Monday, 29 September 2008

A dog for all seasons

Monster was still with us for what was to be his last Christmas although we didn't know it. He munched on all the things that are said to be bad for dogs but it didn’t matter He was a very old and huge Black German shepherd that was supposed to be put to sleep years before but wouldn’t quit. He was very loved and had overcome extreme cruelty to end his days living in comfort at Trallwm Farm animal sanctuary.
Winter came and went with swirls of snow and ice lacing the fields in which he loved to walk before summer slowed him to a halt. In August it was time for him to go to Rainbow bridge and he left us with broken hearts knowing that never again would there be a Monster like our Monster the head farm dog.

Time passed and we walked through the Welsh livestock market with heavy hearts. There were birds in cages for sale, shivering till their feathers could fluff no warmer and they would await their fate. And puppies in the back of pickups being offered up to thoughtless women who cooed and ahhed at them before parting with cash quicker than they would have for a bag of chips before discarding them as unwanted to the next person who could be persuaded to coo and ahh for a brief moment of time.
I complained to the auction office several times before loudly asking if they had a licence to sell small animals. The auctioneer swept off round the car park directing people to leave the premises before “She” caused trouble. One litter of puppies were so beautifully marked but so tiny that they couldn’t fail to have captured attention and I thought maybe that at least they would have homes to go to instead of freezing in the back of a pickup, that being the lesser of two evils.

The phone rang on a Sunday and a woman asked if I could take in. “She was pregnant, animals bought on a whim, made a mistake, had to go today”, all the jumbled words that we hear usually for horses coming in but instead this was two puppies with beautiful markings that were no longer wanted.
They arrived in a transit van and the people had tried to care for them to the best of their ability but the eyes that stared out of the big box were no different to the first time I had seen them. I knew that if I didn’t take them then they wouldn’t have a life but would be passed over for pound notes until the fateful day that they would meet the person who could afford a vet to dispose of them.
The little whippet Cream girl with a haze of Dark grey I called Snozzle and a voice just told me that the other, Bo jangles had just arrived home. The puppies were barely 10 weeks old but if their heritage was as described then they should be bigger and stronger.
The girl took after the whippet side of a “Long dog” but Bo jangles, definitely took after the Deerhound side of the family .I started them on a better diet and suddenly they could reach worktops and other inconvenient places in the kitchen. It also became apparent that Snozzle might well have been the result of an opportunist Whippet but Bo jangles parents were probably the same height and breed and therefore more likely pure Deerhound.
Snozzle went off to her new family and as much as I thought about homing Bo when he lay in our arms, laps and halfway across the sofa it was hard to tell him we were not his family and he our dog for life. It became harder as he developed habits that were already familiar to us.
Monster was always terrified of the open stairs in case an unseen hand pushed him to his fate. Bojangles also clings to the wall looking for an assailant. Monster liked the human bed but didn’t like the softness underneath him unless he was under the Duvet, guess where Jangles favours? They share strangeness in food with Monster liking sweet drinks and Jangles already stealing Cherry Brandy from unattended glasses, With the livestock, no cockerel claims victory from either dog’s paws. After all flapping chickens are fun but all other livestock is to be protected at all costs
The overwhelming presence is identical. Both dogs being HUGE, with dark swarthy features that smile down, on all other beings safe in the knowledge that all is well in their world. Both staying close as a family member can be without actually wearing the Wellingtons too.
As each day passes whoever this interloper is, he fits into the shoes of an old character with symmetry and its hard to see, while the shared spirit runs free on the mountain, where the old dog ends and the new dog starts. The dislikes too are remarkable. Monsters great Foe was Buster another GSD here. When Buster was a puppy Monster disliked him and would steal his toys and intimidates him to the point that they were kept away from each other in adult hood as Buster was big enough for revenge. Both liked other dogs and animals. On first meeting Jangles, Busters hackles went up in recognition and he will not go near him now without growling. Jangles treats Buster with no respect at all and will sit as close as he can with that old lopsided smile of quiet puppy intimidation whilst stealing the toys.
Whatever the truth a little of the old magic returned to our lives with the whispers and essence of a life past and a life just starting on its way as head farm dog at Trallwm Farm Animal Sanctuary.

and breathe ........

