Sunday, 20 May 2012

Terry Grange is dead.

Im very pleased to be able to announce that he is gone. I bet it wasnt shame that got him although it should have done. All being kept quiet by DYFED POWYS POLICE so far but lets look back on him. Did he get sacked for helping out an alleged Paedophile judge friend ??? No Did he get sacked for ignoring my pleas for protection from a racist thug ??? No Did he get sacked for all his other failings as a serving police officer ??? No Did he get sacked for his views on what age you became a paedophile or victim ??? No He got caught on the job (whilst on the job) with his mistress and paying for the pleasure with the force credit card so was allowed to resign with his full pension. Lets hope his last bit of life was as tortured as he made others with his derelict of duty. The only good thing he did for policing was resigning which meant people had a chance of some sort of protection from Dyfed Powys police.....unless of course you are me.....or / and English living in Wales. Lets not start on Judge Vospers unfairness as Im just grateful to the devil for taking Grange I dont expect all others who knew him to understand my views and I dont know or care about his life in the forces I just know the harm he did to me and I know the harm he caused to others.

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