Friday, 24 April 2009

Adam Price, Helen Mary Jones, Plaid Cymru, BNP

Did I shed a tear for your tv appearences ? No
If anyone is to blame for BNP gaining a foothold then its you two.
Merion Bowen is a family man and I have time for him and his children who like to come and visit the animals at the sanctuary. He was the one who used to tell me to give plaid Cymru another chance to help sort out my nightmare situation caused partly by an AM taking sides.

But now he has gone over to BNP.

Why ? Because Plaid Cymru are more interested in helping themselves than the many genuine households that are asking Plaid Cymru to act on thier behalf desperate for someone to do something.Instead of holding a few banners up in front of cameras try holding a few more clinics and actually doing something .
people that are traditional middle of the road voters are defecting to a new and dangerous party. Its breeding hatred amongst communities.
I actually would get more help asking the BNP to intervene because Im white.
I wont because I believe so strongly that racism is wrong having been a victim of it.Although it might help my problems it ultimately shows support for something I cannot support.I was racially abused by a Welsh Nationalist. There Ive said it. Will you investigate or will I get the usual pass the buck letters from you ? Deny that and the letters go on here.

Shame on you Helen Mary Jones AND Adam Price for not listening to the people that vote for you or in my case someone who didnt

Friday, 17 April 2009

Allah Made me funny !

I watched these guys this morning on GMTV and I laughed until I realised I was crying.
Not because they were not funny but because they were and they opened up a tiny window in my soul that allowed real emotion to escape. The stuff that is so dangerous to my survival that it is never given freedom to surpass my strength and determination.
"Allah made me funny" joke about going into an airport and being spotted by security who descend upon them because of the Muhammad and Islam connection.They laugh at the Irony of racism amd being of any particular race or religion.The point being at the end of they day they are just people like everyone else regardless of anything.
I'm not Muslim and I'm not coloured so why would that reduce me to tears ?

Because I was racially abused and no one helped me. Dyfed Powys police failed me as did The Judiciary,Plaid Cymru...the list goes on.

When still in England I worked in High Wycombe in an office where often I was the only potential outsider but the reality is that I wasn't an outsider.
Mustaq Ahmed,Asif Khaliq,two Amers,Robina,Sara,Saleem Iqbal,Khalid,Aqil Akram,Gold if I don't name you please don't think I don't think of you as a friend because you are and I am.
When I went home at night I found it difficult to cross back over into "my life" which was partly my fault because I should have opted for a credible alternative. Because we were involved in double glazing often the abuse was aimed at our chosen career instead of race but we laughed at it all, there being comrardery and safety in numbers. My lucky numbers still are today 786 which was our confirmation code for the office.I loved everyone of these people I spent so much time with because there was trust,honesty and a loyalty that Ive never found since.I could ask anything about them and they me. It was a wonderful place to be and I miss everyone of them still.

I moved to Wales as a positive move full of good intentions hating no one. What happened then is very well documented but still the emotion in me is overwhelming because as is common in race and hate its a silent crime. First you are shocked and then you feel guilty because it must be your fault for doing something to attract it.
Then you become as quiet and as small as possible holding your breath like a small child in a dark cupboard hoping a grown up will save you. we are all taught to respect authority and those higher up. Thats what keeps us victims because we wait for that essence of goodness to save us but it never comes.You wait for the "good bus" to come along because after all if you are a good person you have bought your ticket but then you realise that its not coming because the race bus overtook it and left you behind and you are unwelcome. Then you start to crumble because every value you hold is crushed not because you are in any way lacking because it makes no difference in that respect.Its because someone doesnt like you. They can commit crime and no one cares, they can even start to get support if they know the right people. Eventually they can rob you blind.
There are no scars to put on public display although there are plenty inside that take on thier own entity and pull you back down with self doubt and the agony of knowing you are totally alone along way from home.

One day you feel angry and you have the strength to get up but it takes a very long time and never will your life be the same. A racist has taken your life and you have become an inconvenience to those that should have protected you.
What life is left I really dont know because I havent got there yet but what I do know is that those that let it happen will be marked with the truth of my words forever. That is my commitment I give to anybody else who can identify with the horror that is race and hate crime.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Floradozer the American Bull dog

Dear Flora,

Your little face puckered in anticipation at what may happen ,the rest of your wrinkled puppy body hid behind your brother. He being equally worried by the large bark persisting in a threatening "whose there" manner from behind the tightly closed pine door had no one to hide behind so he trembled.
This was your first introduction to me and me to you. You precariously straddled the back of the sofa trying to be brave and making sure you were the last puppy facing the Dane but the first puppy next to the door through which you had just been thrust and left, just in case you needed to hit the road alone.