It must be easy for those visiting the Trallwm farm blog to think of me not as someone who runs an animal sanctuary but someone who just caught Dyfed Powys police out fair and square. Whilst both facts are true one has far more importance to me at least.
On a day to day basis I am asked to help with countless cases of animal welfare. Presently I am trying to help two different sanctuaries as well as individual people. Good sanctuaries work together and just like the general public that contact us for help we all do our best for each other and the favour gets returned in due course.
The credit crunch has certainly made a difference and the sheer volume of animals needing help has rocketed. We have recently saved two litters of kittens that had been attacked by predator unknown whilst all were living rough. Several kittens were not lucky enough and were killed but the rest are now in a position to live a long and happy life.
We take in horses on an almost daily basis and rehome only to suitable homes where each animal has the chance of a future.Cows we have a whole herd of that ebbs and flows.My jerseys all came in at 2 days old having been saved from the hunt killing them. We have helped 300 chickens this year alone and helped move countless dogs to safety.
All this has priority to fighting the battle against Dyfed Powys police and their blatant attempts at silencing me telling the truth on how they supported a racist thug who killed animals. ( I have photos to prove this and the thug admitted they were his animals in court )This week starts the investigation by professional standards into all the issues. Into wrongful arrest,not recording hate and race crime,blatant lies in some cases. There is a whole pile of stuff to be looked into.
Meantime the animals all need feeding and protecting. Each animal here ideally I want to be free to live as natural life as is possible,to have the right to roam and be free, to have shelter and to be able to display normal, natural behaviour.I look at them all and realise that they are way above most humans in lifes order. They dont lie,cheat or harm anyone. I know where I prefer to be.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Freemasons Wales and UK

I have removed this because I was reminded by a friend that not all masons are bad. Some really do go into it to help charities and do something worthwhile.
I have been reminded that people are aware that there are some people who are corrupt but will be corrupt regardless of which group they are attached to. Their is a common purpose of corruptness which infiltrates things that started out as good because sadly their are a minority that simply look to drain good out of everything in order to help themselves.
I have at least two friends in the masons who are horrified at what I have been put through. I would like to think that eventually more will be charitable towards others and stand up for the goodness that was intended in the first place when they joined the freemasons.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

BBC report on Dyfed Powys complaints figure rising

Notice they never give a name for whoever was spokesperson for DP as they have great difficulty deciding who is responsible and also they may receive 200,000 calls for assistance but if they choose who they are going to respond to its not quite the same

Rise in complaints against police

The IPCC received 28,963 police complaints in the last financial year
Dyfed-Powys Police has recorded the second highest percentage increase in England and Wales for the number of public complaints received against it.

The force saw a 53% rise in complaints from 2006/7 to 2007/8 which in real terms saw complaints rise from 188 to 287 across the period.

The nation's Gwent, North Wales and South Wales forces saw respective 14%, 9% and 12% increases.

Dyfed-Powys said it welcomed complaints and expected to be held to account.

Each year a number of complaints are made by members of the public about the conduct of serving police officers and these are handed on to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) at the end of each financial year.

The allegations range in gravity from impoliteness through to allegations of assault against officers and are compiled by the IPCC in its annual Police Complaints report.

For the year ending 31 March 2008 the organisation recorded 28,963 complaints against English and Welsh forces representing virtually no change on the previous year's figures. It is fair to say that most police officers and staff do their best to provide the highest quality of service in what sometimes can be very difficult and challenging circumstances

Dyfed-Powys Police

Of these cases, 63% were completed with the remaining 37% classed ongoing with a majority of a majority of forces, 24 out of 43, seeing a decrease in the number of complaints recorded recorded against them.

The biggest increase in the number of complaints was seen by Sussex Police which saw an 81% increase working out to a 346 rise in the actual number of complaints.

The IPCC has been handed the task of increasing public confidence in the complaint systems by aiming to make investigations more open, timely, proportionate and fair.

In a statement Dyfed-Powys Police pointed to this as a reason behind the increase in the number of complaints against it saying the rise was evidence of public confidence in the complaints system.

It outlined that when put in context the rise in numbers worked out to being just short of an additional two cases per week and that the average number of allegations attached to each case was 1.7 which was consistent with the national average.

