Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas past and a letter to my Grandaughter

I know we all thought of Chris as the universally missing gift that we all wished for. Her wish would have been that the baubles were straight and that all the kids were happy and well fed.

Chris gave me a gift a very long time ago that I didn't realise had been posted but it arrived yesterday just in time for my Grand daughters 1st proper Christmas.

Chris taught me that all children are magical and nothing else matters because each one is a gift to be treasured. My brother Sam would only eat chicken nuggets as a child but Chris had patience and let him eat them until he didn't want to. Louis was the shy one who although extremely bright didn't want to perform in public and hid away so she gave him space. I was damaged and she extended great patience to me.
My experience of being parented was anger and emotional violence often with physical violence.
Both parenting types will effect us all our lives but Sam and Louis and no doubt Debbie, Gareth and Frances will have happy memories and their ability to deal with situations will differ from mine because of their early upbringing with Chris.

When my sister and I were abandoned we became part of Chris's family and suddenly there was a strange but infinitely preferable way of life. Its because of Chris that I know half the things I do.

Yesterday I sat with a very excited little girl who was dressed in a Santa dress. She kept pointing to the Christmas tree and her little plate kept magically re filling with profiteroles as she happily danced around cuddling dolls and smearing chocolate across her happy little face. She had Mummy ,Daddy and Grandma and so far it was the best day she had ever had.
Chris's gift arrived after the others had been opened and it was the realisation that not only had she helped me with Kyras childhood but she had taught me to be a Grand parent.
Now that's a gift you cannot get any other way unless its given with love. Because of Chris my Granddaughter Roxy's first memories of Christmas will fill her head for the rest of her life. Each Christmas will be magical. warm and safe because Chris taught us all how to do it.

How lucky I am that my gift arrived and I spotted it amongst all the ripped paper and sparkling lights. I will put two photos on today because I want Roxy my Granddaughter to meet her great grand mother to whom we should all hold up a glass of Champagne and thank for what she stood for and how she made us have strong moral cores that we will share with our families forever

Dont cry for me Dyfed powys police

Apologies to A Lloyd-Webber but to be fair you are living in Daphne's house

It will be so easy, you'll think it strange
When I get to explain how I feel
that I still need justice after all that you've done

You won't believe it
All you will see is a girl you once destroyed

Although she's tooled up to the nines
At sixes and sevens with you

I had to let it happen, I had to change
Couldn't put my trust in the IPCC
Looking in at the window, favouritism was all I could see

So I chose freedom
Running around, writing everything new
But nothing impressed me at all
I never expected it to


Don't cry for me Dyfed Powys police

The truth is I never liked you
All through the hard days
My mad existence
Ill keep my promise,

you wont be in existence

And as for fortune, and as for fame
Terry Grange never invited me in
and it seemed to the world that he got what he deserved

police statements are illusions

They are not the solutions they promised to be
The answers are hidden all the time
I loathe you and don't care if you loathe me

Don't cry for me Dyfed Powys police


Have I said too much?
There's nothing more you can do to stop me now
But all you have to do is look at me to know
That every word is true

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Santas littlest Hobo that came in from the snow

I know I promised not to look at every little Blue puppy that I see, intently searching for the very qualities that my Bojangles has but yet I was strangely drawn to this little blue lurcher needing a mummy to keep him warm and fill his tummy.
So off I set for a three hour drive through the snow thinking up reasons to give Debbie when inevitably I would arrive home with another little lost soul.

When I got to the address where this new blue boy was I carefully walked across old window frames and abandoned beer cans thrown in for good measure and tapped the door carefully as it was boarded, so as not to dislodge any more glass. A child first asked who was there before a stressed parent arrived with keys to let me in. I was greeted by a lady trying to do the right thing by this pup.
She had been told that the pup was 6 months and that he had an accident with a door.
He was 4 months old and had two breaks in his little tail that had set at angles.
He was scratching enough that Debbie's first concern when she saw him was mange.He wasn't a Bojangles boy but he was blue enough so I couldn't leave him there.

I introduced the pup to Debbie very carefully so there would be no aggression by giving her a bag of cheese scones in an Asda bag in one arm and then swiftly plonking him in her other arm. She didnt bite him or me once which was a relief.

The puppy was far better behaved and gazed lovingly at her fluttering his little blue eye lashes.
We did the this puppy will never be Bojangles because he is a dog and it looks like a patterdale cross,it has mange and his tail looks like something builders measure angles with.

Eventually even Ms Connolly the BBC dog trainer had to agree that this little pup is close to perfection as is possible. He sleeps all night, goes out with the gang and wees up fences,doesn't chase cats,Doesn't chase chickens and is clean in the house.
He is a really loving chap. Our vet saw him and has wormed, fleed and checked him all over.

I think little Hobo has a special reason to come into my life. Somewhere there is someone who has just lost their dog or perhaps is alone or perhaps a child with special needs to whom Hobo will pay his rent with love and devotion.
If anyone knows of such a person then little Hobo will be one happy puppy with his forever home and he could full fill his destiny to be a special little superstar

Thursday, 17 December 2009

An Angel by any other name is as sweet


You were more like the devil when you flew out of the cattle lorry ready to fight me, with your flashing eyes accentuated with what looked like eye liner. Your gang were behind you, flanked by your two Sargent's at arms.
Then you saw the two big bales that I had brought in just for you and your frightened herd. By the expression on your face I assume the dinner gong sounded in your head and so you just threatened me very rudely with wisps of hay trailing from your lips.

You to me were a challenge,something to keep me wanting to live in this world full of uncaring humans and I guess you felt the same way about me so our hearts were instantly drawn like pulsating magnets. After a few stand up and lay down fights we found our way and became a team.

You helped me learn from you as much as you learned from me. I laid strange things on your back and asked you to move towards me on a long white connector that joined us "eye to eye". Very soon you got that humans need help and so you learned to walk forward and to stop before colliding with me and also you even went for a lovely walk down the road but chose to come home first and let me catch up later.

You trusted me enough when I asked you to carry someone on your back which eventually you actually thought was great fun, especially when the foals in your herd got in line behind you and turned left and right when you did.
What an Angel you were for me when I asked you to try a rug out. Since then you had to try a bigger one because your hungry tummy was now full every day and you had gained weight.

One fateful day I waved goodbye to you as I was going to a car boot to fund raise and you suddenly remembered you were a wild horse and you took your herd wandering across into a neighboring field. To get there everyone who could, jumped the fence and you as Alpha mare tried but didn't make it.

When you were found you were lying still and flat on the floor with a lot of blood that had ebbed from your leg. The humans let me come up and sit with you alone."I only left you for two hours" I told you while I stroked your face.

Suddenly your eye opened and looked directly at me with a look of kindness and acceptance of me.
At that point people came running with cutters and my rope halter. We cut you free from the sharp wire and you still just focused on me. Darling you were not clear of danger yet and so I took your front legs and cradled your head so we could turn you over.I realised then how much weight you had gained. We pulled and turned and suddenly you were in a place where we could try to lift you. With a lot of effort from you and persuasion from me we did it !

You limped out of the field and down the road to wait for our Vet Brian Cotter but trailing behind you were your herd of foals and mares and a lot of blood from your injury.
The vet packed your leg because it couldn't be stitched and you are still ill but having just fed you antibiotics cunningly hidden inside apple and honey cookies I know that you will try your very hardest to stay with me in the world even if it is full of uncaring humans,because just sometimes there are people who care and we both have a lot of them around us.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

On the topic of abandoned horses

Yet more have been pushed into the arena...

Over the last few days Ive had several groups of ponies pointed my direction. One group has a very misleading photo with it that does not show a motley group of Section A's but something more attractive than what you are likely to get!

For many years I have made my self unpopular with the pc group of dogooders who think that by buying Sec As at market they are going to go to heaven. Ive had loads of abuse and people are discouraged from coming to us because I have always said that buying meat ponies from auction simply feeds the trade.
If you indiscriminately breed mother to son and produced a meat pony,took it to auction and got a fiver for it would you bother again ? Noooo

If you indiscriminately breed mother to son and produced a meat pony,took it to auction and got a £100 for it would you bother again ? Yes

Would you care who bought it if there was more money in it ? Would you welcome women with cheque books hurling abuse if you went home with a weeks wages from say ten ponies ?
Ive always said if there was no money in it then the scum of the earth breeders would stop.
During school holidays the dumping rate goes down but as soon as kids are back at school and no more pity ponies get purchased then abandoned ponies turn up all over the place unloaded from lorries.

I'm not a great fan of passports because I feel its geared up to Europe wanting to know where its lunch is coming from but I must say Defra has done a cracking job in stopping the breeding of these unfortunate innocents.
Sadly because of buying sprees there are still breeders out there pumping more sad little lives into the torrent of unwanted life. Now the breeders have to pay for a passport for each foal even if they go straight to slaughter and that is a wonderful thing because its taken any profit away.
For each poor little inbred thing ( and yes those posh ones that people think are the best when they are just the same when the skins off ) that has been dragged into this world from a starving mum riddled with worms and lice, death is a blessing. They are inbred with many physical problems and wild natures,Often the colts have a withheld testicle in Sec As.

Shame on anyone who perpetuated the breeding to fill greedy pockets with cash
With the credit crunch less people are buying the foals to stop the meat man so like a self full filling prophecy there are huge volumes of unwanted ponies being offered to sanctuaries "Or we will slaughter them" Really ? Are you really going to pay for the passports then just to slaughter them out of spite ?
More like you are hoping people will buy them to save them !

I may sound harsh but if people stopped buying them then there would be no profit and there would be no more sad little souls ripped away from their mums at auctions.
Just like Veal,people stopped buying, veal stopped being produce in horrendous conditions
If you want to do something to improve the welfare of poorly bred ponies then please don't hand over money for them at auctions or from breeders.
Its shameful that these people have not been stopped a long long time ago,
For all those breeders that will now phone me with abuse or who will run me down behind my back, feel free that's my contribution to saving ponies from torturous lives.Apart from saving and feeding all the ones here at the sanctuary already.
If you can genuinely help a wild meat pony and have the knowledge then go for it but please don't give the breeders a penny.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Please help Trallwm Farm

A herd of horses were dumped from a lorry after
a meat sale failed to earn money for the breeder who didnt realise he would have to pay for passports.
So yet again a breeder has indescriminately bred thinking that he or she is business person of the year, and has left animals to survive the winter on their own,turned loose on a main road.
The youngest is just two weeks old !