You and your bigger brother were the typical purchase we as a sanctuary would expect. A young couple with a small child and a new house. A couple of pups bought so you could grow up with the kiddies and the husband wouldnt mind walking you both with your huge chunky collars studded untill there was just room for your head to poke out like a fist in a sleeve.

Education is the cheapest thing when set against the cost of a big mistake.
You knew as much as your new owners did about raising pups and children together. Your owners knew even less about puppy farmers in wales because, despite all that sanctuaries do to educate people that puppy farmers equal vermin, they were still impressed by the swish gates and expensive bungalow at the end of the long tarmac drive that led to you locked in your concrete nursery near Cardiff.
And you Flora of the universe, with your little happy expectant face actually landed on your paws that day. Despite your new family not yet being your for ever family you found the right road to them.
Your brothers fate depended on your being so appealing and when the breeder suggested a large figure for you ( as of course you could be bred from,producing more puppies that would suffer terrible pain like you did ) He also said the family could have the dog pup for free as you were both the last of an older litter and people wanted tiny pups just weaned.
Your fates were sealed and you set off with no expectations as you had just been parted from your many relatives left behind in the builders yard come puppy farm not even important enough to be one or tother.

You were not to know that childrens outstretched sticky fingers offered through bars were not to be licked in appreciation,or that a young mum wouldnt understand your need to have a wee and far worse close to the door that opened inwards.You and your brother were just babies and here you were abandoned on the back of my sofa late at night by a couple who sadly saw their mistakes too late. There you were not knowing where the room you had taken time to settle into after losing your siblings had suddenly gone. Far worse was a huge black dog howling at you.

You were too little and frightened the pair of you to stay here where little paws could get trodden on by large horses and so I found you the best place to be which was Lizzies barn sanctuary for little people just like you.
Time passed and you settled happily with your brother growing into lovely pups,happy and confident ready to reach out into your future.

Sarah fell in love with you whilst helping at Lizzies barn and you with her, The little heart on your side seemed to grow as you became bonded body and soul with your new family. You loved your walks and fun with the children and you knew your place as head dog.

One day you didnt want to get up and then one day turned to many, your hips gave you a lot of pain from where you were poorly bred, no health checks for your parents nor for you in puppy farming land. Just a quick turnover of cash was your heritage rather than the pride of informed choice breeding.

At two years old you would have reached the end of your life just as you had found the right place for you to be.

There was no question though that you really were home and that your family would take care of you so a few days ago you went off waggy tailed to a rather good surgeon who did an excellent job of your bad hips. You little dog became a very important girl as people all over the UK wished you well and willed you to get better.
So you did Flora, already you are back to being the good girl ,the happy girl,the wonderful pet that you were destined to be. Safe with the family that adores you.
You Flora have an important message to give out which will help free countless pups from misery and pain. As you get better and better you need to bark louder than you have ever barked before. Welsh puppy farms are shameful. "DONT BUY FROM PUPPY FARMS".

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Christopher John Vosper "judge" please be aware

" M2 PRESSWIRE-5 December 2005-UK Government: Circuit Bench appointment - Christopher John Vosper QC(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD


HM The Queen has appointed Christopher John Vosper QC to be a Circuit Judge. Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs and Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer will assign him to the Wales & Chester Circuit with effect from Monday 16 January 2006. "

As all readers of this blog will know I have striven towards displaying for the world to see misjustice and prejudice on these very pages. I have never put anything that is untrue and what I state is easily provable.

It has been wonderful watching MPS,Judiciary and chief constables alike squirming with shame (TERRY GRANGE MEET CHRISTOPHER VOSPER YOU HAVE LOTS IN COMMON ) as the truth has been displayed on the Trallwm Farm Blog. The book of course will be even more damning for those that failed to do the job they are paid to do. The Pirates of Trallwm Farm book isnt far off !!!

Now Its Judge Christopher John Vosper's turn to explain his behaviour.

I have spent time gathering evidence to show what a prejudiced little coven exists and how no matter what I showed in court no one was listening anyway.
Quite why the building is known as the Swansea justice centre is beyond me. You Vosper are a judge and I should be able to expect fairness and no prejudice when you are dealing with a case. I dont feel in my case this happened. The original surveyer was struck off but still her novel of a report was what the whole case was built upon.The surveyer had already taken her untruths to Defra hearings to help her friend get subsidies he had been refused. I was convenient to blame being English and new on the block and no one questioned thier claims so neither did you. But there was a big pile of her rantings introduced as accurate evidence against me.