It also pointed out that as a region it handled around 200,000 calls for assistance each year and that the total number of complaint allegations against it totalled 507.

'Police confidence'

"Such increases are acknowledged as a potential indication of public confidence in the complaints system in that the public are confident that when reporting allegations of wrongdoing by police officers and staff, they will be recorded and dealt with appropriately," explained the force.

"It is fair to say that most police officers and staff do their best to provide the highest quality of service in what sometimes can be very difficult and challenging circumstances. Inevitably there will be occasions where we do not always get it right.

"We welcome comments and complaints from members of the public, and as a public service we expect to be held to account. We endeavour to learn lessons from cases whether this be on an individual or organisational basis."

The Gwent and South Wales forces responded in similar fashion outlining their own beliefs that the rise in complaints was a reflection of the increased public confidence in the police complaints system.

IPCC chair Nick Hardwick added: "Clearly the public continues to feel greater confidence in the complaints process."

And our happy tale of justice as told by the press

Women cleared of Grange trespass

The Coopers were cleared of all charges laid against them.
A mother and daughter who occupied the home of Dyfed-Powys' former chief constable Terry Grange during a protest have been cleared of trespass.

Lady Lesley Cooper of Bancffosfelin and Kyra Cooper, 26, of Tumble were also found not guilty of criminal damage by magistrates in Carmarthen.

Lady Copper claimed squatters' rights after being let in by an estate agent.

Magistrates ruled police who asked her to leave were not acting with Mr Grange's direct authority.

Magistrates heard that using her sister's name Lady Cooper, 48, arranged a viewing of the property at Meinciau in the Gwendraeth Valley on 26 April this year.

Mr Grange had put it up for sale after retiring from the force last November following allegations he misused a work computer and a corporate credit card.

While estate agent Martin Richards was outside Lady Cooper locked herself, her daughter and 11-day-old granddaughter in the property.

Kyra Cooper told the court she had no idea what her mother was planning but once inside did not want to leave her alone.

Officers were called to the home of the former police chief in April.

Lady Cooper told Mr Richards through the letter box: "We are claiming squatters' rights - please call the police."

She then dragged a piece of wooden furniture to block the front door.

Lady Cooper told the court she acted out of "utter desperation" borne out of an alleged six-year dispute she was involved in with a tenant.

She claimed Mr Grange and the force had refused to record or investigate "race and hate crimes" she alleged were committed against her.

Lady Cooper said she had taken enough food and drink inside Mr Grange's house to last three days.

Mr Richards injured his wrist as he attempted to re-enter the house when it was caught in a door.

But magistrates cleared Kyra Cooper of a separate charge of assault as she told the court she feared for her safety as he had become "annoyed" and "aggressive" and she had not realised his arm was in the way as she pushed the door.

Police were called and after two hours an armed response unit smashed the rear patio windows to gain access.

Both women were arrested and taken to Carmarthen police station.

Former chief constable Terry Grange had put the house up for sale

Appearing on behalf of Kyra Cooper, Carina Hughes said officers "over-reacted".

She said police were in possession of a full set of keys and could simply have unlocked the back door.

"If the police had exercised sheer common sense and used the key that was in their possession for the back door there would not have been any damage," she said.

The women had said they were invited into the house by the estate agent so were not trespassing.

The magistrates accepted their argument that police who asked them to leave were not acting with the direct authority of the home owner - Mr Grange - as they had not spoken to him at that stage.

Speaking after they were cleared Kyra Cooper said: "If Dyfed-Powys Police and Terry Grange had helped my mother we would not be here today."

A tearful Lady Cooper said: "They have tried to discredit me. It [the protest] was the only means I had of getting the world to know."

Asked with hindsight if she would do anything differently she replied: "Take more sandwiches."

The evidence against Terry Grange and Dyfed Powys police

Got a story? Text: 63000 - Email:
Shamed ... Chief Constable Terry Grange

Dirty cop sent filthy emailsBy JOHN COLES

Published: 07 May 2008

A CHEATING chief constable abused his position to keep a secret mistress, a damning report revealed yesterday.
Police watchdogs said married dad-of-three Terry Grange:

SENT sexually explicit and “politically sensitive” emails to his lover from his office computer.

