Sunday, 14 February 2010

From Marsupials to Equine Munchkins that break your heart

I was saddened to get a phone call from a member of the public reporting a Wallaby with a suspected broken back. I requested help from the RSPCA to transport the poor animal to a vets and a thorough investigation of the whole situation. Having put the matter in appropriate hands I got on with other animals needing help and the continual grind of feed providing here at the sanctuary. Next day the phone rang with a distressed lady asking when I was going to collect the Wallaby. I re phoned the RSPCA somewhat angry and I was apologised to and told that I would get a phone call back immediately. It brought back bad memories of inspector Elaine Spence coming out to help with Roberts cattle and then being abandoned in court.

What I got was a somewhat miffed inspector telling me that he went through his to do list on a priority basis and that it was only hear say that the Wallaby was paralysed.It was my fault the Wallaby hadn't seen a vet because I could have gone to his area and collected it and that he would go the following day to have a look.
Somewhat enraged Debbie and I got in the car and drove forty miles to the farm where the wallaby was in a cow barn. We met the couple who had possession at that point and then drove as quickly as we could to our vet for a pre arranged visit.
There is something terribly wrong and sad to see a beautiful Albino Wallaby grooming her front feet,knowing that her back legs are paralysed and there is no hope for her.
We talked to her all they way back and she was quite happy. I carried her in to the surgery and there was no choice but to put her to sleep. The RSPCA did cover the cost of the procedure but I doubt the wiseness of people who throw money at the RSPCA when its small sanctuaries like us that are desperate to stay afloat and were there to help an animal that got help two days later than it needed to. If you have spare cash just find your local sanctuary. They will be grateful and WILL have an animal you can help.

The next day brought a cat with aids that I had to take down to be put to sleep without question this was the right decision for the poor cat.

Saturday brought more trauma. We have all gone down yet again with a bug and I considered asking our vet to put me down with the poor cat but I took a phone call from Dyfed Powys Police asking us to attend an incident of ponies on a main road.
This was an ongoing thing and the police had made the decision to seize the ponies for their own sake and families driving along the road. One pony had already been chopped in two by a vehicle and we needed to save the remaining ones.

Unfortunately they were wild (almost livid on occasion). They were frightened having been chased by people and cars. The RSPCA had been asked to help and again hadn't responded so again we were called in. Never before have Dyfed Powys police impressed me but they sure were better than the RSPCA. We worked with the ponies until the early hours and then secured them away from the road before getting some sleep ourselves.Sunday morning the police sealed the road off for a second time to all traffic and we had enough trust going to ensure we got the ponies loaded and back to Trallwm farm.

We had one unanswered question which was soon answered.

Smokey was in the yard with his new girl and as soon as he spotted the intruders he arched his neck and reared. The four munchkins answered in similar vein with Willy's flashing and nuts clanging.
We had brought back four stallions who all think they are seven feet tall.
Photos will follow of ridiculous ponies who think they need pirate attire and ropes to swing from. The biggest already got bashed by me for biting Rolex the old Dane.
Meantime anyone qualified to geld is welcome here !

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