Saturday, 21 November 2009

Please help Trallwm Farm

A herd of horses were dumped from a lorry after
a meat sale failed to earn money for the breeder who didnt realise he would have to pay for passports.
So yet again a breeder has indescriminately bred thinking that he or she is business person of the year, and has left animals to survive the winter on their own,turned loose on a main road.
The youngest is just two weeks old !

My time gets wasted by Dyfed Powys police, glory seekers claiming to be gods right hand men but the animals here are the only things worth giving attention to.

There are enough horses on this earth already and now there are 15 more needing help because a Scumbag thought only of his own greedy vile self.
I despair of this world.

There was another group dumped in September and then there were two cats locked in a cat carrier, left to die at the side of the road untill we took them in. Not even a newspaper story persuaded anyone in the know to come forward and tell the truth.

We wont turn these animals away and we will save them but we need help to do it.
If anyone has any pony rugs,wormers or feed or if anyone can help fundraise towards our winter costs they will be supporting a very good cause. We are not a profit sanctuary ,far from it. We just get the animals sorted and into homes. Visit the site to help.
Just £5 will buy a small bale to feed everyone £25 will get us a big bale for the herd that live here.

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