Saturday, 21 November 2009

Please help Trallwm Farm

A herd of horses were dumped from a lorry after
a meat sale failed to earn money for the breeder who didnt realise he would have to pay for passports.
So yet again a breeder has indescriminately bred thinking that he or she is business person of the year, and has left animals to survive the winter on their own,turned loose on a main road.
The youngest is just two weeks old !

My time gets wasted by Dyfed Powys police, glory seekers claiming to be gods right hand men but the animals here are the only things worth giving attention to.

There are enough horses on this earth already and now there are 15 more needing help because a Scumbag thought only of his own greedy vile self.
I despair of this world.

There was another group dumped in September and then there were two cats locked in a cat carrier, left to die at the side of the road untill we took them in. Not even a newspaper story persuaded anyone in the know to come forward and tell the truth.

We wont turn these animals away and we will save them but we need help to do it.
If anyone has any pony rugs,wormers or feed or if anyone can help fundraise towards our winter costs they will be supporting a very good cause. We are not a profit sanctuary ,far from it. We just get the animals sorted and into homes. Visit the site to help.
Just £5 will buy a small bale to feed everyone £25 will get us a big bale for the herd that live here.

Friday, 6 November 2009

You dont NEED a psychic to tell you Dyfed Powys police are a laughing stock

We laughed when this hit the news today and said it sounded like Terry Granges Buffoons were at it again. We laughed hysterically when we then realised it WAS Terry Granges Buffoons !!!

Despite Ian Arundale taking over from the disgraced cop things havent improved. Ive just caught out Professional standards over "material innacuracies AND data protection issues. In addition there is a top cop either lying through his teeth OR he doesnt know basic rules and law of investigating the unfaithful ex Chief Constable Terry Grange and this is to the IPCC who is supposed to protect us from them. When will someone with teeth stop the Welsh police at Llangunnor from perverting the truth. The book Im compiling will be filled with letters,photos and facts about Dyfed Powys police when the original book I was asked to write involved the animals at the sanctuary and the racism I suffered.

This latest debacle has Dyfed Powys police frittering away £20,000 on a few day trips to fortune tellers when a post mortem would have and did reveal that there was no petrol or bleach in the dead mans body as Carlo Assaf hung himself.I know their skills are sadly lacking but Im sure another police force could have helped them out instead of going the Mystic Meg route. The police in wales spend fortunes deflecting innocent victims claims against Dyfed Powys poor service in an effort to save their insurers a few quid and themselves their pensions and yet nothing is done to stop the shameful incidents reported in the public domain.
There should be criminal charges against certain officers for perverting the course of justice and in the above case they should pay back the £20,000 they wasted.

In 2002 Dyfed Powys had a race dept that dealt with race crime. In 2002 I tried to get help from Dyfed Powys police and was told by the WPC from Crosshands that racism in Wales didnt exist and that English and Welsh hatred wasnt classed as race hate or crime.

In 2002 Dyfed Powys shut down the race unit because it wasnt being used !!!

If victims of race crime were deliberatly being misled and not told where help could b sought then its no wonder. £20,000 would go a long way towards a proper unit where police are educated.
Its not just race crime that is avoided. I know of two people whom have lost children through negligence and the police have utterly messed up.Will Powell is one of these parents. If a complaint goes to the IPCC then they do what is caused a "harm test"
It means that unless the police get exposed in the papers then no matter what, the crimes and neglect that victims try to complain about are hidden from public view regardless of the harm caused to innocent people to protect the police and IPCC.

Dyfed Powys police force IS a laughing stock but also to people who have been victimised its a very nasty,very dirty, sinister gang intent on saving their own asses despite not being able to find their own asses with both hands on a clear day.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Sometimes adults are right

Two girls and a blue boy let loose with a Doughnut maker is always going to create mischief especially when the mixture is alchemised together in a moment of great achievement with memories of Harry potters spell book thrown in with the baking powder and no grown ups to intervene.

Helping was Isadore pup pretending to be Merlin's broom thoughtfully cleaning up any spills lest anyone slip over in the general chaos and mayhem that preceded high tea.
Hot Doughnuts rose in their full splendour of varying flavours including chocolate chip. The cauldron of mixture never seemed to reduce and what seemed to be a good idea became a chore to finish off before dinner. It was a cold wet day and it seemed like a good idea when I started making them with my new toy from a car boot sale.
We did however test the theory that we had been taught from our childhoods and found it to be true.

Dont eat food before dinner because you wont manage both even wih the kind help of two Great Dane's, a Wolfhound x Foxhound,Deerhound called Izzy and a little blue boy who prefers chocolate chip Doughnuts.

On a less stuffed note the Sanctuary has been amazingly busy of late with 550 chickens needing feeding and caring for plus a whole collection of prey birds that required a new abode.We have goats and a lovely Pig called Lil who is looking for a new family but Im still flummoxed with an Emu or three who will be homeless shortly.

It would be entertaining to have an Emu here to disturb our post lady Gail more than she is already by a Billy Goat called "The Bishop" does and perhaps put Rolex the Dane in his place but noooooo although certain animals can be marvelous fun to have in I will resist temptation as it will be a lot less aggravation for me.
What if it wandered off or got stolen ? Getting missing animals recorded by the buffoons at Dyfed Powys police is hard enough already but they probably wouldnt be able to spell Emu let alone find one thats missing. There is always the concern that they will presume its the puppet version and would get bitten badly by an incensed bird in the process of being assaulted.