My time gets wasted by Dyfed Powys police, glory seekers claiming to be gods right hand men but the animals here are the only things worth giving attention to.

There are enough horses on this earth already and now there are 15 more needing help because a Scumbag thought only of his own greedy vile self.
I despair of this world.

There was another group dumped in September and then there were two cats locked in a cat carrier, left to die at the side of the road untill we took them in. Not even a newspaper story persuaded anyone in the know to come forward and tell the truth.

We wont turn these animals away and we will save them but we need help to do it.
If anyone has any pony rugs,wormers or feed or if anyone can help fundraise towards our winter costs they will be supporting a very good cause. We are not a profit sanctuary ,far from it. We just get the animals sorted and into homes. Visit the site to help.
Just £5 will buy a small bale to feed everyone £25 will get us a big bale for the herd that live here.

Friday, 6 November 2009

You dont NEED a psychic to tell you Dyfed Powys police are a laughing stock

We laughed when this hit the news today and said it sounded like Terry Granges Buffoons were at it again. We laughed hysterically when we then realised it WAS Terry Granges Buffoons !!!

Despite Ian Arundale taking over from the disgraced cop things havent improved. Ive just caught out Professional standards over "material innacuracies AND data protection issues. In addition there is a top cop either lying through his teeth OR he doesnt know basic rules and law of investigating the unfaithful ex Chief Constable Terry Grange and this is to the IPCC who is supposed to protect us from them. When will someone with teeth stop the Welsh police at Llangunnor from perverting the truth. The book Im compiling will be filled with letters,photos and facts about Dyfed Powys police when the original book I was asked to write involved the animals at the sanctuary and the racism I suffered.

This latest debacle has Dyfed Powys police frittering away £20,000 on a few day trips to fortune tellers when a post mortem would have and did reveal that there was no petrol or bleach in the dead mans body as Carlo Assaf hung himself.I know their skills are sadly lacking but Im sure another police force could have helped them out instead of going the Mystic Meg route. The police in wales spend fortunes deflecting innocent victims claims against Dyfed Powys poor service in an effort to save their insurers a few quid and themselves their pensions and yet nothing is done to stop the shameful incidents reported in the public domain.
There should be criminal charges against certain officers for perverting the course of justice and in the above case they should pay back the £20,000 they wasted.

In 2002 Dyfed Powys had a race dept that dealt with race crime. In 2002 I tried to get help from Dyfed Powys police and was told by the WPC from Crosshands that racism in Wales didnt exist and that English and Welsh hatred wasnt classed as race hate or crime.

In 2002 Dyfed Powys shut down the race unit because it wasnt being used !!!

If victims of race crime were deliberatly being misled and not told where help could b sought then its no wonder. £20,000 would go a long way towards a proper unit where police are educated.
Its not just race crime that is avoided. I know of two people whom have lost children through negligence and the police have utterly messed up.Will Powell is one of these parents. If a complaint goes to the IPCC then they do what is caused a "harm test"
It means that unless the police get exposed in the papers then no matter what, the crimes and neglect that victims try to complain about are hidden from public view regardless of the harm caused to innocent people to protect the police and IPCC.

Dyfed Powys police force IS a laughing stock but also to people who have been victimised its a very nasty,very dirty, sinister gang intent on saving their own asses despite not being able to find their own asses with both hands on a clear day.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Sometimes adults are right

Two girls and a blue boy let loose with a Doughnut maker is always going to create mischief especially when the mixture is alchemised together in a moment of great achievement with memories of Harry potters spell book thrown in with the baking powder and no grown ups to intervene.

Helping was Isadore pup pretending to be Merlin's broom thoughtfully cleaning up any spills lest anyone slip over in the general chaos and mayhem that preceded high tea.
Hot Doughnuts rose in their full splendour of varying flavours including chocolate chip. The cauldron of mixture never seemed to reduce and what seemed to be a good idea became a chore to finish off before dinner. It was a cold wet day and it seemed like a good idea when I started making them with my new toy from a car boot sale.
We did however test the theory that we had been taught from our childhoods and found it to be true.

Dont eat food before dinner because you wont manage both even wih the kind help of two Great Dane's, a Wolfhound x Foxhound,Deerhound called Izzy and a little blue boy who prefers chocolate chip Doughnuts.

On a less stuffed note the Sanctuary has been amazingly busy of late with 550 chickens needing feeding and caring for plus a whole collection of prey birds that required a new abode.We have goats and a lovely Pig called Lil who is looking for a new family but Im still flummoxed with an Emu or three who will be homeless shortly.

It would be entertaining to have an Emu here to disturb our post lady Gail more than she is already by a Billy Goat called "The Bishop" does and perhaps put Rolex the Dane in his place but noooooo although certain animals can be marvelous fun to have in I will resist temptation as it will be a lot less aggravation for me.
What if it wandered off or got stolen ? Getting missing animals recorded by the buffoons at Dyfed Powys police is hard enough already but they probably wouldnt be able to spell Emu let alone find one thats missing. There is always the concern that they will presume its the puppet version and would get bitten badly by an incensed bird in the process of being assaulted.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Todays revenge attack by an idiot from Dyfed Powys police

Usually after I update my blog I get some form of harassment from a uniform nobody trying to impress his mates at Llangunnor ,dyfed powys police HQ.
Why should today be any different.
Last week someone loosened the nuts on one wheel of the discovery leaving it held by one nut. Eventually it sheared destroying the wheel but fortunately it wasn't on the motor way so a crash on a lane was survivable but still a malicious thing to do. I didn't report it as to be honest I didn't know if it was done by the race and hate gang,The drug dealer down the road or a Dyfed Powys police sympathiser. Previously I have had all the light wires chopped from underneath the Jeep and scratches carved on the bonnets.
My long standing neighbours came past upset because some lunatic had vandalised their car too. It had vile language written on it and someone had destroyed the engine by pouring a substance in. They had therefore phoned Cross hands police station to record the incidents ( we no longer expect crime solving like in the Sweeney ).

A Honda 4 by 4 Panda car turned up narrowly missing the sleeping cats that were on my property. In it sat the new village idiot passed from Carmarthen police to piss all the locals off here by being dumped in Crosshands police station.They seem to do a police photo poster which appears in shop windows with names on so if you find one you can send them back to the nick. If you can imagine Mr Bean with a blue light you can imagine the scene of cats running for their lives with someone who probably couldn't find the key to Crosshands Police bike shed but did find a set of car keys on the front desk.

As we all know Dyfed Powys Police are not too clever with Keys. After all they had a set of house Keys belonging to Terry Grange hanging in Llangunnor because a woman there still used the house and they protect their own. They got the armed response unit to destroy the windows at the back of the bungalow instead of opening the door with the keys when I was squatting in there !

PC Mike Evans was the smug new boy sent to distress and disturb me today. Given that I have PTSD after the race and hate crimes and the sheer failure to be protected by the welsh police it makes me ill er every time they have to try to intimidate me in my home. Last time I was assaulted by a police man shoving through my door. Sadly for him I was on the phone to 999 at the time and although Dyfed Powys failed to respond to 3 999 calls at least what went on was taped so he got caught. I have a letter admitting all this should any one wish to verify the facts are true.

Now given that our cars had been vandalised one would assume that Mr Bean Evans was there to investigate the car vandalising ....noooooooooo.
He asked if I had a Red Ferguson tractor.... I asked him why being some what confused and he said just answer the question. At which point he was told that unless he came up with a valid reason why I was being asked then he could shove off.

He said there had been an accident on saturday morning involving a tractor and a car.He was going to ALL the farms asking. Now having been assaulted by one of these deceitful lying lot before I'm not answering anything as usually the intention is to somehow charge me with something and for it to actually get anywhere in court. Ive been charged wrongfully with tractor theft and had it dropped and the last lot of criminal damage was laughed out of court because the police had to admit they caused the damage with ten armed response unit police.

I told Evans to shift his nice shiny Honda because he was stopping traffic and I had real stuff to get on with. He glared at me until I laughed at him then left so proving I was the only farm owner visited.His suggestion that he was visiting every farm was a blatant lie.I as far as I know was the only one.

The police must be of limited intelligence because the accident on Saturday was caused by two boys on a tractor who were helped to dispose of it at a scrap yard and the owner was named by a witness because the boys had hit a car.
So if the owner was known and the tractor was at a scrap yard why were the police wasting yet more time and resources on a wind up harassing me today ?

I was told Evans was the new boy and I assume sending dick heads round my place must be like asking imbeciles to go buy tartan paint. My neighbours are angry because the lady from Saturday had her car damaged and so far the police had done sod all apart from send an expensive four by four out to see if I would confess it was my tractor. Obviously being Fagan I send out young kids on Saturday morning to pick pockets.

Each time the police keep coming with their stupid games to torture me less people are getting crimes solved. Why cant our corrupt and idiotic Dyfed Powys police chiefs at Llangunnor get off their fat bone idle asses,stop counting their pensions and get to grips with all that has gone on. If and when the truth all comes out they know that their little Ivory towers will fall to the ground. I'm going to be standing at the bottom waiting patiently.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Shame on Dyfed Powys police and Welsh politicians

The following story didnt happen in Wales but if it did it would be covered up. Up and down Wales people suffer daily at the hands of racists and criminals as they do in other places. These stories only get told when someone actually dies.
Fair play to the police involved because they have accepted thier mistakes and apologised. In my case Dyfed powys still blatently lie ( For evidence Im happy to forward a letter or two and a few written laws to any interested party). Its all about saving money for the insurance company, jobs for the boys and staying in power.

Press association release

A police chief has apologised for his force's failure to help a single mother and her disabled daughter who died in a burning car after suffering years of abuse from a gang of youths. Skip related content
Related photos / videos Police chief 'sorry' for car deaths Enlarge photo More photos: Crime

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Harassed mother killed her daughter
Police criticised for failing to help suicide mum

Jurors found that the police's failure to respond to the family's pleas for help contributed to their deaths.

