Saturday, 13 December 2008

December Storms bring winds of change

Here we are not far from Christmas day and its a beautiful sunny afternoon.Im sure its natures gift to remind us all that no matter how bleak or desperate it all seems some day the sun will shine again.
All the horses and cattle are in because although its not cold in the daytime the rain is torrential. It never seems to end and last night was no exception. A house at the end of the road had a chip pan fire yesterdy evening and I was asked to attend to help move animals. In the end 3 fire engines quickly averted disaster and saved the day but we were all drenched just getting from cars into the house.

Everyone is doing well and we have some lovely deserving horses waiting for loving families to adopt them. I loaned a long timer out to a riding instructor today who wants to ride him side saddle as she has a medical condition. As a typical bone idol pony he was quite put out that he was asked to walk to the end of the road and back but he quite liked her no nonsense approach and I think they will have a long and happy life together.

We have some wonderful bigger horses in whom, through no fault of thier own are homeless and needing experienced homes. As always we are stretched with feeding as we usually put four big bales out at all times. I pray to god someone kind donates some this year. We now have a roof on the barn so just need breeze blocks to seperate into loose boxes. We do get very sick horses in that need to have a stable close by the front door so I can be with them with them in seconds in an emergency. Often old horses need a bit of extra care too with keeping weight on so a warm snug stable makes all the difference.
Exhaustion is a big problem for us humans as you cannot just not put bales out or feed the dogs or Turkeys because you feel like hiding under the bed. Its sheer hard work with more animals coming into rescue this year and I often lie awake at night worrying. There is a lot to worry about but there are good honest people out there who help us.Sometimes they bring in rugs to keep the horses warm and food to feed them. There are several people who have bequested money to us for the future which will protect the interests of the animals.
We also have some wonderful loaners of our animals and there is nothing better than knowing horses or livestock are going to have a happy future with someone.
As regular readers know I have battled against the odds since being here with no help
from the police or Plaid Cymru or Labour or conservatives. In fact the police have done everything to discredit me because they failed to protect me and dont want the truth to come out. Its a terrible thing when you simply run an animal sanctuary to be racially abused and then have the police do thier upmost to distance themselves from thier failure to protect us.
You find out that all those in positions of infuence are simply there to feather thier own nests and have little concern for others.
Ive survived all that has been thrown at me and will continue to seek justice so I can then carry on rescue work and help the animals in my care to find a future.
Happy Christmas every body !

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