Monday, 8 June 2009

Oh look someone "officials" been looking at the Photos and poll

Our tracker shows all the MPs,Ams and law people that sneak on for a look so the RSPCA I was glad to see looking at the photos of dead and dying cattle. Having seen the RSPCAs biggest horse rescue and the fund raising to refill RSPCA coffers with the £850,000 it cost to bring this case to court and keep the horses in care.I just assume the RSPCA HQ in Horsham will be equally vigilant in protecting all animals.

Now the question is will they do anything or start to ask questions on how these animals were allowed to suffer ??? Is it that horses are a better fund raiser than cattle ? They suffer the same so why should there be a difference in care. Tim Wass at the RSPCA tells how he is proud to make a difference and Im glad. Our local inspectors are kind and thorough people but why should cattle get less welfare help than horses or dogs.

James Gray got sentenced today for the Spindles Farm Amersham horror of dead and dying horses. When will someone at the RSPCA be shocked at the sight of dead and dying cattle ?

Thank you who ever it was that drew thier attention to it. perhaps a few more people could contact them as well especially if they give large sums of money to the RSPCA to help animals and stop animal cruelty.

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