The jury criticised a failure to share information between the police and the local council as one of the reasons why they did not respond to the calls for help.

In a press conference following the verdict, Chris Eyre, Temporary Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police, said he was "extremely sorry" the force had failed to help Ms Pilkington and her daughter.

The inquest at Loughborough Town Hall heard that Ms Pilkington, her daughter and her son Anthony, a severe dyslexic, suffered more than 10 years of abuse from a gang of teenagers living in their street in Barwell, Leicestershire.

Ms Pilkington committed suicide when she set light to her family's Austin Maestro in a lay-by while she sat in the driver's seat alongside her disabled daughter Francecca.

Mr Eyre said: "We are extremely sorry that at times our actions failed to meet the family's needs and in respect of that there are things we would have done differently. I would like to offer my unreserved apologies to the family, community and wider public. We believe that everyone should be able to lead their lives free of crime and anti-social behaviour. Our job is to make sure people's safety is a reality."

He continued: "In 2007, at the time of this tragedy, we had well- established meetings and information-sharing in place but, despite this, and despite hard work and the impact of anti-social behaviour on the family, the vulnerability of the family was not picked up. We recognise that we need to have a better response to low-level anti-social behaviour." He added: "The force has made significant improvements to the way it handles complaints of anti-social behaviour in the county."

The press conference also heard from Mick Connell, from Leicestershire County Council, who led the serious case review. He said: "This has been a thorough review into very sad circumstances."
Buzz Up! Email Story Share Story Delicious
Will Dyfed Powys police apologise now ! I get that Terry Grange who was "in charge" at the time. What about Adam Price,Nick Bourne, and co ?
Will they all rush to meetings to see how thier voters can be abused and then for the sake of Dyfed Powys insurers and police golden handshakes ignored hoping it will go away.
Will Adam price who I know has suffered abuse suddenly get up and do the right thing. After all if it happened to me and countless others there may be welsh people its happened to !
You have nothing to lose by doing the right thing Price . Would I stand alongside you if you suffered prejudice YES I WOULD.
Lord Denning whom I had the priveledge of knowing once said If you deny people legal remedies they will find thier own..........

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Why people get away with murder

The lunatic who has this blog is the man who held captive a girl called jaycee for 18 yrs,fathered two children with her and is now facing 29 charges for crimes committed against her plus there are investigations into murdered prostitutes.

In 2006 a neighbour contacted the police and an officer went out and had a chat at the door. THREE YEARS LATER he got caught because someone with a bit of power started checking.

Its easy for criminals to avoid being caught or convicted because it would seem that here or in America its not what you know but who you know. As long as your face fits you can pretty much do as you like. How can we protect the innocent when such shoddy police work through out the world allows criminals to remain undetected even though someone was brave enough to come forward.
The criteria for joining the judiciary should be raised to an acceptable standard so there wont be room for evil people to slip through the net.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Dear Plaid Cymru If you have time to spy on here then you have time to take up constituents complaints AND PUT THINGS RIGHT

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OOPS And another look, Wouldnt it make sense to do your job then you dont have to get mentioned on here

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Gabo-i-n-g as Plaid Cymru swoop in for another look.
Why dont you try and get plaid Cymru to speak to me and resolve the problems instead of googling my name and other peoples looking for dirt THERE ISNT ANY.
I was the innocent victim in this so why dont you do what you claim to do and help a constituent. Unique Visitors

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

My Friend Maurice Kirk the flying vet on hunger strike

Latest bit

From: "norman scarth" View contact detailsTo:,,,,,, headquarters@south-wales.pnn.police.ukCc: "norman scarth" Irma Grese (google the name) will never be dead while Sian West is alive! (Sian West is the Governess of HMP Cardiff). The brainwashing ‘News Media’ (so called) are constantly telling the gullible public that Her Majesty’s prisons are Holiday Camps. Some ‘Holiday Camps’ – when every year a hundred captives (many of them stitched up) are driven to take their own lives! Maurice Kirk is not convicted of any crime, but held on remand in HMP Cardiff on a ridiculous charge of once owning what used to be a WW1 Lewis gun, but had, many years ago, been turned into a useless piece of ornamental ironmongery. I have today received a brief letter from Maurice, along with ‘Form 256D/2 ADJUDICATION NOTICE’. During a visit, Maurice tried to give the visitor a cheque to give to a lawyer (who will not act for Maurice without payment up front). For this dastardly ‘crime’ Maurice has been punished: The sentence: 14 days ‘Cellular confinement’; 14 days denied association with other prisoners, & 21 days denied access to his ‘canteen cash’, which means he cannot purchase stamps, paper, toothpaste etc. or make telephone calls. How can Maurice prepare for his court hearing today, an application for Bail?

Hitler, Himmler, Heydrich & Co. could have not have carried out their evil without millions of other psychopaths to do their dirty work. There is no shortage of them in Britain! Irma Grese was hung for her sadistic brutality as a Nazi concentration camp guard. Oh for the day when her more subtle successors in Britain will suffer the same fate!

Norman Scarth.

PS: Maurice sends “The Seasons Greetings to all my friends out there”.

My friend Maurice is a capable talented man who is a firm believer in justice and truth. We have a lot in common with our love of animals and the firm belief that life is for living but not at the criminal expense of all others who happen to be in the way.
Sadly our faith and trust, which was ingrained throughout our childhoods, that those in authority should be respected and trusted has been eroded to the point of an open ulcer.
Maurice was a well thought of vet. A trustworthy family man whom you could quoth Bordeaux with at the local before watching the cricket on a warm summers afternoon.
Just like me Maurice found himself a victim of police policy. That doesn't mean he intentionly or otherwise committed an offence.It means that he was persued and bullied with the intention, that he would back down and disappear leaving wrong doers to inflict harm on others less likely to fight back.

Not many people know that there is an elite within the justice system that have an immunity to prosecution.That extends a little further until the point that hangers on, like dogs of war, who serve their masters well also share the spoils. If you cant get them into court and have them shamed then the next best thing is to identify them like poltergeists when they get YOU into court. Remembering of course that they cannot be charged themselves,they can twist the truth into a characiture of its former self. It is legal ectoplasm that drips on the innocent and haunts the whole court system, without fear of legal retribution. Its a nightmare that you can never wake up from. There are various spectres who benefit most with protected pensions, regardless of wrong doing and there are various entities that carry the evil to unsuspecting good people who believe in the truth and the good of mankind.
If you truly believe in the good of mankind, then you have to believe in the evil of mankind also as you cannot have one without the other.

Maurice Kirk has been fighting a battle against evil for some time now. He has various stuff ongoing and a matter of relevance is that over a period of time he has been harassed by little entities in police cars carrying evil on behalf of spectre's.

There are 100 little entities actually. I cant name them because despite a civil case that requires all 100 to be named so that they can be called into court and questioned by the defence, Barbara Wilding ( Chief Spector of South Wales police ) has signed an order which prohibits this happening and therefore prohibits civil action and compensation for anyone other than South Wales police in this particular case.
Now Mr Kirk is somewhat brighter than Spectres and entities and has metaphorically shoved them into ghost vaults so Ms Wilding simply waved her little wand to protect the evil entities from having to appear.

Can you imagine any court case where only one side is allowed to present its case ?

South Wales police arrested Mr Kirk for criminal damage ( This is listed on the custody record ). This was after Mr Kirk put in a bill to the police solicitors Dolmans for £150,00 6 months previously,which is rightfully his in costs because of all the cases he has won against the police previously. I gather he was allegedly arrested on the say so of Adrian Oliver who is chief spector at Dolmans after talking to the police on the 19th of June. This is what I believe to be true as told to me by Maurice Kirk and I have no reason to not believe him as I have seen Adrian Olivers name appear regularly on letters and correspondence protecting the various spectors that disembowel peoples lives.

The charges of criminal damage were dropped against Mr Kirk.

The vortex of evil rose from hell in a rage and decided to search Maurice Kirks website to keep him in some sort of legal no mans land, away from telling the truth about the 100 entities and a farcical court case.

They found a scrap WW1 replica plane on his site that was sold as that, SCRAP . It would not fly again in battle just as the remains of an old machine gun would not work. It was sold to him as such. Sadly being Maurice with an interest in planes he took a photo of it and it was on the website.
The actual plane and all parts have been scrapped so there is nothing left as far as Im aware to cause a problem to anyone.

Maurice Kirk has been locked up in the haunted castle of Cardiff prison for selling a sub machine gun !

Now it could be argued on a technicality that yes he did, but he didn't sell it for anything other than a lump of metal to be melted down. Maurice was granted unconditional bail that showed the courts view that this was no big deal and just a technicality to be argued and mulled over.

South wales police went before Judge Cooke on the the 25th June and relying on CPS 15 made up horror stories, overturned the previous judges order which meant that Maurice ended up in Jail. Maurice has had problems previously with Judge Cooke and police witnesses in another case.
At various points Maurice has been refused bail on ludicrous grounds. One of which was that he had to seek legal advice from a barrister, who would decide things on his behalf. One of these "things" was to help the justice system have Maurice sectioned under a mental health act. He doesn't actually need a barrister because in all the cases he represented himself he won and as a medical man he can spot a
ill health at twenty paces ! There have been various shenanigans involving his right to appear in court and not be silenced with the use of a tv screen on which he would appear from his cell.

Maurice Kirk took one of the few options he still had and went on a hunger strike for three weeks. He is now in the Caswell clinic in Tondu rd Cardiff in a very poor,physical state of health. He is eating food that is taken in to him by well wishers but quite rightly doesn't trust that a liquid cosh wont be added, or something that could effect his mind set or behaviour which would be ideal for the spectres and entities seeking an innocent mans down fall.
Maurice is still trustworthy Maurice ! I would be less concerned sharing a cell with him than with Terry Grange, Judge Vosper or in this case Barabara Wilding ( for some reason the Exorcist theme tune is playing in my head )
Please comment on this thread, please tell everyone. Please bang on the windows of South Wales police cars and ask when normal people will get their turn at justice.Please ask your MPs and newspapers to start looking at wrong doing in the justice system. After all they cant say it doesnt happen. Look at the MPs expenses fiasco. Who would have thought the final figure that those voted in, had away from public coffers.
Ask for help for Maurice Kirk but most of all ask for your self because one day its us and one day it will be you because you dont have to commit any crime in order to be a victim of the justice system.
My dealings with South Wales Police were equally appalling when a much loved pet pig, Trallwm farm Sanctuary owned, was shot with a shotgun through the head in the middle of the night at port Talbot by a drunk on a public foot path. It took five shots before our pet died in a pool of blood.
Despite being the legal owner of the animal, the police would not deal with my complaint and an email I sent to them was blocked. The person who did the shooting avoided arrest.
Its not what you know its who you know.

