Sunday, 30 August 2009

Why people get away with murder

The lunatic who has this blog is the man who held captive a girl called jaycee for 18 yrs,fathered two children with her and is now facing 29 charges for crimes committed against her plus there are investigations into murdered prostitutes.

In 2006 a neighbour contacted the police and an officer went out and had a chat at the door. THREE YEARS LATER he got caught because someone with a bit of power started checking.

Its easy for criminals to avoid being caught or convicted because it would seem that here or in America its not what you know but who you know. As long as your face fits you can pretty much do as you like. How can we protect the innocent when such shoddy police work through out the world allows criminals to remain undetected even though someone was brave enough to come forward.
The criteria for joining the judiciary should be raised to an acceptable standard so there wont be room for evil people to slip through the net.

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