Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Another seven hours in cells due to a bully

Yesterday we had to answer bail for the squatting incident.
The only person in the house assaulted was Kyra but in order to attempt to justify sending the armed response unit in to a civil situation the police make it up as they go along.

The bail conditions are that we cannot go near anybody who was in,is in and will be in the Dyfed Powys police,near buildings owned or occupied by them etc etc.This includes one womans name which has caused a bit of interest with journalists as they were interested why she was named as she would come under the other listings. Terry Grange has had much publicity with regard to his love life and using the police force credit card to buy dinner and book hotel rooms in London. Now I have never had a problem with this particular lady and I hope she has not with me but I hope she "didnt" !!! YUK !!!
I shall not name her out of respect for her and her alone. HOWEVER Dyfed Powys police in thier usual underhand way held an "off the record" chat with journalists after under cover photographers were following the lady on my bail sheet to her home in the middle of no where. The person the police DID name was Lorraine Thompson who they said was the real person who Terry was alleged to have been seeing.So they sold you out Lorraine !!!!

On my bail sheet it states that the conditions are to prevent further offences and as squatting is civil it is ilegal for them to do this to us but they are desperate men protecting thier incomes.
They were supposed to show us yesterday what it is they think they can possibly charge us with but of course there probably isnt anything.

They then decided that in an effort to control us as long as possible that they would get us to sign a further 3 weeks of this utter garbage that is simply the only way they CAN control us as no one has actually decided we have at any point done anything ilegal.

We then through our solicitor say we are happy to sign reasonable bail conditions to keep the peace but not something illegal or that infringes upon our human rights.
Our nice officer goes and relates this to his boss DI DAVID GUINUI who then says he is not willing to change them and wont be reasonable.This sadly is normal behaviour down at Carmarthen. I feel very sorry for the decent officers working there.

Our solicitor then spoke to Guinui and told him there was no point at all in continuing the conversation.
Guinui was simply as per usual protecting the Dyfed powys gang and has no interest in doing the right thing. The end result was that we were bullied in the hope we would sign and then we were put in cells for seven hours until an Inspector over ruled Guinui. Kyra had her 8 week old daughter with her as we were told we just had to sign something and go.
They read out aloud what they wanted us to sign and we refused the ridiculous and intimidating bail conditions verbally.
And the we were released absolutely without having to sign anything when in fact we were happy to meet them middle way.

And has Dyfed Powys rushed forward to charge the racist thug with all he did to me ????
What do you reckon ? Im not Welsh and I upset them by fighting back.

DI DAVID GUINUI Anytime you want another metaphoric kick in the nuts bring it on because I wont quit untill I expose what Dyfed Powys did and I get justice. And incidentally as Terry Grange has been accused of protecting a peadophile judge do you think in this political climate you should be spending so much time on the killing of a peadophile...oh yes I forgot he was ANOTHER DYFED POWYS EX COP ON CHARGES.
The worst bit of all is that because I wasnt here yesterday one of our pet cows jumped over a fence trapping her foot and died. Last time I was wrongfully arrested by WPC PHILLIPS Jazzie my Jersey girl split her stomach and died.
Not that either of these heartless people care and a letter of apology last time from CPS didnt bring Jazzie back.

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