G-Kirk Flying vet website

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Letters to my Grand daughter

Here you are now grown enough that we can share starfish puddies through a closed car window.Nothing but cold glass between our palms but smiles warm enough to soften the huffy breath mist as we kiss the invisible barrier before your mother takes off in the big green Jeep stealing you away to buy Blueberries and milkshake before bedtime.

How you have delighted me with your ability to learn and figure out your world and all that enters it in a way that makes perfect sense to anyone creative and imaginative. Today we learnt to use a pen in order for you to write your first novel. We started to make swirls and twists that went on forever before you happily found your antique silver spoon and with a look of great accomplishment, You fed your self for the first time. Mirroring generations of little girls before you, safe in the knowledge that porridge is never permanent in angel soft blonde hair and small perfect ears.

Tomorrow you will come to the big wooden farm gate your face transfixed in delight because you will be allowed to blow warm huffy Puff's into the large old furry horse eating his breakfast in the yard, without your mother stopping you. When finished eating he will return the warm breath to you and touch your face with his whiskers while you run your fingers over him wondering if he will fit unnoticed amongst your Dinosaurs and soft toy Unicorns, that spring to life in the darkness of your bedroom. Gentle and strong as an Oak tree. whilst sweet as black molasses, this old horse would give his last hours to keep you amused and safe.

When you were born your fingers curled around an imaginary fretboard, playing chords and practicing your art, whilst honing your ability to be the next great musician to hit Glastonbury. When I am but a distant whisper in the wind that moves your blonde rock star curls, you will be on stage.
You may be the smallest ever person to appear on the hallowed boards and you will certainly be the loudest with your already smokey,raw echoing voice.

Teddy Bears picnic will always be our song even though we will sing many times surrounded by the ambiance of 12 strings warbling a variety of strong women lyrics,
Teddy bears picnic will be ours forever.........Anything by Pete Tong or Michael Cretu will be our songs forever too because only we will understand them.......... Actually any song we sing loudly in my Landrover discovery will be ours too but especially for you to learn all the words whilst playing with the electric windows. Always remember that it might not be prudent to sing some of the songs in front of your mother if you still want to be allowed over to my house unchaperoned.

Your song writings bound to be shaky for a bit so bed time stories will be our special time for using words to conjure up magic and mayhem between us. We will fly twice nightly on the big warm breath'd old horse and sit on the moons surface looking back at your mother searching the house for us. We will sing and wave but she wont see us so we will be safe to catch and eat the moons cheesy puff balls with your silver spoon and unwashed hands.It will go very nicely with the marmalade I made you in Spring and the dog biscuits you enjoy.

We will play croquet using mallets made from pink tuning forks which will echo like church bells on the most obliging cosmic hedgehogs that giggle and snort as they roll through the giant hoops of living twisted candy canes.At half time we will swap and giggle and snort as we try to crawl through hoops that run away from the hedgehogs bad aim and our flailing limbs.

Your mothers voice will grow louder than the laughter and your eyes will open wide You will keep the secret of where we went when grandma read you a story. Just like your mother did many years before when she and Vicky flew out the window with Peter Pan every night.
We mothers searched in their dreams for them and each morning they were safely in their beds whispering head to head about last nights adventure and what they remembered.
We too will whisper head to head sharing our dreams and slivers of memories awakened by black horse hair on your pillow and fairy dust in your shoes that we have to hide before your mother blocks the hoover with them .
And only we two will know the fun we had and will have when the old magic horse has had his dinner and is ready to rise in the sky with you my little angel warm and safe in his mane with Deer hounds following his long tail baying at shooting stars. All off to hullabaloo land which is just past the moon and turn left at Blueberry Junction.

C Lady Lesley Cooper / Roxalea Cooper aged 15months

Monday, 6 July 2009

Formal complaint about judge Vospers behaviour

Sometimes people ask why I put all this stuff on this blog which is for Trallwm farm.

The answer is simple.

Its the only means of getting the truth into the public domain because those people voted in, or in positions of power use various means to stop thier shortcomings being exposed.
If you saw ex deputy PM John Prestcots shocked face when he discovered that the Metropolitan police knew that a criminal act was being committed with phone tapping by journalists but did nothing,then you get how Dyfed Powys police,plaid Cymru,ministry of justice,also do nothing.

Everybody makes mistakes,I accept that, but when there is a deliberate attempt to suppress the truth in order to save the previously mentioned people from being shown in a bad light then its blogs like this that are the only means of being able to tell the truth.

I have PTSD.

It was caused by racist abuse, assault and harrassment.
It has been magnified by the over whelming realisation that I have had no help from those that should have provided it and no protection of the law against, what have been ilegal acts. The rights of law are by my experience just for the Welsh in Wales regardless of what is done to an outsider.
At various points I tried to get help from police who told me race/hate crimes couldnt be recorded as I was English and it was only wales. They told me it was all civil and refused to stop what was happening to me. That is not what the law books say but if they just keep quiet the police can do what they like.

They did however step in when they had alleged extreme pressure put on by a plaid cymru AM on behalf of the very person who had launched a war on me. The same person whose father was cautioned for assault and racist verbal abuse on me.(Roberts shook his head to suggest it wasnt true and Vosper aknowleged it as acceptable ) Roberts father was cautioned by Sgt Anthony as he had allegedly had a small stroke and wouldnt be prosecuted if I didnt agree to a caution.

This AM was named to me by Sgt Bolton and he told me that I would never have been arrested and WRONGFULLY CHARGED had pressure not been put on by Plaid Cymru.
Plaid Cymru's means of avoiding the truth is to keep very quiet about it hoping it will not get any bigger ! I AM WILLING TO HAVE A MEETING WITH PLAID CYMRU TO DISCUSS ALL THIS !!
Now in order to prove one way or the other if Plaid Cymrus Am was involved I now have to put in a complaint to IPCC about the SGT so it then has to be investigated and I can get hold of the paperwork where by the truth can be gained. I will then publish it on here.
If you check out Plaid Cymrus previous history you will find in the newspapers various comments about "non welsh speaking" incomers affecting welsh speaking areas.
So lets be honest about what this means...If you are not welsh then ??? So as nationalist as BNP for example then ?

It becomes clear how someone complaining about an outsider buying a farm in wales would get a local in financial difficulties who hates English people lots of help.

By getting this unfair leg up the popularity stakes by agencies who blindly supported welsh against an outsider it became a doddle to get christian dogooders with nothing better to do and a formal name of FCN to then take over the support.
When you get as far as the court its easy for a judge to then look down at me as an outsider invading the life of a "hard working farmer".But its not right and you dont expect the law to give unfair advantage to someone who has caused illness with the amount of harm they have deliberately caused me. Its cruel and its added to my illness for no reason other than deliberate prejudice.

The truth is I was harrassed and racially abused and assaulted.Criminal damage was caused to the farm buildings. From the moment I arrived I was threatend and told If I handed over money I would be left alone. Calfs were left dead and dying and animals treated appallingly in an attempt to make me give in and hand over cash.
The police have admitted lack of professionism and I have even been assaulted by a policeman who tried to grab me through a door not because I have done anything wrong but simply because I got the better of them and wont stop exposing the truth
They all keep quiet but I have the paperwork which proves how many times the police have admitted they have made "mistakes".
Just writing the formal complaint about Judge Vospers part in this has made me very ill again because just writing it is re living it. Its like being back in a war zone with all the fear and anxiety of what I was put through but this time having been abused by a Judge who simply took FCNs word as well as others as gospel.
It shouldnt happen. There should be fairness and truth in court. Not a helping hand to bend the rules and make it easy for someone to mislead the court.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Oh look someone "officials" been looking at the Photos and poll

Our tracker shows all the MPs,Ams and law people that sneak on for a look so the RSPCA I was glad to see looking at the photos of dead and dying cattle. Having seen the RSPCAs biggest horse rescue and the fund raising to refill RSPCA coffers with the £850,000 it cost to bring this case to court and keep the horses in care.I just assume the RSPCA HQ in Horsham will be equally vigilant in protecting all animals.

Now the question is will they do anything or start to ask questions on how these animals were allowed to suffer ??? Is it that horses are a better fund raiser than cattle ? They suffer the same so why should there be a difference in care. Tim Wass at the RSPCA tells how he is proud to make a difference and Im glad. Our local inspectors are kind and thorough people but why should cattle get less welfare help than horses or dogs.

James Gray got sentenced today for the Spindles Farm Amersham horror of dead and dying horses. When will someone at the RSPCA be shocked at the sight of dead and dying cattle ?

Thank you who ever it was that drew thier attention to it. perhaps a few more people could contact them as well especially if they give large sums of money to the RSPCA to help animals and stop animal cruelty.

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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Expense claims by Welsh politicians/Dyfed powys police

Well where do I begin...

Am I alone in thinking that Adam price and his mates secret attempts to get fame and notoriety by getting advice on impeaching Tony Blair and then claiming the personal costs back is just not right ? They seem to have tried to quietly chance their arms in an attempt to further their own agendas. If it was a genuine political move then surely it should have been carried out and paid for by Plaid Cymru ? Surely the would be political assassins should be spending more time looking after the interests of constituents struggling to survive than focusing on self development.

Ive been to hell and back and Plaid Cymru has been no help at all.In fact I would go as far as saying they have been most unhelpful.For a party that claims to be totally against racism, I can hand on heart say that I feel they have let me down badly.
Labours Nia Griffiths has been brilliant and even Conservatives Nick Bournes office have written letters to get me the help I should be entitled to.

