Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Todays revenge attack by an idiot from Dyfed Powys police

Usually after I update my blog I get some form of harassment from a uniform nobody trying to impress his mates at Llangunnor ,dyfed powys police HQ.
Why should today be any different.
Last week someone loosened the nuts on one wheel of the discovery leaving it held by one nut. Eventually it sheared destroying the wheel but fortunately it wasn't on the motor way so a crash on a lane was survivable but still a malicious thing to do. I didn't report it as to be honest I didn't know if it was done by the race and hate gang,The drug dealer down the road or a Dyfed Powys police sympathiser. Previously I have had all the light wires chopped from underneath the Jeep and scratches carved on the bonnets.
My long standing neighbours came past upset because some lunatic had vandalised their car too. It had vile language written on it and someone had destroyed the engine by pouring a substance in. They had therefore phoned Cross hands police station to record the incidents ( we no longer expect crime solving like in the Sweeney ).

A Honda 4 by 4 Panda car turned up narrowly missing the sleeping cats that were on my property. In it sat the new village idiot passed from Carmarthen police to piss all the locals off here by being dumped in Crosshands police station.They seem to do a police photo poster which appears in shop windows with names on so if you find one you can send them back to the nick. If you can imagine Mr Bean with a blue light you can imagine the scene of cats running for their lives with someone who probably couldn't find the key to Crosshands Police bike shed but did find a set of car keys on the front desk.

As we all know Dyfed Powys Police are not too clever with Keys. After all they had a set of house Keys belonging to Terry Grange hanging in Llangunnor because a woman there still used the house and they protect their own. They got the armed response unit to destroy the windows at the back of the bungalow instead of opening the door with the keys when I was squatting in there !

PC Mike Evans was the smug new boy sent to distress and disturb me today. Given that I have PTSD after the race and hate crimes and the sheer failure to be protected by the welsh police it makes me ill er every time they have to try to intimidate me in my home. Last time I was assaulted by a police man shoving through my door. Sadly for him I was on the phone to 999 at the time and although Dyfed Powys failed to respond to 3 999 calls at least what went on was taped so he got caught. I have a letter admitting all this should any one wish to verify the facts are true.

Now given that our cars had been vandalised one would assume that Mr Bean Evans was there to investigate the car vandalising ....noooooooooo.
He asked if I had a Red Ferguson tractor.... I asked him why being some what confused and he said just answer the question. At which point he was told that unless he came up with a valid reason why I was being asked then he could shove off.

He said there had been an accident on saturday morning involving a tractor and a car.He was going to ALL the farms asking. Now having been assaulted by one of these deceitful lying lot before I'm not answering anything as usually the intention is to somehow charge me with something and for it to actually get anywhere in court. Ive been charged wrongfully with tractor theft and had it dropped and the last lot of criminal damage was laughed out of court because the police had to admit they caused the damage with ten armed response unit police.

I told Evans to shift his nice shiny Honda because he was stopping traffic and I had real stuff to get on with. He glared at me until I laughed at him then left so proving I was the only farm owner visited.His suggestion that he was visiting every farm was a blatant lie.I as far as I know was the only one.

The police must be of limited intelligence because the accident on Saturday was caused by two boys on a tractor who were helped to dispose of it at a scrap yard and the owner was named by a witness because the boys had hit a car.
So if the owner was known and the tractor was at a scrap yard why were the police wasting yet more time and resources on a wind up harassing me today ?

I was told Evans was the new boy and I assume sending dick heads round my place must be like asking imbeciles to go buy tartan paint. My neighbours are angry because the lady from Saturday had her car damaged and so far the police had done sod all apart from send an expensive four by four out to see if I would confess it was my tractor. Obviously being Fagan I send out young kids on Saturday morning to pick pockets.

Each time the police keep coming with their stupid games to torture me less people are getting crimes solved. Why cant our corrupt and idiotic Dyfed Powys police chiefs at Llangunnor get off their fat bone idle asses,stop counting their pensions and get to grips with all that has gone on. If and when the truth all comes out they know that their little Ivory towers will fall to the ground. I'm going to be standing at the bottom waiting patiently.

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