Thursday, 1 December 2011

How the Welsh police protect thier own

A woman is murdered and police officers lie to convict people of a crime they didnt commit.After serving years in prison innocent people are released and the police officers themselves are arrested for thier criminality. Everything looks like finally the justice system is doing what it is supposed to do. CONVICTING WRONGDOERS !

Then surprise surprise, Papers get lost ...all the usual garbage that Swansea court system use to sway the balance of justice. Lets face it. When was it ever going to be in Swansea justice systems best interest to show that in fact there is corruption.mistakes,injustice. ? I know the result of Judge Vospers harsh attitude towards me( when I was wrongly accused of affecting Selwyn Roberts Tenancy when in fact he waged a race and hate war against ME ) and the effects injustice has so it must be devastating for people to have lost years locked up for being wrongly convicted and then the real criminals to be allowed to walk away scot free.
Shame on Swansea justice system.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Amanda Knox is free and innocent

The fear and anxiety is etched upon every sinew in her body. She is yet again in disbelief not daring to realise its over after the sheer torture of being wrongly convicted and heavily punished for something she didnt do.
She is lucky it was Italy because in England with our lapsidasical judges its common place for them to get it wrong, either deliberately or accidentally. Judge Vosper did it to me. I have the evidence to prove that I did nothing wrong but then Im an outsider and not a welsh god botherer.
It takes a big man to re examine evidence and admit that you were wrong. Vosper is clearly not a big enough man to do that yet in Italy they were. Sadly In Wales and England its who you know not what you know. Im not alone there are many people suffering the same at the hands of people who shouldnt be trusted with decisions in my opinion.

Saturday, 24 September 2011 Google: HHj Christopher Vosper

And yet again this blog and writer has been spied on. Is it Vosper or an equally sinister faceless purveyer of injustice ?

Why cant judges be accountable if it can be clearly shown that there is an injustice caused or prejudice shown. Google: HHj Christopher Vosper

Gateway 202 is a secret weapon of not only the judiciary but also the home office to spy on what they perceive to be domestic terrorists.

Visitor IP Address
Date 23 Jan, Mon, 12:33:58 Net Speed Cable/DSL
Organization Messagelabs Limited Browser MSIE 9
Continent Europe Operating System Windows 7
Country United Kingdom Screen Resolution 1280x1024
State / Region London, City of Screen Color 32 Bit (16.7M)
City London Javascript Enabled
Search Engine Google: judge vosper

I am not a terrorist, far from it. I was a victim of racism and abuse which left me with PTSD and dissasociative anxiety disorder. Caused by the horror of what was done to me.Its difficult for people to understand but if you imagine a nightmare which feels so real that you live it,where you try to escape but your feet are rooted to the floor and you try to get help but people turn away so your greatest fears happen then thats how it feels until your mind breaks.
Selwym Roberts and his gang caused me to have dissasociative anxiety disorder to the point of fear of people and going out. Judge Christopher Vosper in my opinion caused me to have PTSD and to increase the Anxiety to breaking point due to his unfair judgement and his lack of concern of what was allowed to happen to me. He really couldnt give a toss because he had made up his mind before court which side he was on. He even put words in Selwyn Roberts mouth. I feel there was prejudice towards me. I dont know if it was because Roberts ,Vosper and Gibson all belonged to the same church or there were other links. I certainly know how isolated I felt being English in a Welsh court ! I have tried to bring this all to the attention of courts and judiciary because if the welsh judiciary are as squeaky clean as they would have us believe then it proves them right but as various other people who have suffered injustice know full well its not squeaky clean and it cannot risk its behaviour being questioned.
Ive just had a major op because my health was totally ruined and I still have medication to control the anxiety. Is it right that courts can be used for personal and racial hatred ? My understanding was that you have to prove whats said in court but apparently if the judge is on your side you can say anything and get away with it. I challenge the ministry of justice to examine under PUBLIC scrutiny so we can all see the truth. the evidence I have for you to see. If not then its going in a book anyway and you can live with my side of it. You have been on today spying so you clearly have concerns on me getting the truth out. Google: HHj Christopher Vosper