"Peter Hain, the newly-appointed Welsh Secretary, released a statement via United Against Fascism which read: "It's a shameful stain on Britain that we now have racists and fascists representing our country."

Actually Peter Hain ITS A SHAME THAT PEOPLE WOULD PREFER TO VOTE FOR RACISTS AND FACISTS BECAUSE THEY FEEL THEY WILL GET MORE HELP from them than those allegedly representing us already.

Now this is a personal opinion but I feel very much that the lines between BNP and Plaid Cymru are blurring. I find myself with no help with racial abuse issues from either party or even my wrongful arrest after political pressure was put on and prejudice was shown.

A lot of hard core Plaid supporters have defected because they are unhappy with the blatant campaigning towards vote catcher causes. Plaid might find that not going out on anti BNP marches waffling about racism and actually resolving issues for their constituents of ALL races may get them more votes than arrogantly predicting that no one is going to vote BNP so their seats with Plaid Cymru are safe.If ever a plan was destined to bite you on the ass this is one.

I personally loathe the BNP and especially Nick Griffin who is another person of great self interest but just because he has politicians fingers pointing at him as a scapegoat it doesn't mean he is the worst political wannabee with the least morals.
It just means he is running a party full of people who hate other people trying to catch the vote of people who feel no one else is listening to them.

Its a party of displaced angry voters who would happily abandon ship if only they had an honorable truthful party they could trust.
Its certainly the only party outsiders have been invited to so rather than stay at home alone they are mixing with people they wouldn't normally open the door to.
I include some people standing for the BNP in that !
I can see the benefit of in dependants because an independent wont have a column of spin doctors to hide behind.

Its not just Adam Price caught by the expense storm but also Helen Mary Jones who apparently feels the need to be troughing through £2020.90 worth of free meals for a year.
I wonder how many hot meals that would provide for people on low incomes and pensioners who are possibly surviving on sandwiches. In the area that Helen Mary Jones is supposed to be looking after there is a supermarket that donates all the old bread and vegetables that goes into dustbins for the animals here. Several times it has been taken by a very old pensioner before I got to collect it so he can eat.The other thing with Helen Mary Jones is the causes she picks up. Why if Plaid Cymru is a party for all people living in Wales was Jones in the newspapers animated suggesting that outsiders not be allowed to move into Porthrydd on a proposed new housing site ????? Why should people have to be welsh speakers to buy a house near Carmarthen ?????
If you feel its wrong to take a nationalistic view and to alienate people just lawfully wanting to buy a house, how are you going to argue the point when you get told that Jones is from Birmingham and IS an outsider. How convenient is that ! An outsider AND called Jones. A decoy duck if ever I saw one and someone so keen to fit in too ! Plaid Cymru should be supporting people because they LIVE here not just because they were BORN here !
Try buying bread and taking sandwiches to work like your constituents do Jones.
In fact if you go to most railway stations you will see kids begging outside. I take a young Irish boy to get food when Im in Swansea and he is hunched up tired and hungry outside. He lives in the derelict buildings behind Swansea station !
Would you just feed a kid like him with your free sandwhiches or would you ask him where he was from first ? Only he is from Ireland.
Are you all still claiming the full twelve grand for housing each year because Cardiff is so far away ? I know people who commute to London and Bristol most days because they have no option ! £12,000 would pay B and B for kids in winter !!!
Its the best thing in the world that the newspapers have published all these expenses because it has shown that people of all parties have been abusing the system as well as showing absolute disrespect for voters who trusted them enough to vote for them.

Its a time for change.

Its not all about politicians as I'm sure people will remember the £70,000 pension Terry Grange from Dyfed Powys Police fled back to Bristol with when he had been caught bang to rights fiddling and playing away.
Why do we not have a system where by all officials have to have figures published ? They can hardly complain after the MP fiasco.
Every police officer above Sgt has a bonus related pay scheme based on levels of crime. When you know that it becomes clear why a lot of crime never gets recorded because it tips them over their limit and criminals go free.

I own 3 domain names

This week we will set up email addresses to them so that people who feel they have been sold out or who have been blatantly ignored when they have genuine problems can email this blog and have their stories told without being blocked or ignored. This is just for genuine every day people who have gone without help because those entrusted are more interested in feathering their own nests than doing what they take cash to do

Mad Mad world

I was born feral, destined to listen and converse with my beautiful alternative family that came out of the mist and down the path underneath my bedroom window. My foxes sang songs, hundreds of years old and with one yelp expressed a conversation that was pure and held no human deception. They were exactly as their language and movements suggested and when they moved off across into ripened barley and disappeared tree by tree, lit up with sparks from the train tracks, I ached to follow them.

I witnessed in horror as people on horseback with hounds pursued them in the bitterness of winter.With furry mittens,hat and a pure wool coat I wondered why the hounds and horses betrayed their closest links to their own lost freedom. I wanted to shed all signs of being related to humans and run with rainbow hair trailing behind with war paint on my face to find my foxes and bop hounds and humans on the nose. Its all so black and white when you are 4 yrs old but the reality was that I was dragged off protesting loudly whilst surrounded by pro hunters and wearing what turned out to be a white rabbit fur hat.
I consequently spent enough time alone for the next few years that till this day I know all the words to Waterloo sunset from listening to the hand built radio in the huge kitchen.
From then it was all down hill as my beloved family of foxes were decimated and I was stuck with the humans and all their rules which made no sense and their language that spoke words that could never be relied upon. I was told to be nice to everyone but that meant of course everyone that others didn't want to hunt eat or wear on ones head.
At that early age I wanted to live up the field in a yurt with my GSD and several foxes and only come home for meals erstwhile fighting wrongs the rest of the time. I didn't know what I was but I knew that this was something that was discouraged by those in charge.

I survived my early traumas and graduated to disturbing shooting parties with my beloved pony and a dog. I could go further afield in a quest to find jungle life and escape the tyranny and blatant deception and violence of humans.
Violence being one of the deciding factors in my choice of siding with foxes. One day my dog was gone and then when I escaped tyranny for relative freedom my pony disappeared and I understood the brutality that some humans visit on others in an effort to control and bring them down to submission. Why break children ?

Sadly the damage is there like a festering bite that holds you to the back of the pack. The truth is that most people have these wounds inflicted on them and most cower into half the life they should have had. Some people learn to use it as an opportunity to fly. They laugh in the face of adversity, they thrive because so much of their imprinting was negative but if that's what you know best then there is security in that place and you return to it.

At 48 years old I'm still flying across fields with my much loved foxes only a few more animals have joined the chaos and pet jersey cows join in conversations with body language,gestures and bellowing alongside horses who turned out to be the ones I bonded with most. I'm still fighting wrongs and I can still spot cheats and liars as keenly now as ever before. I will still wear war paint and have my rainbow hair trailing because to me it represents honesty and truth that I knew was right before adults tried to convince me otherwise. I work with animals because I understand them in all their mannerisms and gestures. I understand their values and their loyalties.
Its a world I prefer to stay in because the humans that represent us all at the moment are viperous and shallow.

"Mad World"

" All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for their daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere
And their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression, no expression
Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow
And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you
'Cos I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It's a very, very
Mad World
Children waiting for the day they feel good
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
Made to feel the way that every child should
Sit and listen, sit and listen
Went to school and I was very nervous
No one knew me, no one knew me
Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson
Look right through me, look right through me"

I'm spending the day just catching up on stuff I'm meant to be doing and listening to a trance version of mad mad world took me back to a place of freedom. I know who I am now and what I want to be. I'm not sure it includes being friendly to humans.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ive decided to sell my domain name

Item name:
Item Id: 260409912975
Starting price: £10,000.00
End time: 23-May-09 16:30:16 BST

One lady Owner

I have a few more like plaid cymru, BNP , Royal courts of justice so if its not listed and you want it just ask and I will see if its in my collection.

I shall miss the dyfed powys police one of course but we have to move on. No more being assaulted by them and I have to ignore the police volvo that follows us. I think now they have finally nicked someone with the Cooper surname for two murders (according to the marvelous Andy Edwards desperate for something to go right before he leaves his job). They may be moving onto letter "D" so beware anyone whose surname starts with DA

Friday, 24 April 2009

Adam Price, Helen Mary Jones, Plaid Cymru, BNP

Did I shed a tear for your tv appearences ? No
If anyone is to blame for BNP gaining a foothold then its you two.
Merion Bowen is a family man and I have time for him and his children who like to come and visit the animals at the sanctuary. He was the one who used to tell me to give plaid Cymru another chance to help sort out my nightmare situation caused partly by an AM taking sides.

But now he has gone over to BNP.

Why ? Because Plaid Cymru are more interested in helping themselves than the many genuine households that are asking Plaid Cymru to act on thier behalf desperate for someone to do something.Instead of holding a few banners up in front of cameras try holding a few more clinics and actually doing something .
people that are traditional middle of the road voters are defecting to a new and dangerous party. Its breeding hatred amongst communities.
I actually would get more help asking the BNP to intervene because Im white.
I wont because I believe so strongly that racism is wrong having been a victim of it.Although it might help my problems it ultimately shows support for something I cannot support.I was racially abused by a Welsh Nationalist. There Ive said it. Will you investigate or will I get the usual pass the buck letters from you ? Deny that and the letters go on here.

Shame on you Helen Mary Jones AND Adam Price for not listening to the people that vote for you or in my case someone who didnt

Friday, 17 April 2009

Allah Made me funny !

I watched these guys this morning on GMTV and I laughed until I realised I was crying.
Not because they were not funny but because they were and they opened up a tiny window in my soul that allowed real emotion to escape. The stuff that is so dangerous to my survival that it is never given freedom to surpass my strength and determination.
"Allah made me funny" joke about going into an airport and being spotted by security who descend upon them because of the Muhammad and Islam connection.They laugh at the Irony of racism amd being of any particular race or religion.The point being at the end of they day they are just people like everyone else regardless of anything.
I'm not Muslim and I'm not coloured so why would that reduce me to tears ?

Because I was racially abused and no one helped me. Dyfed Powys police failed me as did The Judiciary,Plaid Cymru...the list goes on.

