Friday, 24 April 2009

Adam Price, Helen Mary Jones, Plaid Cymru, BNP

Did I shed a tear for your tv appearences ? No
If anyone is to blame for BNP gaining a foothold then its you two.
Merion Bowen is a family man and I have time for him and his children who like to come and visit the animals at the sanctuary. He was the one who used to tell me to give plaid Cymru another chance to help sort out my nightmare situation caused partly by an AM taking sides.

But now he has gone over to BNP.

Why ? Because Plaid Cymru are more interested in helping themselves than the many genuine households that are asking Plaid Cymru to act on thier behalf desperate for someone to do something.Instead of holding a few banners up in front of cameras try holding a few more clinics and actually doing something .
people that are traditional middle of the road voters are defecting to a new and dangerous party. Its breeding hatred amongst communities.
I actually would get more help asking the BNP to intervene because Im white.
I wont because I believe so strongly that racism is wrong having been a victim of it.Although it might help my problems it ultimately shows support for something I cannot support.I was racially abused by a Welsh Nationalist. There Ive said it. Will you investigate or will I get the usual pass the buck letters from you ? Deny that and the letters go on here.

Shame on you Helen Mary Jones AND Adam Price for not listening to the people that vote for you or in my case someone who didnt

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