Saturday, 11 October 2008

Trallwmfarm forums ARE NOW OPEN !!!!!

We have recently shifted from Blackfoot hosting whom are expensive to 123reg.
We tried to shift last year but Blackfoot held us ransom with the forums.
This time we have asked for the forum files and so far they have just ummed and ahhed.
We are in the process of completing a new Trallwm farm sanctuary forum with bits that actually work !!! so if Blackfoot dont want to do the decent thing then shame on them !
We have a counter on here so we can see where people have dropped in from and it appears staff have time to look at this blog but not to help an animal sanctuary whose list of animals needing a home is on a forum they have the files of.Nor to get files from a forum and site they have hosted for about five years.


noodles said...

I cannot believe that Blackfoot were even charging a charitable organisation in the first place: big boos and hisses to you all!!!

Miss the site (thought I had been kicked off for a minute - lol)
look forward to a new one!
Noodles xx

l johnson said...

Shame on you Blackfoot how low can you get?
These animals need homes!
People need help and advice with their animals!
We want the forums back NOW!!
We want our HOODIES!!!!

Traska said...


I miss the forum, anything we can do to help?? The data Blackfoot hold concerns you and your property, so i'd guess the Data Protection Act means they have to give you a copy on request?

Bad Blackfoot!

Ab x

sullycardiff said...

Hate the forum not being active,miss the site so much! Shame on Blackfoot. Just like to say how i think the world of Trallwm Farm's Staff, and all the work that they do. If I lived closer I'd offer my help too. Is there anyway of updating existing users of Trallwm website with new arrivals and updates of the existing animals? I know this would take time, and with so much to do already at the farm, would be even more time consuming. I am willing to help, I live quite far away to help at the farm but if you would like me to help in some way by updating users I would be well up for it. Let me know aka sullycardiff x x x x Cant wait for it to return. (ps sorry for the essay! )