Saturday, 19 December 2009

Santas littlest Hobo that came in from the snow

I know I promised not to look at every little Blue puppy that I see, intently searching for the very qualities that my Bojangles has but yet I was strangely drawn to this little blue lurcher needing a mummy to keep him warm and fill his tummy.
So off I set for a three hour drive through the snow thinking up reasons to give Debbie when inevitably I would arrive home with another little lost soul.

When I got to the address where this new blue boy was I carefully walked across old window frames and abandoned beer cans thrown in for good measure and tapped the door carefully as it was boarded, so as not to dislodge any more glass. A child first asked who was there before a stressed parent arrived with keys to let me in. I was greeted by a lady trying to do the right thing by this pup.
She had been told that the pup was 6 months and that he had an accident with a door.
He was 4 months old and had two breaks in his little tail that had set at angles.
He was scratching enough that Debbie's first concern when she saw him was mange.He wasn't a Bojangles boy but he was blue enough so I couldn't leave him there.

I introduced the pup to Debbie very carefully so there would be no aggression by giving her a bag of cheese scones in an Asda bag in one arm and then swiftly plonking him in her other arm. She didnt bite him or me once which was a relief.

The puppy was far better behaved and gazed lovingly at her fluttering his little blue eye lashes.
We did the this puppy will never be Bojangles because he is a dog and it looks like a patterdale cross,it has mange and his tail looks like something builders measure angles with.

Eventually even Ms Connolly the BBC dog trainer had to agree that this little pup is close to perfection as is possible. He sleeps all night, goes out with the gang and wees up fences,doesn't chase cats,Doesn't chase chickens and is clean in the house.
He is a really loving chap. Our vet saw him and has wormed, fleed and checked him all over.

I think little Hobo has a special reason to come into my life. Somewhere there is someone who has just lost their dog or perhaps is alone or perhaps a child with special needs to whom Hobo will pay his rent with love and devotion.
If anyone knows of such a person then little Hobo will be one happy puppy with his forever home and he could full fill his destiny to be a special little superstar

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