Monday, 23 June 2008

another day another dollar

Monday saw me at the vets 1st thing with Rasputin my beautiful Burmese feral, whom, when trapped as a kitten to save him didn't have the same opinion on what we were doing !
He has somehow got trodden on by a horse or some such disaster as only a rudeboy who wanders through life like he does could. His tail is broken in several places and has to be amputated end of. Its not like he is frightened by anything because apart from taking on the world he curls up on my bed all night aggravating Bojangles (who hates him). Any normal sighthound would have long since eaten him and buried the bones.
Poor Bojangles has born the brunt of many claw/nose experiments when innocently asleep next to me. Flashing orange eyes signal the retreat of a very wild pussycat who has just been poked with a finger. But he just doesn't care. You can take the cat from the wild but you can never ever take the wild from the cat. That's what I love about him. He isn't going to be happy with the loss of his tail but at least he will live to fight another day. I shall miss his beautiful long twisting Burmese tail with the kink in the end from his Siamese heritage.
Where he was in Llanelli the life expectancy was very limited. Why the locals keep getting cats and then dumping them unspayed is beyond me. When we trap the kittens and find them homes we have a sea of cats and we are simply trawlermen seeing what jumps in the net. Life is cheap in wales

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