Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Jack Straw,Ian Arundale,Terry Grange,Andy Edwards DPP, Ministry of Justice

Interestingly all the above names have been googled today and all terms and words have lead the searcher to my blog. That means someone is out to see what Ive added on here or as is usual to see if there is anything untrue written that could mean I would have to remove anything that can be proven to be untrue.

Right now I'm actually to the point of serious illness but I'm still hopping and skipping ahead of those that would rather I took to bed and hid.

Jack Straw this week has been exposed as someone who failed to take the advice of two top legal advisers and blatantly took us to war without the proper exhaustive channels being followed.

He did it because he could.

It meant hundreds upon hundreds of innocent people have died through no fault of their own. That includes our own brave soldiers simply following orders, innocent bystanders, children, women, whole families burnt, buried under rubble, blown to bits, shot. All because of terrorists and our Government ministers that failed to listen to their own advisers and started a war like a gang of overgrown school boys out to get the kids in the next streetin a territory battle.
I'm sure everyone has their own opinions on this but indisputably evidence has been given in court. I doubt there will be calls for people to be made accountable for war crimes because of course its always someone else at fault and then our Government just dumps troops in and countries get trashed.

You may be wondering what this has to do with Terry Grange,Dyfed Powys police,Andy Edwards etc, well let me tell you.
Most unfortunately, the ministry of justice is run by Master Jack Straw ! Now if he can go off and start wars and avoid detection until now, because he is simply inclined to do so, then how can the ministry of justice and the descending system be trustworthy ?

From the very top if someone is not accountable then the rot eats away the heart of justice until people are vilified and wrongly arrested as has been told in many cases in the UK today, simply because it suits someone. "They" hunt in packs because favours always have to be returned.
Ive always said that I'm happy to show a court or the press, paperwork I have, including the admittance of an assault on me by DPP and the favouritism and the racism that has been inflicted on me. "They" just use the IPCC to smooth the waters and avoid confrontation which might bring the waves of truth to the surface.
If Jack Straw is now under the spotlight for his part in starting a war because he wanted to, then shouldn't all the claims against the ministry of justice and various police and judges be looked at a little closer in case of similar "errors" in the justice system ? If those at the top can do it surely those below will follow suit.

So far apart from ten armed response unit police destroying Terry Granges bungalow even though they had keys,assault and blatant harassment of me and a very dodgy outcome to a court case,those that be wont take me on. I'm happy for them to, because I will do as I did last time which was to expose them in the press with indisputable truths. Untill the last nail goes in my coffin, I will continue to expose them one by one .None of them are that bright as can be seen in the blatant stuff they have put in letters to me. My lovely, lovely book telling all about the wonderful animals here at the sanctuary and the struggle to survive racism and bullying in Wales will be available to read as my health improves and as long as everything in it is truthful and provable there is nothing that can be done to stop me.Its turning into a cross between all creatures great and small and a documented expose of third world justice by people who just keep on starting wars with UK people when they shouldnt.
How stupid are these people that rule our lives ?
Well some of them created a war that will bring their party them down for starters.
The rest should consider putting things right before its too late.

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