Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Maurice Kirk is rightly FREED !!!!!!!!!!

I gratefully received this email which is self explanatory

Cc: "norman scarth" A telephone call at 3pm today told me that Maurice is free. Maurice himself rang me at 6.20pm (his speech suggested he may have had a glass of shandy! ). Apparently the jury were sent out at 10.30am & 'deliberated' for four hours (very worrying for Maurice & supporters), came back in & said they were not unanimous. Judge Thomas said he would accept a ten to two verdict. After only 10 minutes they came back & said 'NOT Guilty', by a majority of eleven to one. It appears the four hours 'deliberation' was because they were trying to convert the one Quisling among them. Lord Devlin was right when he said "The jury is the guiding light by which we see that Freedom lives" (though of course there is always the chance of ten or twelve Quislings in a 'specially selected' jury).
Norman Scarth
PS: Don't forget that during many months in prison & an 'ordinary' Nuthouse, the evil ones tried their best to get him into a High Security Lunatic Asylum - along with monsters such as Ian Brady, Peter Sutcliffe et al. Barbara Wilding, recently retired Chief Constable of South Wales has much to answer for (infinitely worse than Police Commander Ali Desaei, described today as 'a criminal in uniform'). Wilding is Chairwoman of a committee handing out Big Lottery money to 'Mental Hospitals' in Wales, & obviously had great influence over 'Doctor' Tegwynn Williams of Caswell 'Clinic'. NS.

Yet another " outsider" wrongly tortured by the welsh police.
Dyfed Powys police, coincidentally are so desperate now that they mislead the public into thinking quotes in newspapers are given freely by nice young police women doing a good job when in fact all police are now banned from talking to the press at all so the same lot that made up the claims against me and had them slapped in the press now make up quotes for said police officers and publish them pretending they were given by the nice police officers.How long untill South Wales follow suit ?

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