Wednesday, 21 May 2008

One of those days

Its been very busy, Phone calls all day but fortunately most were enquiring about homing animals. The oldies wandered down for brekkies and were then tyre levered back out to be "real horses" for a bit. The trouble is Ferguson knows full well the freezer has cakes in it. He loves frozen doughnuts in the summer. He and Jack have become the odd couple,squabbling over imaginary slights and creating empires out of half full feed buckets. There is something quite sweet about thier attempts to double barrell each other without actually getting close enough to connect.
Token gestures are important when you are a 30 yr old and a 22yr old ex race horse pretending to be stallions.
I managed to set fire to the Jeep tonight. The fire brigade wrote it off by filling the hot engine with cold water. Cant be helped and they were very nice about it.
I managed to get my huge tow chains,my metal baseball bat and my pirate flag out. Its been a good Jeep but everything has its last day.

We will say goodbye to Ben our old GSD this week. He is the last connection to the past which is a good thing to move away from but I shall miss his sweet face. His story was featured in magazines when he was young. He came out of a cellar as a biter thanks to the abuse he suffered but he has lived his life at peace with the world for ten years.
Sweet dreams Benjamin.

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