Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ive decided to sell my domain name

Item name:
Item Id: 260409912975
Starting price: £10,000.00
End time: 23-May-09 16:30:16 BST

One lady Owner

I have a few more like plaid cymru, BNP , Royal courts of justice so if its not listed and you want it just ask and I will see if its in my collection.

I shall miss the dyfed powys police one of course but we have to move on. No more being assaulted by them and I have to ignore the police volvo that follows us. I think now they have finally nicked someone with the Cooper surname for two murders (according to the marvelous Andy Edwards desperate for something to go right before he leaves his job). They may be moving onto letter "D" so beware anyone whose surname starts with DA

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