Saturday, 25 July 2009

Letters to my Grand daughter

Here you are now grown enough that we can share starfish puddies through a closed car window.Nothing but cold glass between our palms but smiles warm enough to soften the huffy breath mist as we kiss the invisible barrier before your mother takes off in the big green Jeep stealing you away to buy Blueberries and milkshake before bedtime.

How you have delighted me with your ability to learn and figure out your world and all that enters it in a way that makes perfect sense to anyone creative and imaginative. Today we learnt to use a pen in order for you to write your first novel. We started to make swirls and twists that went on forever before you happily found your antique silver spoon and with a look of great accomplishment, You fed your self for the first time. Mirroring generations of little girls before you, safe in the knowledge that porridge is never permanent in angel soft blonde hair and small perfect ears.

Tomorrow you will come to the big wooden farm gate your face transfixed in delight because you will be allowed to blow warm huffy Puff's into the large old furry horse eating his breakfast in the yard, without your mother stopping you. When finished eating he will return the warm breath to you and touch your face with his whiskers while you run your fingers over him wondering if he will fit unnoticed amongst your Dinosaurs and soft toy Unicorns, that spring to life in the darkness of your bedroom. Gentle and strong as an Oak tree. whilst sweet as black molasses, this old horse would give his last hours to keep you amused and safe.

When you were born your fingers curled around an imaginary fretboard, playing chords and practicing your art, whilst honing your ability to be the next great musician to hit Glastonbury. When I am but a distant whisper in the wind that moves your blonde rock star curls, you will be on stage.
You may be the smallest ever person to appear on the hallowed boards and you will certainly be the loudest with your already smokey,raw echoing voice.

Teddy Bears picnic will always be our song even though we will sing many times surrounded by the ambiance of 12 strings warbling a variety of strong women lyrics,
Teddy bears picnic will be ours forever.........Anything by Pete Tong or Michael Cretu will be our songs forever too because only we will understand them.......... Actually any song we sing loudly in my Landrover discovery will be ours too but especially for you to learn all the words whilst playing with the electric windows. Always remember that it might not be prudent to sing some of the songs in front of your mother if you still want to be allowed over to my house unchaperoned.

Your song writings bound to be shaky for a bit so bed time stories will be our special time for using words to conjure up magic and mayhem between us. We will fly twice nightly on the big warm breath'd old horse and sit on the moons surface looking back at your mother searching the house for us. We will sing and wave but she wont see us so we will be safe to catch and eat the moons cheesy puff balls with your silver spoon and unwashed hands.It will go very nicely with the marmalade I made you in Spring and the dog biscuits you enjoy.

We will play croquet using mallets made from pink tuning forks which will echo like church bells on the most obliging cosmic hedgehogs that giggle and snort as they roll through the giant hoops of living twisted candy canes.At half time we will swap and giggle and snort as we try to crawl through hoops that run away from the hedgehogs bad aim and our flailing limbs.

Your mothers voice will grow louder than the laughter and your eyes will open wide You will keep the secret of where we went when grandma read you a story. Just like your mother did many years before when she and Vicky flew out the window with Peter Pan every night.
We mothers searched in their dreams for them and each morning they were safely in their beds whispering head to head about last nights adventure and what they remembered.
We too will whisper head to head sharing our dreams and slivers of memories awakened by black horse hair on your pillow and fairy dust in your shoes that we have to hide before your mother blocks the hoover with them .
And only we two will know the fun we had and will have when the old magic horse has had his dinner and is ready to rise in the sky with you my little angel warm and safe in his mane with Deer hounds following his long tail baying at shooting stars. All off to hullabaloo land which is just past the moon and turn left at Blueberry Junction.

C Lady Lesley Cooper / Roxalea Cooper aged 15months

Monday, 6 July 2009

Formal complaint about judge Vospers behaviour

Sometimes people ask why I put all this stuff on this blog which is for Trallwm farm.

The answer is simple.

Its the only means of getting the truth into the public domain because those people voted in, or in positions of power use various means to stop thier shortcomings being exposed.
If you saw ex deputy PM John Prestcots shocked face when he discovered that the Metropolitan police knew that a criminal act was being committed with phone tapping by journalists but did nothing,then you get how Dyfed Powys police,plaid Cymru,ministry of justice,also do nothing.

Everybody makes mistakes,I accept that, but when there is a deliberate attempt to suppress the truth in order to save the previously mentioned people from being shown in a bad light then its blogs like this that are the only means of being able to tell the truth.

I have PTSD.

It was caused by racist abuse, assault and harrassment.
It has been magnified by the over whelming realisation that I have had no help from those that should have provided it and no protection of the law against, what have been ilegal acts. The rights of law are by my experience just for the Welsh in Wales regardless of what is done to an outsider.
At various points I tried to get help from police who told me race/hate crimes couldnt be recorded as I was English and it was only wales. They told me it was all civil and refused to stop what was happening to me. That is not what the law books say but if they just keep quiet the police can do what they like.

They did however step in when they had alleged extreme pressure put on by a plaid cymru AM on behalf of the very person who had launched a war on me. The same person whose father was cautioned for assault and racist verbal abuse on me.(Roberts shook his head to suggest it wasnt true and Vosper aknowleged it as acceptable ) Roberts father was cautioned by Sgt Anthony as he had allegedly had a small stroke and wouldnt be prosecuted if I didnt agree to a caution.

This AM was named to me by Sgt Bolton and he told me that I would never have been arrested and WRONGFULLY CHARGED had pressure not been put on by Plaid Cymru.
Plaid Cymru's means of avoiding the truth is to keep very quiet about it hoping it will not get any bigger ! I AM WILLING TO HAVE A MEETING WITH PLAID CYMRU TO DISCUSS ALL THIS !!
Now in order to prove one way or the other if Plaid Cymrus Am was involved I now have to put in a complaint to IPCC about the SGT so it then has to be investigated and I can get hold of the paperwork where by the truth can be gained. I will then publish it on here.
If you check out Plaid Cymrus previous history you will find in the newspapers various comments about "non welsh speaking" incomers affecting welsh speaking areas.
So lets be honest about what this means...If you are not welsh then ??? So as nationalist as BNP for example then ?

It becomes clear how someone complaining about an outsider buying a farm in wales would get a local in financial difficulties who hates English people lots of help.

By getting this unfair leg up the popularity stakes by agencies who blindly supported welsh against an outsider it became a doddle to get christian dogooders with nothing better to do and a formal name of FCN to then take over the support.
When you get as far as the court its easy for a judge to then look down at me as an outsider invading the life of a "hard working farmer".But its not right and you dont expect the law to give unfair advantage to someone who has caused illness with the amount of harm they have deliberately caused me. Its cruel and its added to my illness for no reason other than deliberate prejudice.

The truth is I was harrassed and racially abused and assaulted.Criminal damage was caused to the farm buildings. From the moment I arrived I was threatend and told If I handed over money I would be left alone. Calfs were left dead and dying and animals treated appallingly in an attempt to make me give in and hand over cash.
The police have admitted lack of professionism and I have even been assaulted by a policeman who tried to grab me through a door not because I have done anything wrong but simply because I got the better of them and wont stop exposing the truth
They all keep quiet but I have the paperwork which proves how many times the police have admitted they have made "mistakes".
Just writing the formal complaint about Judge Vospers part in this has made me very ill again because just writing it is re living it. Its like being back in a war zone with all the fear and anxiety of what I was put through but this time having been abused by a Judge who simply took FCNs word as well as others as gospel.
It shouldnt happen. There should be fairness and truth in court. Not a helping hand to bend the rules and make it easy for someone to mislead the court.