Wednesday, 20 June 2018

To Message body Dear Sian (in line with James Lewis email stating we are all on first name terms which I guess enables Dom Jones to get away with personal emails on headed Dyfed Powys server systems) Thank you for your previous email stating you deal with all Mark (chief constables) emails. Im pleasantly surprised that Mark has aspired to the giddy heights of chief constable whilst being unable to write emails nor use the phone. As you know Ive lost 65% of my peripheral sight, yet here I am emailing you so you can read an email to Mark ! This is an email to state clearly that as Mark has failed in his duty to protect both me and the thousands of pounds worth of horses I am responsible for at Trallwm Farm from criminals, I hereby have decided that we are sadly at war. So far in an attempt to mitigate this state of affairs Ive had to put up with PC ben Holding ( Ben), who I believe was told not to bother doing much, whilst also lacking in his ability as a paid and serving officer and also Ins James Lewis (james), who decided to argue with High court instructions in an attempt to protect Sgt Dom Jones (Dom) personal emails being bandied about including, I believe, on a secret group on facebook by the recipitant. But more importantly in an attempt to stop people legitimately complaining about the content of said emails. I now have a WPC who at least can multitask and is doing her best despite dealing with a lot of other "stuff". I believe her.There was supposed to be a multi agency meeting today about how to stop the criminals but I gather you have a few people banged up to deal with. This brings back memories for me being banged up whilst the Terry Grange gang scurried about desperately trying to find something to get me on. They failed of course because I make it a point never to do anything illegal whilst its so easy to make you all apparently be stupid and corrupt in the public eye whilst I behave perfectly legally and with impeccable manners. As apparently its absolutely ok to post anything on facebook with out Dyfed Powys taking action against criminals. I, as a complainant against Marks biased and shoddy work, will use my legal right as a consumer to use social media and all the email addresses I have, to express my concerns publicly. I shall also use my public right to visit all police stations including Carmarthen HQ to express them in person in as many ways as I can think up..So tell mark to keep an eye out and give me a wave from under his desk. Sam Gainard force solicitor (Sam) actually once let me in and I had a nice cup of tea whilst she told me how she promised to take my complaints seriously. I understand she is or was under suspension for alleged criminal acts so that didn't end well for Dyfed Powys did it ? Told ya... I did get inside CPS on the same day but didn't get tea. Im aware there is a designated team in your HQ ICAT office that spend all day on facebook as part of their job lets see how good they are !!!! No doubt James Lewis and gang will be thumbing through a few old law books to try to find something to arrest me, the victim on. That's absolutely fine. I always find that I get far more publicity from the National press when Dyfed Powys try to get me for something I haven't done whilst Dyfed Powys allow criminals to carry on unfettered by justice. If Marks sending a Panda car for me would he mind letting me know when as obviously I have to organise extra security here to ensure the safety of my horses and property whilst Im wrongfully in custody again. Should Mark develop the ability to use a phone or email TODAY without getting women to do it for him, Im quite happy under the Geneva convention rules to negotiate, in a friendly attempt not to have my Human Rights and disability rights broken and to allow Dyfed Powys to return to its former situation of not having to look out the window for me Yours sincerely Lady Lesley Cooper (Lesley) piratepic

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