse off and to offer comfort.You were even better sorting out lost and hurt little furry souls without ever expecting reward or recognition.

You were definitely the one person who could make me laugh with your antics and often temper. Everybody knew exactly where they stood with you because there was no pretence, only honesty. You stuck up for me over the years and I know you did it for others too.I was so impressed when you got your bike and you encouraged me to have fun too.
Today as the snow cascaded from the sky once more you took your leave from this earth and drew your last breath. You shocked everybody not because God would want you as an angel but because we needed you more for a long time yet and you were gone.
Heaven wont be a lonely place for anyone following your tracks in the snow to the big gates. The fire will be lit and you will welcome everyone. I look forward to a carefully ordered heaven with all the ironing done.
You were very loved Lesley.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Jack Straw,Ian Arundale,Terry Grange,Andy Edwards DPP, Ministry of Justice

Interestingly all the above names have been googled today and all terms and words have lead the searcher to my blog. That means someone is out to see what Ive added on here or as is usual to see if there is anything untrue written that could mean I would have to remove anything that can be proven to be untrue.

Right now I'm actually to the point of serious illness but I'm still hopping and skipping ahead of those that would rather I took to bed and hid.

Jack Straw this week has been exposed as someone who failed to take the advice of two top legal advisers and blatantly took us to war without the proper exhaustive channels being followed.

He did it because he could.

It meant hundreds upon hundreds of innocent people have died through no fault of their own. That includes our own brave soldiers simply following orders, innocent bystanders, children, women, whole families burnt, buried under rubble, blown to bits, shot. All because of terrorists and our Government ministers that failed to listen to their own advisers and started a war like a gang of overgrown school boys out to get the kids in the next streetin a territory battle.
I'm sure everyone has their own opinions on this but indisputably evidence has been given in court. I doubt there will be calls for people to be made accountable for war crimes because of course its always someone else at fault and then our Government just dumps troops in and countries get trashed.

You may be wondering what this has to do with Terry Grange,Dyfed Powys police,Andy Edwards etc, well let me tell you.
Most unfortunately, the ministry of justice is run by Master Jack Straw ! Now if he can go off and start wars and avoid detection until now, because he is simply inclined to do so, then how can the ministry of justice and the descending system be trustworthy ?

From the very top if someone is not accountable then the rot eats away the heart of justice until people are vilified and wrongly arrested as has been told in many cases in the UK today, simply because it suits someone. "They" hunt in packs because favours always have to be returned.
Ive always said that I'm happy to show a court or the press, paperwork I have, including the admittance of an assault on me by DPP and the favouritism and the racism that has been inflicted on me. "They" just use the IPCC to smooth the waters and avoid confrontation which might bring the waves of truth to the surface.
If Jack Straw is now under the spotlight for his part in starting a war because he wanted to, then shouldn't all the claims against the ministry of justice and various police and judges be looked at a little closer in case of similar "errors" in the justice system ? If those at the top can do it surely those below will follow suit.

So far apart from ten armed response unit police destroying Terry Granges bungalow even though they had keys,assault and blatant harassment of me and a very dodgy outcome to a court case,those that be wont take me on. I'm happy for them to, because I will do as I did last time which was to expose them in the press with indisputable truths. Untill the last nail goes in my coffin, I will continue to expose them one by one .None of them are that bright as can be seen in the blatant stuff they have put in letters to me. My lovely, lovely book telling all about the wonderful animals here at the sanctuary and the struggle to survive racism and bullying in Wales will be available to read as my health improves and as long as everything in it is truthful and provable there is nothing that can be done to stop me.Its turning into a cross between all creatures great and small and a documented expose of third world justice by people who just keep on starting wars with UK people when they shouldnt.
How stupid are these people that rule our lives ?
Well some of them created a war that will bring their party them down for starters.
The rest should consider putting things right before its too late.