Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sgt Mike Melly cleans up Dyfed powys poor record

Its not often that you will find me praising Dyfed Powys police because the lies some of them tell are so brazen and the racism and selfishness over powers the good that some officers try to do.
If its true that in every barrel of apples some will be rotten to the core equally it will be true that some apples will be exactly as they are meant to be,good and wholesome.

Ive met a few nice police of late and today I had cause to call Cross hands station with regard to an allegation of theft. Sgt Melly spoke to me at the earliest opportunity,took time and trouble to speak to an organisation trying to help and between us a truth emerged that everyone was happy with.

Perhaps those grasping the ladder up to Chief constable level could take the time and trouble to learn about good old fashioned policing from Sgt Melly.
I was so impressed I'm considering taking sandwiches and a copy of the Anarchists cook book down to Cross hands waiting room. Its ever so convenient as the armed response unit live next door. We could all have tea and sandwiches before the ARU smash a few windows.

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It is comforting to learn of "clean" officers.
As a victim of NINE corrupted, unresolved and covered up crimes perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Problem is "clean" officers cannot climb crooked slippery ladders.
Yours truly.