Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Hell will have to wait for a bit

Im not very good at this blogging. Part of the problem is that so many things happen on an hourly basis that i just dont get to write them down.I think about it but it just doesnt happen.We spend all day laughing at them but you just dont get to hear about it.
Living here is like a secret forest where the animals come out at night to deep moonlit pools to talk and drink only its day time and the pools are created by the constant rain.
Animals talk all the time only most people dont see it. I can watch a conversation happening on top of the hill from the house and I can laugh at whats being said. At Trallwm farm all the animals are really free to just be themselves . They are like icebergs bobbing through life with 2/3rds below the surface and just the tip showing untill you understand the true charactor deep inside.
Our horse that started it all was Wilber. He came to us as a very messed up sick horse who was the gentlest loving boy who paid his rent with loyalty and friendship. He took care of Kyra through a very difficult time.
Animals do that without any thought for themselves but you show me any human that would do that for you !
Wilber gave every bit of himself untill the day he died in my arms. He was the most loved horse in the world and he had obituaries right across the internet. He changed peoples lives for the better.
Out there somewhere is a man who will always remember that as a child his dying fathers wishes were fullfilled when for a short while a boy smiled as he rode upon the back of a giant white horse. His father always wanted him to get the chance to ride but cancer took away all dreams and exchanged them for nightmares. Just for a while a child got to be a child again.
Each and every animal here is a person and is utterly genuine in thier emotions and behaviour. Consider most people you know and you will understand why they will drag me out in a box before I give up the home of all the animals here.
Like most people I have left bits of my soul in past lives and other places .I have the usual emotional chunks missing but unfortunately for anyone crossing me The bits that are missing are fear of anything and the softness that makes you stop and consider that someone is genuine when they are not.
Inside Im an eco warrior with pink streaked hair and war paint. Take me on and you dig the hole you are going in. Kill me and I rise again.
Like the sun , Im fine in the morning but by lunchtime you will crawl away to escape the heat.
Those that know me or have seen me in the national press will know what Ive been through since living in Wales. The sheer out in the open racism that is endorsed by the police and politicians. The vile cruelty and indifference towards animals that we see everyday and everywhere. Its not an easy way to live but its a way Ive chosen and will stick with untill Ive shown corruption where it exists and protected more animals that come in. Trallwm Farm is often here simply to give animals care and rehoming when thier owners are dying ( which is a frequent reason why animals come here ) and then to help any horses or livestock that have to come in for what ever reason.We really do take them in day or night and its pretty usual for me to be up till late waiting for a very small nervous person inside a huge body to come off a lorry.
I have a pack of dogs for whom this is it. They cannot go anywhere else as here they are free, happy and under control. Take that away and they will be killed. Every day someone (Nigel) will tell me how they could cope with them but they see happy dogs who know boundaries and love. No Trallwm Farm means no pack home and No herd home.That means not just the horses but also our family of Jersey cows who are bonded for life.
Its a big responsibilty fighting for survival every day but I will do it,everyday,always,regardless.

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