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Terry Grange Dyfed Powys police lose again

Terry Grange Dyfed Powys police lose again

All of you who read my blog regularly will know of my struggle for justice and the blatant attempts by Terry Grange and Dyfed powys police to discredit me and distance themselves from their own failings.
This week finally saw the end of the malicious case against Kyra and myself formulated by Dyfed Powys because they were miffed that I had out witted them. I did offer a compromise and I begged them for help two days before I went into Terry Granges house and gave press interviews. They smugly ignored me.

On the 26th April I went into Terry Granges very basic love nest. (Double beds,vodka in the fridge and cheap toilet roll ). which Terry had abandoned in favour of his home in Bristol which didn't have quite so many press lurking outside. For those that don't know the story I shall put links so as to ensure that there will be absolute accuracy about what he did and how he managed to escape any form of justice and with a very large pension to boot.

I have for the last six years sought help from Dyfed Powys police with regard to racism,abuse,criminal damage and hate crime not to mention extortion.
I have been ignored..

In fact I would go as far as saying favouritism has been shown towards Selwyn Roberts. I had professional standards from Dyfed Powys police here yesterday taking my statement in an attempt to investigate and put things right.

I was wrongfully arrested by Dyfed Powys police for tractor theft aided and abetted by a Plaid Cymru AM and a "christian charity" called crisis in farming when I simply tried to get rent and water costs paid plus dead animals cleared and squalor cleaned all called by Selwyn Roberts and his father plus a few hanger ons.
I have a letter of apology from CPS here.

I bought Trallwm Farm via John Francis estate agent in Carmarthen and there was a meeting before completion which involved the then owner Rees,Neville Thomas acting on behalf of John Francis estate agent and Selwyn Roberts. These three ( I have court paperwork to prove all this ) had a meeting whereby it was agreed not to inform me that I had a sitting tenant. Selwyn Roberts was also offered £7000 cash to leave but of course thought he could extort more out of me instead.
I completed on Trallwm Farm and was immediately dropped into a situation of racism and hate. Roberts father abused me on a daily basis as did Roberts junior. I was assaulted by David Roberts and after Sgt Anthony eventually took over the case I gather he was cautioned for assault.Photos were taken which are still held by the police of the alleged criminal damage caused to the barns which the police still hold.
I was told daily that if I handed over varying amounts from £30,000 to £50,000 then Roberts and his poor cattle would go.
He tried various ploys including not feeding the animals to try and force me as an animal lover to give in. The RSPCA were asked to attend at various points by myself and neighbours due to dead and dying cattle. It was pitiful. I remember two calves that were weak being fed by tube by Roberts senior. He couldn't get the tube in to the stomach so milk flooded the lungs and both calves died an agonising death. I tried to help these animals but was always abused. The RSPCA and DEFRA said they were aware. I have photos of the condition of his animals for anyone who has an interest in animal welfare and justice.Roberts on occasions drove his only working tractor into the barn walls and caused criminal damage to tin work as well as smashing the stone work. He said he would stop when I gave him the cash.
Roberts father placed a young calf inside a car which was then locked. Several people informed the authorities but still the calf stayed there untill what had been a living being with life in its eyes was just a rotting smelling carcase with maggots.I have paperwork from animal health where the calf incident is clearly mentioned.

Roberts refused to pay rent or water bills. To be fair Euirig Rees the previous owner had agreed to pay water costs for Roberts but soon abandoned that idea and walked away as did John Francis estate agents in Carmarthen. I have paperwork here that shows this agreement.