WINED and dined her using his force credit card.

MISSED official meetings to spend time with her.

STAYED with her in London hotel rooms paid for by his force.

BOUGHT booze on his police Barclaycard, and DOUBLE-claimed expenses.

Mr Grange, 59, dramatically quit the Dyfed-Powys force in November after admitting he had allowed his private life to interfere with his professional role.

His resignation came as the Independent Police Complaints Commission launched a probe into his nine-month affair with the mystery woman, known as Ms A.

She filed a complaint about his behaviour when their romance turned sour. And she provided details of 68 “liaisons” she had with him between November 2006 and August 2007.


The IPCC report told how Mr Grange – a copper for more than 30 years – even visited his force’s IT department to make sure Ms A’s email responses got through their security firewall.

And he was accompanied by his mistress at force functions “three or four times” while his wife Elaine was at home.

At the time Mr Grange was spokesman on personal crime for the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Ms A, thought to be a London businesswoman, told the IPCC she spent “the best part of each week” with him – either in the capital or Carmarthen, where he was based.

All the time Elaine was living more than 150 miles away near Bristol, where Mr Grange used to work.


The mistress also revealed she received 102 emails from the top cop’s police computer, with titles including “Re visits to Wales” and “Irish sausages”.

The Crown Prosecution Service has ruled out any criminal action. And Mr Grange will also escape disciplinary procedures as he has already quit.

But IPCC Commissioner for Wales Tom Davies said: “This is a sad end to a distinguished career.”
UK news
Review of judge sex abuse inquiry ordered after ex-wife's complaintNick Davies The Guardian, Tuesday September 16 2008 Article historyPolice have been ordered to review their handling of the case of a judge accused of sexually abusing young children after claims that they failed adequately to investigate him because he was a friend of the chief constable.

The judge, who for legal reasons can be named only as Judge X, has been accused by his former wife of abusing children as young as 18 months of age, giving one of them a sexually transmitted infection; downloading child pornography on his computer; and using the transcripts of trials involving sexual offences for his personal gratification. The judge has denied all the allegations.

The former wife's allegations in June 2006 were referred by social services to Dyfed Powys police, who investigated and concluded that they were baseless. The judge's former wife then complained that the investigation had been inadequate and had the appearance of bias because, she claimed, Judge X was a friend of the then chief constable of Dyfed Powys, Terry Grange, a claim which Grange has denied.

Now a review by the Independent Police Complaints Commission has ordered Dyfed Powys police to reconsider the former wife's complaint about the weakness of their investigation. In a summary report the IPCC's case officer comments on the rejection of her complaint: "I fail to see how the findings can be supported without any evidence of a thorough investigation into all complaints made ... it is clear that the investigation has not been completed."

The IPCC review was told that:

· Although the former wife said she had personally witnessed Judge X naked with named young children, Dyfed Powys police failed even to interview the judge and phoned him for an off-the-record conversation, which had no evidential value;

· Although the former wife said she had witnessed Judge X downloading child pornography on his home computers and identified two sites which she claimed he had been using, Dyfed Powys police failed to seize any of the judge's computers;

· Although she alleged that the judge had passed a sexual infection to a child Dyfed Powys police made no attempt to obtain relevant medical records;

· Although she accused him of using court transcripts for his sexual gratification Dyfed Powys failed to mention the allegation in its inquiry report.

When the former wife heard the outcome of Dyfed Powys' investigation in January 2007 she filed a formal complaint that it was inadequate. The force considered this complaint and in July 2007 rejected it.

In August 2007 she appealed to the IPCC, who initially refused to review the handling of her complaint on the grounds that her paperwork had arrived with them six days after the statutory 28-day deadline. She sought a judicial review in the high court, which in June this year ordered the IPCC to review the case.

The IPCC review comes to no conclusion on the validity of the former wife's allegations against Judge X. In a statement last night he told the ITV programme Wales This Week: "I only wish to state firmly that there is absolutely no truth in any of these allegations." Nor does the IPCC make any comment on the claim that Judge X was a friend of the then chief constable, Terry Grange.

Grange, who was a spokesman on child protection for the Association of Chief Police Officers, retired with immediate effect last November after being accused of misusing force email and a credit card while having an affair.