When still in England I worked in High Wycombe in an office where often I was the only potential outsider but the reality is that I wasn't an outsider.
Mustaq Ahmed,Asif Khaliq,two Amers,Robina,Sara,Saleem Iqbal,Khalid,Aqil Akram,Gold if I don't name you please don't think I don't think of you as a friend because you are and I am.
When I went home at night I found it difficult to cross back over into "my life" which was partly my fault because I should have opted for a credible alternative. Because we were involved in double glazing often the abuse was aimed at our chosen career instead of race but we laughed at it all, there being comrardery and safety in numbers. My lucky numbers still are today 786 which was our confirmation code for the office.I loved everyone of these people I spent so much time with because there was trust,honesty and a loyalty that Ive never found since.I could ask anything about them and they me. It was a wonderful place to be and I miss everyone of them still.

I moved to Wales as a positive move full of good intentions hating no one. What happened then is very well documented but still the emotion in me is overwhelming because as is common in race and hate its a silent crime. First you are shocked and then you feel guilty because it must be your fault for doing something to attract it.
Then you become as quiet and as small as possible holding your breath like a small child in a dark cupboard hoping a grown up will save you. we are all taught to respect authority and those higher up. Thats what keeps us victims because we wait for that essence of goodness to save us but it never comes.You wait for the "good bus" to come along because after all if you are a good person you have bought your ticket but then you realise that its not coming because the race bus overtook it and left you behind and you are unwelcome. Then you start to crumble because every value you hold is crushed not because you are in any way lacking because it makes no difference in that respect.Its because someone doesnt like you. They can commit crime and no one cares, they can even start to get support if they know the right people. Eventually they can rob you blind.
There are no scars to put on public display although there are plenty inside that take on thier own entity and pull you back down with self doubt and the agony of knowing you are totally alone along way from home.

One day you feel angry and you have the strength to get up but it takes a very long time and never will your life be the same. A racist has taken your life and you have become an inconvenience to those that should have protected you.
What life is left I really dont know because I havent got there yet but what I do know is that those that let it happen will be marked with the truth of my words forever. That is my commitment I give to anybody else who can identify with the horror that is race and hate crime.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Floradozer the American Bull dog

Dear Flora,

Your little face puckered in anticipation at what may happen ,the rest of your wrinkled puppy body hid behind your brother. He being equally worried by the large bark persisting in a threatening "whose there" manner from behind the tightly closed pine door had no one to hide behind so he trembled.
This was your first introduction to me and me to you. You precariously straddled the back of the sofa trying to be brave and making sure you were the last puppy facing the Dane but the first puppy next to the door through which you had just been thrust and left, just in case you needed to hit the road alone.

You and your bigger brother were the typical purchase we as a sanctuary would expect. A young couple with a small child and a new house. A couple of pups bought so you could grow up with the kiddies and the husband wouldnt mind walking you both with your huge chunky collars studded untill there was just room for your head to poke out like a fist in a sleeve.

Education is the cheapest thing when set against the cost of a big mistake.
You knew as much as your new owners did about raising pups and children together. Your owners knew even less about puppy farmers in wales because, despite all that sanctuaries do to educate people that puppy farmers equal vermin, they were still impressed by the swish gates and expensive bungalow at the end of the long tarmac drive that led to you locked in your concrete nursery near Cardiff.
And you Flora of the universe, with your little happy expectant face actually landed on your paws that day. Despite your new family not yet being your for ever family you found the right road to them.
Your brothers fate depended on your being so appealing and when the breeder suggested a large figure for you ( as of course you could be bred from,producing more puppies that would suffer terrible pain like you did ) He also said the family could have the dog pup for free as you were both the last of an older litter and people wanted tiny pups just weaned.
Your fates were sealed and you set off with no expectations as you had just been parted from your many relatives left behind in the builders yard come puppy farm not even important enough to be one or tother.

You were not to know that childrens outstretched sticky fingers offered through bars were not to be licked in appreciation,or that a young mum wouldnt understand your need to have a wee and far worse close to the door that opened inwards.You and your brother were just babies and here you were abandoned on the back of my sofa late at night by a couple who sadly saw their mistakes too late. There you were not knowing where the room you had taken time to settle into after losing your siblings had suddenly gone. Far worse was a huge black dog howling at you.

You were too little and frightened the pair of you to stay here where little paws could get trodden on by large horses and so I found you the best place to be which was Lizzies barn sanctuary for little people just like you.
Time passed and you settled happily with your brother growing into lovely pups,happy and confident ready to reach out into your future.

Sarah fell in love with you whilst helping at Lizzies barn and you with her, The little heart on your side seemed to grow as you became bonded body and soul with your new family. You loved your walks and fun with the children and you knew your place as head dog.

One day you didnt want to get up and then one day turned to many, your hips gave you a lot of pain from where you were poorly bred, no health checks for your parents nor for you in puppy farming land. Just a quick turnover of cash was your heritage rather than the pride of informed choice breeding.

At two years old you would have reached the end of your life just as you had found the right place for you to be.

There was no question though that you really were home and that your family would take care of you so a few days ago you went off waggy tailed to a rather good surgeon who did an excellent job of your bad hips. You little dog became a very important girl as people all over the UK wished you well and willed you to get better.
So you did Flora, already you are back to being the good girl ,the happy girl,the wonderful pet that you were destined to be. Safe with the family that adores you.
You Flora have an important message to give out which will help free countless pups from misery and pain. As you get better and better you need to bark louder than you have ever barked before. Welsh puppy farms are shameful. "DONT BUY FROM PUPPY FARMS".

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Christopher John Vosper "judge" please be aware

" M2 PRESSWIRE-5 December 2005-UK Government: Circuit Bench appointment - Christopher John Vosper QC(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD


HM The Queen has appointed Christopher John Vosper QC to be a Circuit Judge. Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs and Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer will assign him to the Wales & Chester Circuit with effect from Monday 16 January 2006. "

As all readers of this blog will know I have striven towards displaying for the world to see misjustice and prejudice on these very pages. I have never put anything that is untrue and what I state is easily provable.

It has been wonderful watching MPS,Judiciary and chief constables alike squirming with shame (TERRY GRANGE MEET CHRISTOPHER VOSPER YOU HAVE LOTS IN COMMON ) as the truth has been displayed on the Trallwm Farm Blog. The book of course will be even more damning for those that failed to do the job they are paid to do. The Pirates of Trallwm Farm book isnt far off !!!

Now Its Judge Christopher John Vosper's turn to explain his behaviour.

I have spent time gathering evidence to show what a prejudiced little coven exists and how no matter what I showed in court no one was listening anyway.
Quite why the building is known as the Swansea justice centre is beyond me. You Vosper are a judge and I should be able to expect fairness and no prejudice when you are dealing with a case. I dont feel in my case this happened. The original surveyer was struck off but still her novel of a report was what the whole case was built upon.The surveyer had already taken her untruths to Defra hearings to help her friend get subsidies he had been refused. I was convenient to blame being English and new on the block and no one questioned thier claims so neither did you. But there was a big pile of her rantings introduced as accurate evidence against me.

The "Expert charactor witnesses " had never met me nor visited Trallwm farm so they were misled but still blundered on with no true knowledge to inpart to the proceedings. you thought they made excellent witnesses although of course they never saw all the terrible things he did here.

I have in front of me the forms from Petty France London complaining about your behaviour and Ive got the appeal forms on there way from the royal courts of justice !(Update THEY ARE HERE ! ) What wonderful people the staff are there from the appeals section right through to the free advice and the libaries.

So Vosper what are you going to do ? Are you going to take this opportunity to revisit and introduce yourself to the truth ?
You can go to the ministry of Justice but...DOH ! Ive been there first.

Im aware how to put in a formal complaint about your behaviour and also your verdict. You will see just off to the left a poll so anybody and everybody can voice thier opinion on Vospers thoughts that.

"I had cynical views on this mans farming methods "

You can start digging through what you said and did in court but...DOH ! Ive been there too. So heres a clue.. You can look up Upton Walker and Shona walker and see quite clearly that she was struck off as a surveyer a few years back yet you accepted her evidence ! You allowed witnesses who made it up as they went under the veil of a Christian Organisation called Crisis farming network who never met the cattle here and of course the insurance sellers welsh farmers union expert.
These people may be qualified to judge victoria sandwich cakes at WI meetings but thats it.

Dont be shy lets get all this out into the open.

You are being allowed to judge child porn cases Christopher Vosper qc yet 98% of people on our poll disagree with your moral judgement on animal neglect/satisfactory farming methods which is alarming enough ! How different is your view on child pornographers to other peoples I wonder ?

Heres your latest judgement on an EX DYFED POWYS SPECIAL POLICE OFFICER charged with assault and child pornography.
Well he is out on bail !!!!!

I wonder how you get your cases allocated ?

Ive given you a head start but no doubt you will smugly think that you can silence me ! THINK AGAIN ! Justice is out there, Ive not seen any yet but I will
There is NOTHING you can ever do to stop me getting the truth before higher judges and to people who can see for themselves. You may have noticed that I write books and now Judge Vosper,you and Terry Grange will be immortalised together forever alongside Lady Cooper who you failed to deliver fair and honest justice to.

UPDATE 16/4.
Ive just spoken to Julie Richards at the Appeals electorate,Welsh National assembly.
She tells me that they dont check that information given is true. If someone says they are ill then they can ask for a doctors certificate but other than that anyone can say anything, They had no idea that Shona Walker the main spokesperson had been struck off. That left Gillian Gibson and the insurance bloke from Welsh NFU PETER DAVIES simply repeating what they had been told and adding a bit without ever checking facts.I now have the insurance details for FARMERS UNION OF WALES They had no knowledge of anything themselves as they had never been here nor seen me or the cattle.Nor did they have procedures in place to check the facts.
Neither will come forward and admit what they have done even though in Gillian Gibsons (Crisis in farming) case I have written evidence which contradicts her.

I have been told to write in with relevant questions to Defra and they will reply accordingly.They were horrified that all the paperwork for the many failed attempts to get subsidies were used in court as evidence of support from them against me.