The "Expert charactor witnesses " had never met me nor visited Trallwm farm so they were misled but still blundered on with no true knowledge to inpart to the proceedings. you thought they made excellent witnesses although of course they never saw all the terrible things he did here.

I have in front of me the forms from Petty France London complaining about your behaviour and Ive got the appeal forms on there way from the royal courts of justice !(Update THEY ARE HERE ! ) What wonderful people the staff are there from the appeals section right through to the free advice and the libaries.

So Vosper what are you going to do ? Are you going to take this opportunity to revisit and introduce yourself to the truth ?
You can go to the ministry of Justice but...DOH ! Ive been there first.

Im aware how to put in a formal complaint about your behaviour and also your verdict. You will see just off to the left a poll so anybody and everybody can voice thier opinion on Vospers thoughts that.

"I had cynical views on this mans farming methods "

You can start digging through what you said and did in court but...DOH ! Ive been there too. So heres a clue.. You can look up Upton Walker and Shona walker and see quite clearly that she was struck off as a surveyer a few years back yet you accepted her evidence ! You allowed witnesses who made it up as they went under the veil of a Christian Organisation called Crisis farming network who never met the cattle here and of course the insurance sellers welsh farmers union expert.
These people may be qualified to judge victoria sandwich cakes at WI meetings but thats it.

Dont be shy lets get all this out into the open.

You are being allowed to judge child porn cases Christopher Vosper qc yet 98% of people on our poll disagree with your moral judgement on animal neglect/satisfactory farming methods which is alarming enough ! How different is your view on child pornographers to other peoples I wonder ?

Heres your latest judgement on an EX DYFED POWYS SPECIAL POLICE OFFICER charged with assault and child pornography.
Well he is out on bail !!!!!

I wonder how you get your cases allocated ?

Ive given you a head start but no doubt you will smugly think that you can silence me ! THINK AGAIN ! Justice is out there, Ive not seen any yet but I will
There is NOTHING you can ever do to stop me getting the truth before higher judges and to people who can see for themselves. You may have noticed that I write books and now Judge Vosper,you and Terry Grange will be immortalised together forever alongside Lady Cooper who you failed to deliver fair and honest justice to.

UPDATE 16/4.
Ive just spoken to Julie Richards at the Appeals electorate,Welsh National assembly.
She tells me that they dont check that information given is true. If someone says they are ill then they can ask for a doctors certificate but other than that anyone can say anything, They had no idea that Shona Walker the main spokesperson had been struck off. That left Gillian Gibson and the insurance bloke from Welsh NFU PETER DAVIES simply repeating what they had been told and adding a bit without ever checking facts.I now have the insurance details for FARMERS UNION OF WALES They had no knowledge of anything themselves as they had never been here nor seen me or the cattle.Nor did they have procedures in place to check the facts.
Neither will come forward and admit what they have done even though in Gillian Gibsons (Crisis in farming) case I have written evidence which contradicts her.

I have been told to write in with relevant questions to Defra and they will reply accordingly.They were horrified that all the paperwork for the many failed attempts to get subsidies were used in court as evidence of support from them against me.

This Blog has been a godsend because people can now see the evidence,Before no one would talk to me because of data protection and they didnt want to get involved.Its taken me this long to get this far. And of course Ive had to sell everything to give the person you helped.
Now lets reveal Adas who advertise themselves as "Expert witnesses"

Aled Roberts Duel Expert witness !!! Really ? If phoning please mention you saw them on here

How come they missed two mains water supplies bang smack in the fields then ? Id already tried to speak to them and they said they wouldnt discuss it with me.

I will do a letter to them asking if thier surveyer has a sight problem and then I will put the maps etc on here so people can see for themselves how two major points of evidence in my favour were simply left out.
I have paid ten thousand pounds for not supplying water to a field I dont own when THERES ALREADY WATER THERE supplied by the original landlord but Vosper was misled yet again.

Ive now spoken to MARK TALBOT who organises thier "expert witnesses" who has asked me to write in so they can inform thier insurers. Thats all very well but these lies need to be exposed in a proper honest court to show none of this should have happened in the first place

ADAS consultants of wolverhampton advertise themselves as
… delivering solutions that make the future a better place
ADAS is the UK’s largest independent provider of environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice."

I will put his letter to me on here later so you can avoid the risk

As a taster here is the 1st evidence that clearly shows on the surveyers report mains water supplied to the field.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Pontyberem Guide £400,000.mht

All the stuff I put on here is easily provable and historic .

