Thursday, 28 May 2009

Expense claims by Welsh politicians/Dyfed powys police

Well where do I begin...

Am I alone in thinking that Adam price and his mates secret attempts to get fame and notoriety by getting advice on impeaching Tony Blair and then claiming the personal costs back is just not right ? They seem to have tried to quietly chance their arms in an attempt to further their own agendas. If it was a genuine political move then surely it should have been carried out and paid for by Plaid Cymru ? Surely the would be political assassins should be spending more time looking after the interests of constituents struggling to survive than focusing on self development.

Ive been to hell and back and Plaid Cymru has been no help at all.In fact I would go as far as saying they have been most unhelpful.For a party that claims to be totally against racism, I can hand on heart say that I feel they have let me down badly.
Labours Nia Griffiths has been brilliant and even Conservatives Nick Bournes office have written letters to get me the help I should be entitled to.

"Peter Hain, the newly-appointed Welsh Secretary, released a statement via United Against Fascism which read: "It's a shameful stain on Britain that we now have racists and fascists representing our country."

Actually Peter Hain ITS A SHAME THAT PEOPLE WOULD PREFER TO VOTE FOR RACISTS AND FACISTS BECAUSE THEY FEEL THEY WILL GET MORE HELP from them than those allegedly representing us already.

Now this is a personal opinion but I feel very much that the lines between BNP and Plaid Cymru are blurring. I find myself with no help with racial abuse issues from either party or even my wrongful arrest after political pressure was put on and prejudice was shown.

A lot of hard core Plaid supporters have defected because they are unhappy with the blatant campaigning towards vote catcher causes. Plaid might find that not going out on anti BNP marches waffling about racism and actually resolving issues for their constituents of ALL races may get them more votes than arrogantly predicting that no one is going to vote BNP so their seats with Plaid Cymru are safe.If ever a plan was destined to bite you on the ass this is one.

I personally loathe the BNP and especially Nick Griffin who is another person of great self interest but just because he has politicians fingers pointing at him as a scapegoat it doesn't mean he is the worst political wannabee with the least morals.
It just means he is running a party full of people who hate other people trying to catch the vote of people who feel no one else is listening to them.

Its a party of displaced angry voters who would happily abandon ship if only they had an honorable truthful party they could trust.
Its certainly the only party outsiders have been invited to so rather than stay at home alone they are mixing with people they wouldn't normally open the door to.
I include some people standing for the BNP in that !
I can see the benefit of in dependants because an independent wont have a column of spin doctors to hide behind.

Its not just Adam Price caught by the expense storm but also Helen Mary Jones who apparently feels the need to be troughing through £2020.90 worth of free meals for a year.
I wonder how many hot meals that would provide for people on low incomes and pensioners who are possibly surviving on sandwiches. In the area that Helen Mary Jones is supposed to be looking after there is a supermarket that donates all the old bread and vegetables that goes into dustbins for the animals here. Several times it has been taken by a very old pensioner before I got to collect it so he can eat.The other thing with Helen Mary Jones is the causes she picks up. Why if Plaid Cymru is a party for all people living in Wales was Jones in the newspapers animated suggesting that outsiders not be allowed to move into Porthrydd on a proposed new housing site ????? Why should people have to be welsh speakers to buy a house near Carmarthen ?????
If you feel its wrong to take a nationalistic view and to alienate people just lawfully wanting to buy a house, how are you going to argue the point when you get told that Jones is from Birmingham and IS an outsider. How convenient is that ! An outsider AND called Jones. A decoy duck if ever I saw one and someone so keen to fit in too ! Plaid Cymru should be supporting people because they LIVE here not just because they were BORN here !
Try buying bread and taking sandwiches to work like your constituents do Jones.
In fact if you go to most railway stations you will see kids begging outside. I take a young Irish boy to get food when Im in Swansea and he is hunched up tired and hungry outside. He lives in the derelict buildings behind Swansea station !
Would you just feed a kid like him with your free sandwhiches or would you ask him where he was from first ? Only he is from Ireland.
Are you all still claiming the full twelve grand for housing each year because Cardiff is so far away ? I know people who commute to London and Bristol most days because they have no option ! £12,000 would pay B and B for kids in winter !!!
Its the best thing in the world that the newspapers have published all these expenses because it has shown that people of all parties have been abusing the system as well as showing absolute disrespect for voters who trusted them enough to vote for them.

Its a time for change.

Its not all about politicians as I'm sure people will remember the £70,000 pension Terry Grange from Dyfed Powys Police fled back to Bristol with when he had been caught bang to rights fiddling and playing away.
Why do we not have a system where by all officials have to have figures published ? They can hardly complain after the MP fiasco.
Every police officer above Sgt has a bonus related pay scheme based on levels of crime. When you know that it becomes clear why a lot of crime never gets recorded because it tips them over their limit and criminals go free.

I own 3 domain names

This week we will set up email addresses to them so that people who feel they have been sold out or who have been blatantly ignored when they have genuine problems can email this blog and have their stories told without being blocked or ignored. This is just for genuine every day people who have gone without help because those entrusted are more interested in feathering their own nests than doing what they take cash to do

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