The IPCC's report requires Dyfed Powys police to reopen the case, initially in order to establish whether the former wife's complaints about the original inquiry were properly handled. In a statement the police said: "The force will revisit and reinvestigate the complaints submitted, a process that will necessitate further engagement with the complainant. A new investigating officer has been appointed."

Not evidence but shows he isnt quite as anti masonic as he would have us believe !
I wonder why the local lodges in Llanelli and Carmarthen didnt do it ???

Dyfed-Powis Police Receive Defibrillators

Montgomeryshire and Tywyn Freemasons donated £4,500 to purchase two defibrillators for use in police patrol cars serving rural areas. Dyfed-Powys Police Chief Constable, Terence Grange, travelled a considerable distance from his headquarters in Carmarthen to personally receive the donation from W Bro. Emyr Roberts, chairman of the Group Nine Lodges and RW Bro. Gareth Lloyd-Jones, Assistant Provincial Grand Master for North Wales. News of this donation was well reported in the local Press and has received much public support.
Issue 18, Autumn 2001
© Grand Lodge Publications Ltd 1997-2008

Terry Grange Dyfed Powys police lose again

Terry Grange Dyfed Powys police lose again

All of you who read my blog regularly will know of my struggle for justice and the blatant attempts by Terry Grange and Dyfed powys police to discredit me and distance themselves from their own failings.
This week finally saw the end of the malicious case against Kyra and myself formulated by Dyfed Powys because they were miffed that I had out witted them. I did offer a compromise and I begged them for help two days before I went into Terry Granges house and gave press interviews. They smugly ignored me.

On the 26th April I went into Terry Granges very basic love nest. (Double beds,vodka in the fridge and cheap toilet roll ). which Terry had abandoned in favour of his home in Bristol which didn't have quite so many press lurking outside. For those that don't know the story I shall put links so as to ensure that there will be absolute accuracy about what he did and how he managed to escape any form of justice and with a very large pension to boot.

I have for the last six years sought help from Dyfed Powys police with regard to racism,abuse,criminal damage and hate crime not to mention extortion.
I have been ignored..

In fact I would go as far as saying favouritism has been shown towards Selwyn Roberts. I had professional standards from Dyfed Powys police here yesterday taking my statement in an attempt to investigate and put things right.

I was wrongfully arrested by Dyfed Powys police for tractor theft aided and abetted by a Plaid Cymru AM and a "christian charity" called crisis in farming when I simply tried to get rent and water costs paid plus dead animals cleared and squalor cleaned all called by Selwyn Roberts and his father plus a few hanger ons.
I have a letter of apology from CPS here.

I bought Trallwm Farm via John Francis estate agent in Carmarthen and there was a meeting before completion which involved the then owner Rees,Neville Thomas acting on behalf of John Francis estate agent and Selwyn Roberts. These three ( I have court paperwork to prove all this ) had a meeting whereby it was agreed not to inform me that I had a sitting tenant. Selwyn Roberts was also offered £7000 cash to leave but of course thought he could extort more out of me instead.
I completed on Trallwm Farm and was immediately dropped into a situation of racism and hate. Roberts father abused me on a daily basis as did Roberts junior. I was assaulted by David Roberts and after Sgt Anthony eventually took over the case I gather he was cautioned for assault.Photos were taken which are still held by the police of the alleged criminal damage caused to the barns which the police still hold.
I was told daily that if I handed over varying amounts from £30,000 to £50,000 then Roberts and his poor cattle would go.
He tried various ploys including not feeding the animals to try and force me as an animal lover to give in. The RSPCA were asked to attend at various points by myself and neighbours due to dead and dying cattle. It was pitiful. I remember two calves that were weak being fed by tube by Roberts senior. He couldn't get the tube in to the stomach so milk flooded the lungs and both calves died an agonising death. I tried to help these animals but was always abused. The RSPCA and DEFRA said they were aware. I have photos of the condition of his animals for anyone who has an interest in animal welfare and justice.Roberts on occasions drove his only working tractor into the barn walls and caused criminal damage to tin work as well as smashing the stone work. He said he would stop when I gave him the cash.
Roberts father placed a young calf inside a car which was then locked. Several people informed the authorities but still the calf stayed there untill what had been a living being with life in its eyes was just a rotting smelling carcase with maggots.I have paperwork from animal health where the calf incident is clearly mentioned.