This Blog has been a godsend because people can now see the evidence,Before no one would talk to me because of data protection and they didnt want to get involved.Its taken me this long to get this far. And of course Ive had to sell everything to give the person you helped.
Now lets reveal Adas who advertise themselves as "Expert witnesses"

Aled Roberts Duel Expert witness !!! Really ? If phoning please mention you saw them on here

How come they missed two mains water supplies bang smack in the fields then ? Id already tried to speak to them and they said they wouldnt discuss it with me.

I will do a letter to them asking if thier surveyer has a sight problem and then I will put the maps etc on here so people can see for themselves how two major points of evidence in my favour were simply left out.
I have paid ten thousand pounds for not supplying water to a field I dont own when THERES ALREADY WATER THERE supplied by the original landlord but Vosper was misled yet again.

Ive now spoken to MARK TALBOT who organises thier "expert witnesses" who has asked me to write in so they can inform thier insurers. Thats all very well but these lies need to be exposed in a proper honest court to show none of this should have happened in the first place

ADAS consultants of wolverhampton advertise themselves as
… delivering solutions that make the future a better place
ADAS is the UK’s largest independent provider of environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice."

I will put his letter to me on here later so you can avoid the risk

As a taster here is the 1st evidence that clearly shows on the surveyers report mains water supplied to the field.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Pontyberem Guide £400,000.mht

All the stuff I put on here is easily provable and historic .

Update to say Vosper seems to be doing what Terry Grange and Dyfed Powys police did which was to say nothing and hope it goes away.Dyfed Powys failed to stop the same person inflicting race and hate crime on me. I also have statements about the criminal damage caused by his tractor. His father was cautioned for assault and spitting in my face.

If Judge Vosper wants to see all the evidence that I have showing quite clearly in black and white then he only has to make an appointment and I shall attend Swansea court. I shall bring upon him the court system that he so innapropriately brought down on me if I have to. Be a man Vosper and accept you made mistakes.

08712300873 you can get a court official to make an appointment anytime

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Getting off Terry Grange Ex Dyfed Powys police for a moment...

not that anyone admits getting on and you just wouldn't would you.......

My attention veers towards The home secretary Jacqui Smith whose husband, like husbands all over the UK do, embarrassed her in public. I wouldn't like to be in his shoes nor hers at the moment. He has been shown up as an adult movie watching husband who maybe needs a bit more fresh air and exercise whilst possibly wearing mittens at night. She however has been followed by cameras everywhere and vilified for a expense claim for her Labour government post, when it was a private expense involving her husbands "habits".

I wonder how many ministers expense claims were set fire to last week in Rayburn's and garden braziers to avoid similar finger poking and snigger's. Its a good thing that expense claims are available for public viewing as the ministers should be transparent but a terrible indictment on English morals that the expanse claims themselves are being sold for £300,000 a pop. The point is missed that no one has been scrutinising expense claims for such "items" and clearly its a possible loop hole for abuse to occur in many ways.
I am personally more interested in what the films were but maybe that says more about me than him but I do feel sorry for the wife as she has to live with him and the shame he has brought upon her.Although the claim was her responsibility.
The press were interested in keeping the story going to sell more newspapers as equally those in politics were more interested in deflecting mud from themselves unless of course they were batting on the home secretaries team and then they did what all those who have the most to lose do. THEY KEPT SCH TUM and waited for the storm to leave.

This is a time honoured tradition practiced by all those in towers of power not wishing to lose money or position and as sadly interest wains in those that say nothing the press move on to finger pointing and snickering at some one elses misfortunes.
Today there seems to be yet another story breaking although different from Jacqui Smith of Redditch constituency, this one does involve arguement and critisism of expense claims involving the public purse, Geoff Hoon the transport minister is alleged to be benefiting from a considerable amount of money that would be better spent on those that voted Labour in and so it goes on ....

How sad that the home secretary's husband unfortunate and mucky private habits made more head lines than the breaking story about how many paedophiles and other criminals get off with a caution !

The actual crimes involve child sex, conspiracy to murder, drug dealers, possession of firearms, GBH and kidnap !

These figures are available on a FOI which is the freedom of information act that means eventually people can find out the truth when its not been available by asking at front desks.

Its very simple really how it goes unoticed because those who did the deals keep SCH TUM ! We need to be asking not only the figures but who is responsible for the action of cautioning because its done by those not wishing to lose money nor position !
It comes back to life changing crimes not being recorded in a serious manner so it doesn't affect the image of how wonderful a police force come accross in the newspapers and when it comes to bonus and pension time.

I was recently assaulted by a policeman and I have witnesses to prove that. I wanted him charged but if pressure is put on to suggest that the victim will be charged with a fictional misdemeanor complete with bail conditions which gag and disrupt every day life and not the perpetrator charged with an actual crime, but it being dealt with quietly on a local basis then how can justice be done ?

It cant be but the police figures look great !

I think police bonus schemes should be scrapped and police officers of all ranks should have to sign a contract on a two yearly basis which means it would no longer be a performance related job where it becomes easy to massage the figures but more a serious commitment to upholding the law and actuating justice. It would save the country a fortune in pensions being frittered on those who have done wrong and STILL get to grab the cash.
If you don't do the job honestly and correctly and that includes a bit of good old fashioned thief taking which is sadly missing you don't keep the job nor the money !

And here I am back on to Terry Grange ex chief constable and his views on sexual predators which are also widely available on the Internet as well as the terrible figures on cautions which should be looked at and audited with utter shame but wont be because the next minister who has an embarrassing event happen in thier very private lives will be far more important than the honesty and integrity of our law enforcers.
People today in the UK feel powerless but they shouldnt. Everyone that stands up and upholds honesty and decency stands as proxy for an officer who betrayed our trust.
Like forests of trees used for toilet roll. Eventually there will be more trees growing straight and true than asses looking for a comfortable life.
Another day another justice.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Golden handshakes for bosses,police with records and assault....

My letter to Terry Grange regarding race and hate crime ignored by him as the then Chief Constable of Dyfed Powys police.I was helped to write it by Taha Idris of racial equality swansea. I am still to this day waiting for a response from the police or anyone asking me if they can protect me or help in any way. These are the people policing Carmarthenshire as we speak.Is it any wonder there is a record number of murders in Llanelli this year with this sort of inadaquate policing.I will put all the other stuff on later.
Given the sudden spate of racial attacks going on in Ireland against Romanians reported in the BBC tv and radio news,Sky news "Romanians Flee Homes After Racist Attacks" and the various commnents Ive seen in papers about getting the English out of Wales racism cannot be ignored for much longer in Wales by the dyfed powys police or any other police force who may be looking to doctor the true figures.
This is what Terry Grange actually said in court
"She explained to Mr Grange the protest was not political but a complaint, claiming she was ignored by the force.
She said: "When you walked away from the force in November after relations with Lorraine Thomas and Samantha Gaynor, you left people like me who needed help.
"You never replied to my complaints," she added.

Mr Grange explained he could not reply to every letter he was sent !!!!

In the witness box Mr Grange said: “I know vaguely of [Lady] Cooper but have never had any personal dealings with her. “I think she has been involved with a group of people who are regular e-mailers to Dyfed-Powys Police. “They had a variety of names they called themselves, because other access to the force was cut off. They just changed their name.

“I think they had all been defrauded by somebody or other.

The letter is above ! And Yes Terry Grange you cut my access to safety off by ignoring 999 calls ! AND failing to respond to requests for help regarding race and hate crime.

The Police authority is equally to blame because they do everything they can to avoid investigation into this matter to keep their snouts in the public trough

Updates on the situation (ARTICLE IS FURTHER DOWN) Im happy to give anyone mentioned on here a write to reply...really just jump in when you want....If you are correct then surely you will want people to know......

I am going to put on this blog and every where else I can the letter I sent to Terry Grange regarding racism and the receipt from his PA. I will no longer be bullied by the police. I have offered the evidence but they will not talk because they are desperately trying to find away out without admitting liability. One of the reasons I am now going to have to make public letters and things that anyone can check for themselves the validity of is because.....

Ive just been told that I will be placed on a persistant caller list if I keep asking to speak to Chief Constable Ian Arundale.
I wonder if we are any better off with him as Terry Grange was never in his office either. We actually parked in Granges car space during a meeting with the police authority and they STILL claimed he was there.
The irony of it is that my emails are blocked anyway, 999 calls are ignored and have been for a very long time and phone calls wont be taken.
All Im asking is why were the 999 failures when I was being attacked, not mentioned on the recorded police complaint and why will they not discuss the failure to record race and hate crime. Ian Arundale could have phoned and told me but he clearly doesnt want his bonuses affected. Ministry of Justice Jack Straw,
Having been invited to email stuff in I await some response from them 13.15pm
Inspector Bizby and another officer came out on Thursday and asked questions. He gave me the option of the assault being dealt with locally or criminally. Ive gone for the criminal option as all this harrassment has to stop. Someone has to be honest enough to admit the police were wrong and that no one has ever looked at the evidence just been persuaded by a few politicions who never looked at what their names were being put to.

From: Morris, Paul (AM Support Staff, Conservative)
Subject: Dyfed Powys Police
Date: Monday, 16 March, 2009, 9:13 AM

Dear Lady Cooper

Thank you for your emails addressed to Nick Bourne AM regarding Dyfed Powys Police.

Nick will write today to the Chief Constable on your behalf and will contact you again as soon as we receive a reply.

Paul Morris
Office of the Leader of the Opposition
National Assembly for Wales
02920 898311

Thank you for your kindness.

I have every bit of evidence to prove what I am saying if people would only look at it.

The police are avoiding the fact that 999 calls are being ignored by them when I have called.Emails are blocked still and my phone calls dont get beyond the call centre.

