Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Sometimes adults are right

Two girls and a blue boy let loose with a Doughnut maker is always going to create mischief especially when the mixture is alchemised together in a moment of great achievement with memories of Harry potters spell book thrown in with the baking powder and no grown ups to intervene.

Helping was Isadore pup pretending to be Merlin's broom thoughtfully cleaning up any spills lest anyone slip over in the general chaos and mayhem that preceded high tea.
Hot Doughnuts rose in their full splendour of varying flavours including chocolate chip. The cauldron of mixture never seemed to reduce and what seemed to be a good idea became a chore to finish off before dinner. It was a cold wet day and it seemed like a good idea when I started making them with my new toy from a car boot sale.
We did however test the theory that we had been taught from our childhoods and found it to be true.

Dont eat food before dinner because you wont manage both even wih the kind help of two Great Dane's, a Wolfhound x Foxhound,Deerhound called Izzy and a little blue boy who prefers chocolate chip Doughnuts.

On a less stuffed note the Sanctuary has been amazingly busy of late with 550 chickens needing feeding and caring for plus a whole collection of prey birds that required a new abode.We have goats and a lovely Pig called Lil who is looking for a new family but Im still flummoxed with an Emu or three who will be homeless shortly.

It would be entertaining to have an Emu here to disturb our post lady Gail more than she is already by a Billy Goat called "The Bishop" does and perhaps put Rolex the Dane in his place but noooooo although certain animals can be marvelous fun to have in I will resist temptation as it will be a lot less aggravation for me.
What if it wandered off or got stolen ? Getting missing animals recorded by the buffoons at Dyfed Powys police is hard enough already but they probably wouldnt be able to spell Emu let alone find one thats missing. There is always the concern that they will presume its the puppet version and would get bitten badly by an incensed bird in the process of being assaulted.

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