Roberts refused to pay rent or water bills. To be fair Euirig Rees the previous owner had agreed to pay water costs for Roberts but soon abandoned that idea and walked away as did John Francis estate agents in Carmarthen. I have paperwork here that shows this agreement.

I sought advice and gave Roberts a months notice that I could not afford to pay for his water supply nor support him financially. I offered him a seperate non mains water supply for which there was a pump house and water tank on higher land that I owned and I offered him a suitable cheap submersible pump. He declined and said the money he could get in compensation for his animals dying would be great. Elaine Spence for the RSPCA told him the fine for not supplying water to his cattle would outweigh any compensation. Elaine and I connected water from the well to the cattle but Roberts continually pulled the pipe work out. I had also sourced livery costs for moving my horses to Geoff Stones yard and therefore not trespassing on land involved in an ag tenancy. Roberts said it was ok I could keep my horses in the field I owned and he would just use the barns. This was a ploy he later used in court to show I was a trespasser.
The situation was desperate and environmental health came round because of the open slurry pit and the mess. I put suitable gates up to stop Roberts cattle running out onto the road an to stop anyone or anything falling into the open slurry pit. A neighbours pony DID fall in and I worried constantly about a child dying in its toxic depths.
Eventually after Roberts had more cattle dying he shifted everyone out to grazing on land still owned by Rees but still paid no one a penny. He left 3 tractors wedged in the gateway which meant I had no access to a field he had no connection with.This was accepted in court. I was offered storage of the tractors with the agreement that they could be collected by Roberts when he paid his rent and cleared up. He had at this point abandoned Trallwm Farm but left absolute squalor. In court he claimed that he had to pay to have browsers bought in with water because I was no longer supplying water to the land I DIDNT EVEN OWN as it was still owned by Rees and the court say I have to pay Roberts. On one bit of this land is a tap that has been registered to Euirig Rees for a very long time and one that he paid water costs for .At no point did Roberts need to import water.I have a photo of this water source and enquiries can be made of the water board regarding its exact location.The "independant " witness surveyer didnt include any of this in his report despite me pointing it out to them.
Should Roberts have actually imported water from his mates fathers farm then a water extraction licence would be recorded with the environment agency and the issuer of the licence and THERE ISN'T ONE.
Unbeknown to me crisis in farming had a woman called Gillian Gibson who fully supported Roberts and made statements on his behalf to agencies etc. She clearly states that I harassed Roberts and that she knew his cattle to be outstanding. I have photos of these cattle.He also had a company called Upton Walker working on his behalf producing ambitious reports on what I and Eurig Rees owed Roberts.SHONA WALKER was struck off from practissing but still her report was offered to the court and nothing was mentioned about such a deceptive move.

Selwyn Roberts agreed in court that these were his animals

Crisis in farming never came here, spoke to me or in any way knew the truth but they still spoke with authority on the subject in court.
Reverend Brown of crisis in farming has only recently taken over as director .The last one told me he wasn't helping me at all. Sarah Brown is trying now to reassess the situation but sadly to late as Judge Vosper made a decision partly on the crisis in farmings evidence.
The police in all this time have actively refused to respond to 999 calls or to help in any way. In fact after pressure from crisis in farmings Gillian and a local AM I was arrested by the police and then apologised to by CPS ( I have the letter ) because the police had done such a shoddy and biased job. I was therefore cleared of tractor theft. However the police made it clear that the tractor's should be held and not moved.
I have to pay compensation to Roberts for the loss of condition of the tractors during the long debate on my wrongful arrest when he could have in fact collected the tractors in the first week of them being in storage having paid money he owed to me for water and rent.
During statements I was told by WPC phillips that I was not allowed to mention racism as it didn't happen in wales and that she was only doing what she had been told by someone higher up. I was told that a harrasment file would be kept at Kidwelly which would give powers of arrest against Roberts but this was not done. Again their was a clear bias in Roberts favour. Surely eventually people within the legal system have to look at all the facts and realise that there is something very ,very wrong when I have been denied the very basic principles and human rights afforded to people in English law whilst Roberts has had a marvelous time with all the special help he has been given.