I sought advice and gave Roberts a months notice that I could not afford to pay for his water supply nor support him financially. I offered him a seperate non mains water supply for which there was a pump house and water tank on higher land that I owned and I offered him a suitable cheap submersible pump. He declined and said the money he could get in compensation for his animals dying would be great. Elaine Spence for the RSPCA told him the fine for not supplying water to his cattle would outweigh any compensation. Elaine and I connected water from the well to the cattle but Roberts continually pulled the pipe work out. I had also sourced livery costs for moving my horses to Geoff Stones yard and therefore not trespassing on land involved in an ag tenancy. Roberts said it was ok I could keep my horses in the field I owned and he would just use the barns. This was a ploy he later used in court to show I was a trespasser.
The situation was desperate and environmental health came round because of the open slurry pit and the mess. I put suitable gates up to stop Roberts cattle running out onto the road an to stop anyone or anything falling into the open slurry pit. A neighbours pony DID fall in and I worried constantly about a child dying in its toxic depths.
Eventually after Roberts had more cattle dying he shifted everyone out to grazing on land still owned by Rees but still paid no one a penny. He left 3 tractors wedged in the gateway which meant I had no access to a field he had no connection with.This was accepted in court. I was offered storage of the tractors with the agreement that they could be collected by Roberts when he paid his rent and cleared up. He had at this point abandoned Trallwm Farm but left absolute squalor. In court he claimed that he had to pay to have browsers bought in with water because I was no longer supplying water to the land I DIDNT EVEN OWN as it was still owned by Rees and the court say I have to pay Roberts. On one bit of this land is a tap that has been registered to Euirig Rees for a very long time and one that he paid water costs for .At no point did Roberts need to import water.I have a photo of this water source and enquiries can be made of the water board regarding its exact location.The "independant " witness surveyer didnt include any of this in his report despite me pointing it out to them.
Should Roberts have actually imported water from his mates fathers farm then a water extraction licence would be recorded with the environment agency and the issuer of the licence and THERE ISN'T ONE.
Unbeknown to me crisis in farming had a woman called Gillian Gibson who fully supported Roberts and made statements on his behalf to agencies etc. She clearly states that I harassed Roberts and that she knew his cattle to be outstanding. I have photos of these cattle.He also had a company called Upton Walker working on his behalf producing ambitious reports on what I and Eurig Rees owed Roberts.SHONA WALKER was struck off from practissing but still her report was offered to the court and nothing was mentioned about such a deceptive move.

Selwyn Roberts agreed in court that these were his animals

Crisis in farming never came here, spoke to me or in any way knew the truth but they still spoke with authority on the subject in court.
Reverend Brown of crisis in farming has only recently taken over as director .The last one told me he wasn't helping me at all. Sarah Brown is trying now to reassess the situation but sadly to late as Judge Vosper made a decision partly on the crisis in farmings evidence.
The police in all this time have actively refused to respond to 999 calls or to help in any way. In fact after pressure from crisis in farmings Gillian and a local AM I was arrested by the police and then apologised to by CPS ( I have the letter ) because the police had done such a shoddy and biased job. I was therefore cleared of tractor theft. However the police made it clear that the tractor's should be held and not moved.
I have to pay compensation to Roberts for the loss of condition of the tractors during the long debate on my wrongful arrest when he could have in fact collected the tractors in the first week of them being in storage having paid money he owed to me for water and rent.
During statements I was told by WPC phillips that I was not allowed to mention racism as it didn't happen in wales and that she was only doing what she had been told by someone higher up. I was told that a harrasment file would be kept at Kidwelly which would give powers of arrest against Roberts but this was not done. Again their was a clear bias in Roberts favour. Surely eventually people within the legal system have to look at all the facts and realise that there is something very ,very wrong when I have been denied the very basic principles and human rights afforded to people in English law whilst Roberts has had a marvelous time with all the special help he has been given.

I am aware that journalists are reading this blog because of the national press attention after Dyfed Powys failed to silence and discredit both my daughter and myself .Obviously there will be a claim for compensation for wrongful arrest plus all the other thing Dyfed Powys police have done to us and the press are welcome to all paperwork plus photos.
my phone number is 08712300873

I am grateful to the magistrates at Carmarthen court for their integrity in reading the situation and acting accordingly. I am grateful to Mike Reed and his wife Celia who should be given M B E's for their continued work in protecting the public in their roles as superb solicitors and very very grateful to Carina Hughes who has a long and distinguished career ahead of her if her honest and articulate understanding of the law is continued in such a wonderful way.I look forward to watching her rise in the ranks with much pleasure.Im also grateful to the press and journo links which help stop cases like this dissapear from public inspection

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