Saturday, 4 April 2009

Getting off Terry Grange Ex Dyfed Powys police for a moment...

not that anyone admits getting on and you just wouldn't would you.......

My attention veers towards The home secretary Jacqui Smith whose husband, like husbands all over the UK do, embarrassed her in public. I wouldn't like to be in his shoes nor hers at the moment. He has been shown up as an adult movie watching husband who maybe needs a bit more fresh air and exercise whilst possibly wearing mittens at night. She however has been followed by cameras everywhere and vilified for a expense claim for her Labour government post, when it was a private expense involving her husbands "habits".

I wonder how many ministers expense claims were set fire to last week in Rayburn's and garden braziers to avoid similar finger poking and snigger's. Its a good thing that expense claims are available for public viewing as the ministers should be transparent but a terrible indictment on English morals that the expanse claims themselves are being sold for £300,000 a pop. The point is missed that no one has been scrutinising expense claims for such "items" and clearly its a possible loop hole for abuse to occur in many ways.
I am personally more interested in what the films were but maybe that says more about me than him but I do feel sorry for the wife as she has to live with him and the shame he has brought upon her.Although the claim was her responsibility.
The press were interested in keeping the story going to sell more newspapers as equally those in politics were more interested in deflecting mud from themselves unless of course they were batting on the home secretaries team and then they did what all those who have the most to lose do. THEY KEPT SCH TUM and waited for the storm to leave.

This is a time honoured tradition practiced by all those in towers of power not wishing to lose money or position and as sadly interest wains in those that say nothing the press move on to finger pointing and snickering at some one elses misfortunes.
Today there seems to be yet another story breaking although different from Jacqui Smith of Redditch constituency, this one does involve arguement and critisism of expense claims involving the public purse, Geoff Hoon the transport minister is alleged to be benefiting from a considerable amount of money that would be better spent on those that voted Labour in and so it goes on ....

How sad that the home secretary's husband unfortunate and mucky private habits made more head lines than the breaking story about how many paedophiles and other criminals get off with a caution !

The actual crimes involve child sex, conspiracy to murder, drug dealers, possession of firearms, GBH and kidnap !

These figures are available on a FOI which is the freedom of information act that means eventually people can find out the truth when its not been available by asking at front desks.

Its very simple really how it goes unoticed because those who did the deals keep SCH TUM ! We need to be asking not only the figures but who is responsible for the action of cautioning because its done by those not wishing to lose money nor position !
It comes back to life changing crimes not being recorded in a serious manner so it doesn't affect the image of how wonderful a police force come accross in the newspapers and when it comes to bonus and pension time.

I was recently assaulted by a policeman and I have witnesses to prove that. I wanted him charged but if pressure is put on to suggest that the victim will be charged with a fictional misdemeanor complete with bail conditions which gag and disrupt every day life and not the perpetrator charged with an actual crime, but it being dealt with quietly on a local basis then how can justice be done ?

It cant be but the police figures look great !

I think police bonus schemes should be scrapped and police officers of all ranks should have to sign a contract on a two yearly basis which means it would no longer be a performance related job where it becomes easy to massage the figures but more a serious commitment to upholding the law and actuating justice. It would save the country a fortune in pensions being frittered on those who have done wrong and STILL get to grab the cash.
If you don't do the job honestly and correctly and that includes a bit of good old fashioned thief taking which is sadly missing you don't keep the job nor the money !

And here I am back on to Terry Grange ex chief constable and his views on sexual predators which are also widely available on the Internet as well as the terrible figures on cautions which should be looked at and audited with utter shame but wont be because the next minister who has an embarrassing event happen in thier very private lives will be far more important than the honesty and integrity of our law enforcers.
People today in the UK feel powerless but they shouldnt. Everyone that stands up and upholds honesty and decency stands as proxy for an officer who betrayed our trust.
Like forests of trees used for toilet roll. Eventually there will be more trees growing straight and true than asses looking for a comfortable life.
Another day another justice.

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