Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas past and a letter to my Grandaughter

I know we all thought of Chris as the universally missing gift that we all wished for. Her wish would have been that the baubles were straight and that all the kids were happy and well fed.

Chris gave me a gift a very long time ago that I didn't realise had been posted but it arrived yesterday just in time for my Grand daughters 1st proper Christmas.

Chris taught me that all children are magical and nothing else matters because each one is a gift to be treasured. My brother Sam would only eat chicken nuggets as a child but Chris had patience and let him eat them until he didn't want to. Louis was the shy one who although extremely bright didn't want to perform in public and hid away so she gave him space. I was damaged and she extended great patience to me.
My experience of being parented was anger and emotional violence often with physical violence.
Both parenting types will effect us all our lives but Sam and Louis and no doubt Debbie, Gareth and Frances will have happy memories and their ability to deal with situations will differ from mine because of their early upbringing with Chris.

When my sister and I were abandoned we became part of Chris's family and suddenly there was a strange but infinitely preferable way of life. Its because of Chris that I know half the things I do.

Yesterday I sat with a very excited little girl who was dressed in a Santa dress. She kept pointing to the Christmas tree and her little plate kept magically re filling with profiteroles as she happily danced around cuddling dolls and smearing chocolate across her happy little face. She had Mummy ,Daddy and Grandma and so far it was the best day she had ever had.
Chris's gift arrived after the others had been opened and it was the realisation that not only had she helped me with Kyras childhood but she had taught me to be a Grand parent.
Now that's a gift you cannot get any other way unless its given with love. Because of Chris my Granddaughter Roxy's first memories of Christmas will fill her head for the rest of her life. Each Christmas will be magical. warm and safe because Chris taught us all how to do it.

How lucky I am that my gift arrived and I spotted it amongst all the ripped paper and sparkling lights. I will put two photos on today because I want Roxy my Granddaughter to meet her great grand mother to whom we should all hold up a glass of Champagne and thank for what she stood for and how she made us have strong moral cores that we will share with our families forever