Friday, 29 January 2010

Lesley Halley

A few years have passed since you phoned me to ask for help with a pony that lived in a cow barn. His owner was in much torment after the suicide of his son and couldn't bare to look at the pony let alone give away the last link he had to his sons tragic life.

You carefully worked with the man and gave him hope of a future for both he and Alphie a very beautiful silver stallion who had competed and won before being sealed away to be a memento in a mausoleum.
I travelled up in heavy snow and met you not sure if I would be spending Christmas at your house if I couldn't tow Alphie back in the bad weather.

Alphies owner didn't want to give him up to the various places you suggested until you showed him us on the internet. He spent the night before I arrived trimming mane and tail,clipping overgrown hooves and making the once white coat gleam again.

You created a positive situation for a lost and tormented man to help his horse find freedom. You had an ability to be friends with most people and to fill their lives with energy and fun. You also had an amazing ability to help those worse off and to offer comfort.You were even better sorting out lost and hurt little furry souls without ever expecting reward or recognition.

You were definitely the one person who could make me laugh with your antics and often temper. Everybody knew exactly where they stood with you because there was no pretence, only honesty. You stuck up for me over the years and I know you did it for others too.I was so impressed when you got your bike and you encouraged me to have fun too.
Today as the snow cascaded from the sky once more you took your leave from this earth and drew your last breath. You shocked everybody not because God would want you as an angel but because we needed you more for a long time yet and you were gone.
Heaven wont be a lonely place for anyone following your tracks in the snow to the big gates. The fire will be lit and you will welcome everyone. I look forward to a carefully ordered heaven with all the ironing done.
You were very loved Lesley.


Anonymous said...

A lovely tribute to a lovely lady who will be sorely missed.

My heart goes out to the Halley family, I cannot imagine what they are going through

rest in peace Lesley, love from Cheryl, Henry and Molly xxx

Lynne said...

What lovely words. As a family we have lost our lynch pin, our wisdom, our daughter, sister, wife, mum, grandma. Lesley had compassion beyond compare and many of the good things she did, and the way she touched the lives of others, we may never know about. From puppy walking guide dogs to being a foster mum to children under 5, when she was a single mum with three young children, through to animal rescue, she always had time for everyone else and no time for self pity. If God needed an Angel yesterday then he picked the best, but how we wish He had looked the other way.
Lynne (her big sister)xx