Friday, 16 January 2009

Letter to My Granddaughter

Ive had so many lucky escapes in my life that I'm qualified to see you through your life without almost any harm befalling you.
Most of my escapes have involved feckless young men who would put their own nuts through a mincer if they could get cash and fame out of me. The last was the final one.

That was the luckiest escape of all.

Im so lucky to have the freedom and ability to show you the wonderful things that life has to offer you and just you. The world is changing back towards a good place with Barack Obama in situ. Lets hope Plaid cymru,Labour and anyone else that inflict division on normal people wander into the wilderness.

I want to teach you to stencil a huge design across the floor, walls and ceiling of your room.
It will teach you that where there is life there is a start and a finish. In the middle can be wondrous, beautiful and dangerous but it will be better for all the effort you put in. Life never ends, its a circle. Every day is the first day of the rest of your life. Think from your head if you intend giving one of your days to someone who you know is unworthy of you. You cannot ask for it back like a book.
All you do and all you see in your life will have been done a thousand times before but when you do it your mother and I will think you do it better than anyone else ever.

Im afraid you are destined to be a writer,musician or artist of some sort.
Sorry about that but if you trace our family back you will find that not only did we own the buildings but also we painted the art work in it. We made the music or spread our emotion for all to see in tangible and audible ways much to the chagrin of our sensible relatives. it cost us relationships,huge estates and sleepness nights. Your pedigree shows quite clearly the musicians,artists and writers who created works of art but also a sharpness of mind involving forensic science right through to castle dwellers and club nocturnes.Enjoy your destiny or it will all be worthless. Make sure you create a history of your own for your daughter to be ashamed of and your grand daughter to aspire to.

So far in your life we have had days out with the armed response unit and watched with great disdain men who have no credibility and even less honesty. Remember in life you have to fight for the truth and what is right even when those whom are paid to do just that dont. You will be strong but you should always help others who don't have your capabilities.
Never marry a policeman darling. Its not nice and I never want you to be lied too or abused by anyone. Avoid freemasons. Its just like scouts only the scouts dont have to roll up trouserlegs and obviously they get rewarded for doing good deeds.

Be free to fly through life and resist the call of those who would cage you. They don't have the magic you do they will try to capture the essence of your soul. don't let your life pass you by so another can see the world through you.
You already have an affinity with the animals,you adore Rolex the Dane and the goats quite happily cradle you in their soft hair. Ferguson blew warm breathe onto your face to your delight and you stared into each others eyes in a private moment of huge horse meets tiny person.

Learn all they have to teach you because never will you meet a dishonest animal.

Unless its a Dyfed powys police horse

I feel I have a responsibility towards your music education as I obviously failed with my daughter,your mother.
I never realised until today that she actually knows all the words to a take that song.
I want to take you to Ibiza or be able to show you how cool Stonehenge was with paint ponies and native Americans wading through rivers of people all wanting to believe they would live forever aged 21.
We can make a tee pee in the woods and pretend if your mother wont let us run away together.

We will sleep upon bracken and Rolex will be your pillow,Bojangles your quilt whilst Isadore will listen for wolves and feckless young men eager to spoil your dreams.
Deer hound hair is the softest thing next to angels dust since they both are made in heaven and you will never feel the cold while we keep you safe.
We can eat sherbet until our tongues swell and then drink from the stream just to frighten your mother. Please don't actually turn fluorescent green just to spite your mothers fear of nature.

I want to write a book with you and for you of things "I did with Grandma". I think it may be safest to hold off publication until you have your own Grandchildren so your mother doesn't find out the things we will do and then it will be too late for retribution. I have so many things to show you and teach you how to do.
Your spirit will find its wings and soar one day. I will guarantee your freedom for that to happen.

C Lady L Cooper aged 48 / Roxalea Cooper 9 mnths

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Moira said...

whilst looking for comments on 'Isadore' I find her with your grand-daughter, I hope they both get on, as all my 'babies' are very humanised. Just came back from quite a long walk with Isadore's brother'Woolfie' who really didn't like the cold crunchy snow & ice, but put up with it just for me! He's going to be a smashing dog, we really have bonded, whilst the big bitch'Brea' obeys my husband more than me (You can take that both ways!)Here's hoping the rest of the litter goes to some more nice homes.