Thursday, 1 December 2011

How the Welsh police protect thier own

A woman is murdered and police officers lie to convict people of a crime they didnt commit.After serving years in prison innocent people are released and the police officers themselves are arrested for thier criminality. Everything looks like finally the justice system is doing what it is supposed to do. CONVICTING WRONGDOERS !

Then surprise surprise, Papers get lost ...all the usual garbage that Swansea court system use to sway the balance of justice. Lets face it. When was it ever going to be in Swansea justice systems best interest to show that in fact there is corruption.mistakes,injustice. ? I know the result of Judge Vospers harsh attitude towards me( when I was wrongly accused of affecting Selwyn Roberts Tenancy when in fact he waged a race and hate war against ME ) and the effects injustice has so it must be devastating for people to have lost years locked up for being wrongly convicted and then the real criminals to be allowed to walk away scot free.
Shame on Swansea justice system.

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