Update to say Vosper seems to be doing what Terry Grange and Dyfed Powys police did which was to say nothing and hope it goes away.Dyfed Powys failed to stop the same person inflicting race and hate crime on me. I also have statements about the criminal damage caused by his tractor. His father was cautioned for assault and spitting in my face.

If Judge Vosper wants to see all the evidence that I have showing quite clearly in black and white then he only has to make an appointment and I shall attend Swansea court. I shall bring upon him the court system that he so innapropriately brought down on me if I have to. Be a man Vosper and accept you made mistakes.

08712300873 you can get a court official to make an appointment anytime

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Getting off Terry Grange Ex Dyfed Powys police for a moment...

not that anyone admits getting on and you just wouldn't would you.......

My attention veers towards The home secretary Jacqui Smith whose husband, like husbands all over the UK do, embarrassed her in public. I wouldn't like to be in his shoes nor hers at the moment. He has been shown up as an adult movie watching husband who maybe needs a bit more fresh air and exercise whilst possibly wearing mittens at night. She however has been followed by cameras everywhere and vilified for a expense claim for her Labour government post, when it was a private expense involving her husbands "habits".

I wonder how many ministers expense claims were set fire to last week in Rayburn's and garden braziers to avoid similar finger poking and snigger's. Its a good thing that expense claims are available for public viewing as the ministers should be transparent but a terrible indictment on English morals that the expanse claims themselves are being sold for £300,000 a pop. The point is missed that no one has been scrutinising expense claims for such "items" and clearly its a possible loop hole for abuse to occur in many ways.
I am personally more interested in what the films were but maybe that says more about me than him but I do feel sorry for the wife as she has to live with him and the shame he has brought upon her.Although the claim was her responsibility.
The press were interested in keeping the story going to sell more newspapers as equally those in politics were more interested in deflecting mud from themselves unless of course they were batting on the home secretaries team and then they did what all those who have the most to lose do. THEY KEPT SCH TUM and waited for the storm to leave.

This is a time honoured tradition practiced by all those in towers of power not wishing to lose money or position and as sadly interest wains in those that say nothing the press move on to finger pointing and snickering at some one elses misfortunes.
Today there seems to be yet another story breaking although different from Jacqui Smith of Redditch constituency, this one does involve arguement and critisism of expense claims involving the public purse, Geoff Hoon the transport minister is alleged to be benefiting from a considerable amount of money that would be better spent on those that voted Labour in and so it goes on ....

How sad that the home secretary's husband unfortunate and mucky private habits made more head lines than the breaking story about how many paedophiles and other criminals get off with a caution !

The actual crimes involve child sex, conspiracy to murder, drug dealers, possession of firearms, GBH and kidnap !

These figures are available on a FOI which is the freedom of information act that means eventually people can find out the truth when its not been available by asking at front desks.

Its very simple really how it goes unoticed because those who did the deals keep SCH TUM ! We need to be asking not only the figures but who is responsible for the action of cautioning because its done by those not wishing to lose money nor position !
It comes back to life changing crimes not being recorded in a serious manner so it doesn't affect the image of how wonderful a police force come accross in the newspapers and when it comes to bonus and pension time.

I was recently assaulted by a policeman and I have witnesses to prove that. I wanted him charged but if pressure is put on to suggest that the victim will be charged with a fictional misdemeanor complete with bail conditions which gag and disrupt every day life and not the perpetrator charged with an actual crime, but it being dealt with quietly on a local basis then how can justice be done ?

It cant be but the police figures look great !

I think police bonus schemes should be scrapped and police officers of all ranks should have to sign a contract on a two yearly basis which means it would no longer be a performance related job where it becomes easy to massage the figures but more a serious commitment to upholding the law and actuating justice. It would save the country a fortune in pensions being frittered on those who have done wrong and STILL get to grab the cash.
If you don't do the job honestly and correctly and that includes a bit of good old fashioned thief taking which is sadly missing you don't keep the job nor the money !

And here I am back on to Terry Grange ex chief constable and his views on sexual predators which are also widely available on the Internet as well as the terrible figures on cautions which should be looked at and audited with utter shame but wont be because the next minister who has an embarrassing event happen in thier very private lives will be far more important than the honesty and integrity of our law enforcers.
People today in the UK feel powerless but they shouldnt. Everyone that stands up and upholds honesty and decency stands as proxy for an officer who betrayed our trust.
Like forests of trees used for toilet roll. Eventually there will be more trees growing straight and true than asses looking for a comfortable life.
Another day another justice.