Tuesday, 15 December 2009

On the topic of abandoned horses

Yet more have been pushed into the arena...

Over the last few days Ive had several groups of ponies pointed my direction. One group has a very misleading photo with it that does not show a motley group of Section A's but something more attractive than what you are likely to get!

For many years I have made my self unpopular with the pc group of dogooders who think that by buying Sec As at market they are going to go to heaven. Ive had loads of abuse and people are discouraged from coming to us because I have always said that buying meat ponies from auction simply feeds the trade.
If you indiscriminately breed mother to son and produced a meat pony,took it to auction and got a fiver for it would you bother again ? Noooo

If you indiscriminately breed mother to son and produced a meat pony,took it to auction and got a £100 for it would you bother again ? Yes

Would you care who bought it if there was more money in it ? Would you welcome women with cheque books hurling abuse if you went home with a weeks wages from say ten ponies ?
Ive always said if there was no money in it then the scum of the earth breeders would stop.
During school holidays the dumping rate goes down but as soon as kids are back at school and no more pity ponies get purchased then abandoned ponies turn up all over the place unloaded from lorries.

I'm not a great fan of passports because I feel its geared up to Europe wanting to know where its lunch is coming from but I must say Defra has done a cracking job in stopping the breeding of these unfortunate innocents.
Sadly because of buying sprees there are still breeders out there pumping more sad little lives into the torrent of unwanted life. Now the breeders have to pay for a passport for each foal even if they go straight to slaughter and that is a wonderful thing because its taken any profit away.
For each poor little inbred thing ( and yes those posh ones that people think are the best when they are just the same when the skins off ) that has been dragged into this world from a starving mum riddled with worms and lice, death is a blessing. They are inbred with many physical problems and wild natures,Often the colts have a withheld testicle in Sec As.

Shame on anyone who perpetuated the breeding to fill greedy pockets with cash
With the credit crunch less people are buying the foals to stop the meat man so like a self full filling prophecy there are huge volumes of unwanted ponies being offered to sanctuaries "Or we will slaughter them" Really ? Are you really going to pay for the passports then just to slaughter them out of spite ?
More like you are hoping people will buy them to save them !

I may sound harsh but if people stopped buying them then there would be no profit and there would be no more sad little souls ripped away from their mums at auctions.
Just like Veal,people stopped buying, veal stopped being produce in horrendous conditions
If you want to do something to improve the welfare of poorly bred ponies then please don't hand over money for them at auctions or from breeders.
Its shameful that these people have not been stopped a long long time ago,
For all those breeders that will now phone me with abuse or who will run me down behind my back, feel free that's my contribution to saving ponies from torturous lives.Apart from saving and feeding all the ones here at the sanctuary already.
If you can genuinely help a wild meat pony and have the knowledge then go for it but please don't give the breeders a penny.

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