Lady L Cooper

Update at 12pm,
After checking that all phone calls are recorded in the DPP call centre I asked for Ian Arundale only to be told that despite having leave all last week he wasnt available today. I pointed out that I am giving Dyfed Powys a chance to correct their mistakes and Im quite happy to show them all the paperwork to prove what Im saying. So far we have a police force that wrongfully arrested me, Allowed someone to commit criminal damage and race hate crimes with no come backs.Allowed him then to use a friend to organise a report that was then given to Defra. Aided and abetted by Gillian Gibson who displays herself as a expert witness. Defra assumed they were dealing with honest people who were represented by expert witnesses. The Friend was struck off so not allowed to act as a surveyer but thats ok because Defra then became evidence and so although there is no evidence, no expert witness and the surveyers struck off, Judge Christopher Vosper of Swansea "justice" centre declared that I had a cynical view on this mans farming activities ! Scroll down for the photos of his animals.
At all times Dyfed Powys have ignored 999 calls ,failed to record hate and race crime and done their best to deflect any mess from their back yard.

Chief constable IAN ARUNDALE of Dyfed Powys police has to either phone me this morning to explain why he doesnt get my emails or phone calls. There is the little matter of 999 calls not being responded to.Ive put either because he may choose to put a paperbag over his head and hope I will go away. If he takes this direction and control course then ALL the evidence I have will be slapped on here or any other media it will stick to. After 8 years of abuse it now stops and I get justice. That goes for Judge Christopher Vosper who will get a complaint on the ministry of justice desk this week. All they need to do is look at the evidence properly.

Please note this forum has been read five times by members of the house of commons and by a journalist at the Mirror news paper in the last half an hour. Please do the jobs you get paid for because Im not going away untill this is resolved.
2 more hits from the house of commons and NICK BOURNE Conservatives have confirmed receipt and will respond by email. Nick Bournes PA is speaking to him now to see what he intends doing 3pm friday

Plaid Cymru
pricea @parliament does not like recipient tut tut Plaid Cymru. At least Dyfed Powys hide the fact emails are blocked.
I phoned and was asked to send to another address and someone from the same ip address opened it at 9.51am. No response so far.
Helen Mary Jones NO RESPONSE yet again
STILL NO RESPONSE but I didnt expect any. Plaid Cymru are not there to help outsiders. Fri 3pm

Chief constable Ian Arundale is apparently on leave, Carol Price was on leave till monday but is suddenly coming back in now and allegedly will respond to my email.
According to the witnessed phone call Ive just had there is no one in the office able to accept emails for the CC nor his PA nor the DCC. So if 999 calls are ignored and also emails is it acceptable to send pidgeons with notes on their legs. Im giving DYFED POWYS POLICE the opportunity to resolve this for everyone.
CAROL PRICE has not bothered and Dyfed Powys police are refusing to respond or acknowledge the problem through any medium.Phone or email so THEY ARE STILL BLOCKING EMAILS.
FRIDAY 3pm Carol Price I have just spoken to after asking if my call to the call centre was being recorded. I pointed out that as my calls and emails were being blocked I would be recording it with the IPCC. Carol Price DID take my call and said she can remember signing for the letter regarding Dyfed Powys refusal to record race and hate crime from me. I shall post the letter I sent to Terry Grange on here later. However my emails are STILL blocked by Dyfed Powys police unlike TERRY GRANGES MISTRESS as no one knows what I sent them yesterday it proves it. Professional standards are apparently throwing a letter together about last Fridays assault on me by a serving officer.I shall update you all on what they intend doing but the likelyhood is they have been conspiring with CPS to get me on something to justify me being attacked by a policeman.
As Dyfed Powys police wont have seen all this due to emails being blocked perhaps someone ought to post it to them !
NIA GRIFFITHS has made an appointment to see me THANK YOU !!!!!!!! And bless her she was the first to read this blog and she saw me that day and is writing to Dyfed Powys police.

Article Lady Lesley Cooper


A trilogy of life changing stuff has rocketed round the inside of my head for a week or so now and Ive thought that I must record it all on the Trallwm Farm blog.
Life is a struggle for many and I know a lot of people including me are waiting for the refund of our bank charges. Sadly I cant see this happening because a huge chunk of money has been dished out as a golden pension to, as far as I can see an undeserving ,unqualified for the job wide boy who has bagged millions and gone like a long dog.
I wonder how he got his job ? Is he a freemason or does he just work the mates system in an upmarket matesrates game. Im sure there are more people like him in the banking world and I know there are some in DYFED POWYS POLICE WORLD.

Having simply asked for the treatment that DDP claim is the every day friendly honest service given to all and finding a solid barrier of institutional racism I was confused as to why this would happen to me and the many others all wandering round in the darkness of legaldom. How could I dial 999 and be ignored, be physically assaulted ,verbally and racially abused,criminal damage rained down upon the farm and terrible animal cruelty inflicted and yet never once were certain things recorded by the police or action taken on others.

A letter that was signed for by Terry Granges PA asking for help about racism was simply ignored by the then Chief constable of Dyed powys police Now ignoring is a DPP tactic still being used today hence my updates so you can see who is in office to help victims and who is in it for themselves. Whilst ignoring race and hate crime against me they sent armed response police in to get me out of terry Granges house when I was desperate to tell the world the reality of this unfair police system.
Now as we all know Dyfed Powys police and the CPS were desperate to get me into court to silence me by convicting me of something, anything.

They failed because I have done nothing wrong ( Proven in court ). Terry Grange by now the ex chief constable of Dyfed powys police and ex of the Llangunnor ivory tower HQ when being questioned by my acting but unqualified barrister for my day in court ( ME ) smugly said that he couldnt be expected to read or deal with letters so he had passed it unread to his deputy ANDY EDWARDS to deal with. Ive never had a response to that letter so they failed to acknowledge or record race and hate crime at every point it was presented to them. Andy Edwards went as far as responding to a letter from a lovely gentleman from the local conservatives and told him he had investigated and could see no wrong doing. So now they clear themselves saving anyone else getting involved.
Given that Terry Grange is now officially found as someone who was caught sleeping with other women,misusing the police email system to authorise his lovers emails to come directly to him and misusing the force credit card to entertain women and then tried to cover it up shows to me a deceptive person quite capable of the very things he is meant to protect us from. His email headings are in the public domain and he presumably found the Carmarthenshire bull living at the hospice that had TB and was taken by Defra an amusing event to share with his lover when discussing legal force matters.
This is the IPCC findings on Terry Grange

Terry Grange also featured heavily in complaints that a paedophile judge escaped prosecution because of a link with him. The claims were made by an ex wife who had links with child welfare and no matter how I rip the argument apart I cannot see any reason why someone would ruin thier own career just to spite an ex. I think she really believed in the complaint against the welsh high court judge because she fought hard the whole way despite a lot of hard core opposition.Ive experienced what the hierarchy inflict on people to stop them being heard.
There is a wonderful article in Southwales evening post about cops in crime shame 35 officers have criminal records. DYFED POWYS POLICE DID NOT RESPOND TO THE FOI REQUEST. They think they are above the law as far as I can tell How many DYFED POWYS POLICE HAVE CRIMINAL RECORDS ???????. Some have even been arrested for sex and violence crimes !
I find it astounding that when a few of us who all have legitimate claims against Dyfed powys police booked an appointment with the then head of the police authority our complaints were allowed to dissapear as fast as the £70,000 police pension Terry Grange went off with like a Pitbull with a rabbit.
We went in November and had to badger for a response in March the following year.
All claims would not be investigated because Terry Grange is no longer a serving officer. Well to be fair if you had it away on your toes with £70,000 you wouldnt want to work either !
Im constantly asked why a whole police force would be set against me and why crimes against me would not be recorded. The answer isnt some mystifying long equation but more rather an understandable greed impulse.
Dyfed Powys police force just like councils and banks have a bonus system. Keep everything sweet and you get a bung.

By asking for help with a whole series of crimes I messed up thier holiday money. By complaining about the behaviour of certain officers I stopped promotion and productivity dosh. Terry had his money but others stand to lose out. The sad part is that there are good honest coppers out there who could lose out financially if my complaints were upheld but most of the ones Ive had dealings with have friends in very high places,want more money,are very racist against the English and often belong to the free masons. Yes I know they say they dont but even thats simple to wriggle round. You dont pay your subs for that year ,you pay it a year behind or in front and then for that year you are not and never have been a freemason. Easy when you know how.

Now for any doubters consider this next bit because you can be actively involved.
On Friday 8th March 2009 I was assaulted by a man who was outside my property demanding my phone number when there was no reason at all why I needed to give it.
I dialled 999 after this person opened my gate and tried to reach me before I got inside the house.He then tried to grab me back out through the door in front of two witnesses. A neighbour had already asked him to move his car because he was blocking traffic. I made three 999 calls all of which were ignored. Even the one where they can hear me shouting for help when I was attacked.
Eventually a nice inspector came out when I started asking about the 999 calls being ignored and he was kind and helpful but its now wednesday the following week and I have still not made a statement nor been helped any further with what is yet another blatant attack against me.
My attacker is a serving police officer who wasn't even suspended. Please feel free to phone Dyfed Powys police and ask about the whole situation if you have any doubts about anything written on this blog. Im open to any questioning or interview in order to sort out what has been an eight year ordeal for me but sadly Dyfed Powys police are still more interested in their pensions than any form of justice.

Over two years ago I had to make them stop someone from accessing the police data system and using it to give out info on a housing estate just like this article in the newspapers at the moment !

"The force ( Dyfed Powys police force ) also had six cases where personal details were inappropriately accessed by staff on police computer systems over a three-year period.
This led to one employee being dismissed " Hold on ....I reported one and HE wasnt sacked !

Over a year ago I asked them to stop a similar thing happening and I can prove this but still nothing is done.I have the emails to Dyfed Powys and from. This included Sam Gainard and professional standards.

This attack on me is just one in a long line of intimidation tactics over 8 years which are all documented. No one in Dyfed Powys police has the balls to admit they made a mistake 8 years ago and to sort it out because they would then have to suffer abuse from DYFED POWYS bosses when the gravy boat ends. I would happily sign a gagging disclaimer not to speak to the press if it meant 8 missing years of my life could be left behind. This would mean Carmarthen police chiefs doing the right thing and resolving all this.The most likely reaction will be for them to try and find something that they can get into court to try again to discredit me but last time paperwork was circulated round CPS untill somone at myrthyr tydfyll was stupid enough to chance their arm and then failed in court as per usual.
Phone Dyfed Powys Police and ask 08453302000. Heres my number for any Dyfed powys police who really havent got it 08712300873