Monday, 29 September 2008

and breathe ........

It must be easy for those visiting the Trallwm farm blog to think of me not as someone who runs an animal sanctuary but someone who just caught Dyfed Powys police out fair and square. Whilst both facts are true one has far more importance to me at least.
On a day to day basis I am asked to help with countless cases of animal welfare. Presently I am trying to help two different sanctuaries as well as individual people. Good sanctuaries work together and just like the general public that contact us for help we all do our best for each other and the favour gets returned in due course.
The credit crunch has certainly made a difference and the sheer volume of animals needing help has rocketed. We have recently saved two litters of kittens that had been attacked by predator unknown whilst all were living rough. Several kittens were not lucky enough and were killed but the rest are now in a position to live a long and happy life.
We take in horses on an almost daily basis and rehome only to suitable homes where each animal has the chance of a future.Cows we have a whole herd of that ebbs and flows.My jerseys all came in at 2 days old having been saved from the hunt killing them. We have helped 300 chickens this year alone and helped move countless dogs to safety.
All this has priority to fighting the battle against Dyfed Powys police and their blatant attempts at silencing me telling the truth on how they supported a racist thug who killed animals. ( I have photos to prove this and the thug admitted they were his animals in court )This week starts the investigation by professional standards into all the issues. Into wrongful arrest,not recording hate and race crime,blatant lies in some cases. There is a whole pile of stuff to be looked into.
Meantime the animals all need feeding and protecting. Each animal here ideally I want to be free to live as natural life as is possible,to have the right to roam and be free, to have shelter and to be able to display normal, natural behaviour.I look at them all and realise that they are way above most humans in lifes order. They dont lie,cheat or harm anyone. I know where I prefer to be.

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