Monday, 28 September 2009

Shame on Dyfed Powys police and Welsh politicians

The following story didnt happen in Wales but if it did it would be covered up. Up and down Wales people suffer daily at the hands of racists and criminals as they do in other places. These stories only get told when someone actually dies.
Fair play to the police involved because they have accepted thier mistakes and apologised. In my case Dyfed powys still blatently lie ( For evidence Im happy to forward a letter or two and a few written laws to any interested party). Its all about saving money for the insurance company, jobs for the boys and staying in power.

Press association release

A police chief has apologised for his force's failure to help a single mother and her disabled daughter who died in a burning car after suffering years of abuse from a gang of youths. Skip related content
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Harassed mother killed her daughter
Police criticised for failing to help suicide mum

Jurors found that the police's failure to respond to the family's pleas for help contributed to their deaths.

The jury criticised a failure to share information between the police and the local council as one of the reasons why they did not respond to the calls for help.

In a press conference following the verdict, Chris Eyre, Temporary Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police, said he was "extremely sorry" the force had failed to help Ms Pilkington and her daughter.

The inquest at Loughborough Town Hall heard that Ms Pilkington, her daughter and her son Anthony, a severe dyslexic, suffered more than 10 years of abuse from a gang of teenagers living in their street in Barwell, Leicestershire.

Ms Pilkington committed suicide when she set light to her family's Austin Maestro in a lay-by while she sat in the driver's seat alongside her disabled daughter Francecca.

Mr Eyre said: "We are extremely sorry that at times our actions failed to meet the family's needs and in respect of that there are things we would have done differently. I would like to offer my unreserved apologies to the family, community and wider public. We believe that everyone should be able to lead their lives free of crime and anti-social behaviour. Our job is to make sure people's safety is a reality."

He continued: "In 2007, at the time of this tragedy, we had well- established meetings and information-sharing in place but, despite this, and despite hard work and the impact of anti-social behaviour on the family, the vulnerability of the family was not picked up. We recognise that we need to have a better response to low-level anti-social behaviour." He added: "The force has made significant improvements to the way it handles complaints of anti-social behaviour in the county."

The press conference also heard from Mick Connell, from Leicestershire County Council, who led the serious case review. He said: "This has been a thorough review into very sad circumstances."
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Will Dyfed Powys police apologise now ! I get that Terry Grange who was "in charge" at the time. What about Adam Price,Nick Bourne, and co ?
Will they all rush to meetings to see how thier voters can be abused and then for the sake of Dyfed Powys insurers and police golden handshakes ignored hoping it will go away.
Will Adam price who I know has suffered abuse suddenly get up and do the right thing. After all if it happened to me and countless others there may be welsh people its happened to !
You have nothing to lose by doing the right thing Price . Would I stand alongside you if you suffered prejudice YES I WOULD.
Lord Denning whom I had the priveledge of knowing once said If you deny people legal remedies they will find thier own..........

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