I am aware that journalists are reading this blog because of the national press attention after Dyfed Powys failed to silence and discredit both my daughter and myself .Obviously there will be a claim for compensation for wrongful arrest plus all the other thing Dyfed Powys police have done to us and the press are welcome to all paperwork plus photos.
my phone number is 08712300873

I am grateful to the magistrates at Carmarthen court for their integrity in reading the situation and acting accordingly. I am grateful to Mike Reed and his wife Celia who should be given M B E's for their continued work in protecting the public in their roles as superb solicitors and very very grateful to Carina Hughes who has a long and distinguished career ahead of her if her honest and articulate understanding of the law is continued in such a wonderful way.I look forward to watching her rise in the ranks with much pleasure.Im also grateful to the press and journo links which help stop cases like this dissapear from public inspection

Friday, 19 September 2008

One of the saddest but most important things I have ever written

On the 10th Sept my step mother Chris died.

Thats a few words that dont begin to describe our loss because my step mum was different and in a unique category so Im going to write about her in the way she deserves to be written about.

At her funeral the reverend from North Waltham and her church she not only attended but helped at and took responsibility for mentioned that Chris had taken my sister and myself on as we were deserted by our own mother.
She did take us on and I began to think of the enormity of what I owed her and never got to tell her.
Not only did I inherit siblings but also a step Grandmother and Grand father, step aunts,uncles and so on. Her house was a normal happy home where morals and lessons were the order of the day. There was no violence and fear. It was always filled with cooking and childrens toys,log fires and light. Eventually alongside Chris's wonderful children appeared two more so I had half brothers.

Christmas , Boxing day, Easter actually became words that meant something.These were experiences I would never have had access to without my stepmother and although I was older than these children I was and am still very gratefull for the memories and being invited to be part of it. Without learning what Christmas and special family days were all about my daughter and now my Grandaughters memories wouldnt be half so filled with magic.I hope they both give thier future families a "Christine Christmas".

Chris spent all year stashing items for people she knew would enjoy them at birthdays,Christmas etc.
Without realsing I too began to gain pleasure from finding things and to put them by. Chris taught me about ceramics and I only have to see Cranberry glass and I instantly think of happy times in North Waltham. Through Chris I learned about antiques and collectables,morals,families,Burmese cats and thier problems. Most of the things I know came from Chris because I didnt have another maternal source that could possibly educate me in such a kind and loving way. Even my love of antique books because Chris gave me encouragement. As a small child Kyra had beautiful hand embroidered dresses and the very best of everything thanks to Chris.In so many ways she touched by life and filled the void left by not having a mother.It was to my benefit to have a stepmother and not a mother.
I also realise it was Chris that taught me to not be bullied and to fight my corner. Chris was the bain of middle management. If they couldnt get it right they shouldnt be doing the job. She said she had decided to take on the battle with cancer as she would a battle with a Sainsburys manager. Anyone who knew Chris will now be smiling at this because if any supermarket didnt full fill her requirements she would have the boss squirming like a school boy having his ear bent untill satisfaction was hers for the taking.
Sadly for us Chris passed away sooner than anyone thought but I wonder if she got a glimpse of after life and departed with her shopping bag to iron out a few of heavens problems. If this is the case then heaven will be a much better run place where all children will be loved and cared for. If anyone deserves to be in heaven its Chris for all her goodness on this earth.
Even during her illness no one knew untill a few weeks before her death. Chris spent so much time looking after everyone else and her much loved grandchildren that I dont suppose for one minute she wanted to waste any time on dying while she had time left to live. She even organised what flowers were to be at her funeral which of course were yellow and mauve which I noticed match her ceramic flower wall plate.
The reverend knew too much about all of us to have just cobbled together a few meaningless words from those left behind. He spoke about all of us including the great grandchildren and Misty the worlds most annoying cat who was the bain of most peoples lives but simply another entity to be loved by Chris. That meant to me that he had listened to Chris and understood the importance of all of us to her. That to me made her one of the most important people I will ever be lucky enough to have had in my life and like everyone else I will mourn her loss for a very long time.