Thursday, 17 December 2009

An Angel by any other name is as sweet


You were more like the devil when you flew out of the cattle lorry ready to fight me, with your flashing eyes accentuated with what looked like eye liner. Your gang were behind you, flanked by your two Sargent's at arms.
Then you saw the two big bales that I had brought in just for you and your frightened herd. By the expression on your face I assume the dinner gong sounded in your head and so you just threatened me very rudely with wisps of hay trailing from your lips.

You to me were a challenge,something to keep me wanting to live in this world full of uncaring humans and I guess you felt the same way about me so our hearts were instantly drawn like pulsating magnets. After a few stand up and lay down fights we found our way and became a team.

You helped me learn from you as much as you learned from me. I laid strange things on your back and asked you to move towards me on a long white connector that joined us "eye to eye". Very soon you got that humans need help and so you learned to walk forward and to stop before colliding with me and also you even went for a lovely walk down the road but chose to come home first and let me catch up later.

You trusted me enough when I asked you to carry someone on your back which eventually you actually thought was great fun, especially when the foals in your herd got in line behind you and turned left and right when you did.
What an Angel you were for me when I asked you to try a rug out. Since then you had to try a bigger one because your hungry tummy was now full every day and you had gained weight.

One fateful day I waved goodbye to you as I was going to a car boot to fund raise and you suddenly remembered you were a wild horse and you took your herd wandering across into a neighboring field. To get there everyone who could, jumped the fence and you as Alpha mare tried but didn't make it.

When you were found you were lying still and flat on the floor with a lot of blood that had ebbed from your leg. The humans let me come up and sit with you alone."I only left you for two hours" I told you while I stroked your face.

Suddenly your eye opened and looked directly at me with a look of kindness and acceptance of me.
At that point people came running with cutters and my rope halter. We cut you free from the sharp wire and you still just focused on me. Darling you were not clear of danger yet and so I took your front legs and cradled your head so we could turn you over.I realised then how much weight you had gained. We pulled and turned and suddenly you were in a place where we could try to lift you. With a lot of effort from you and persuasion from me we did it !

You limped out of the field and down the road to wait for our Vet Brian Cotter but trailing behind you were your herd of foals and mares and a lot of blood from your injury.
The vet packed your leg because it couldn't be stitched and you are still ill but having just fed you antibiotics cunningly hidden inside apple and honey cookies I know that you will try your very hardest to stay with me in the world even if it is full of uncaring humans,because just sometimes there are people who care and we both have a lot of them around us.

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