Sunday, 8 June 2008

Musical thought for the day

After a phone call with a friend in which we laughed and put the world to rights, I decided to revisit Elgar.

Now I'm a firm believer in thinking that you can judge people by two things.
How they drive and their musical taste.

People who drive vehicles that look like an H G Wells time machine in motion complete with flashing lights seem to me on the whole to be quite reasonable types. Down to earth, intelligent even. Because they drive at the same speed that they think . They are generally artistic and passionate by nature and if they are male they tend to be competitive ( until thrashed soundly by a good woman driver in a Jeep with a pirate flag and a Deer hound in the front).
I'm happy to include ambulance drivers in this catagory because in general this holds true for them too. The armed response unit driver from cross hands even qualifies, (although he failed miserably on not taking the marked up Volvo on the roundabout).
Panda car drivers can forget it. They have instructions now to not antagonise me and so when I happen to be driving behind them I notice how they drive like WI members on a visit to a male brothel. Hunched with eyes reflecting at me in the rear view mirror, like hard boiled eggs ready to burst,full of expectations and a hope that they don't get caught doing something stupid. Doh !

Now music runs in a similar vein, in that long flowing music shows a depth of character and a chain of thought that is fluid in both transaction
and aural perception.
Elgar is soothing on the surface yet uplifting , even riotous as our Edward sneakily lifts you from the floor into a balloon ( just think prisoner tv series here ) that floats above the morals of English culture looking down agreeably upon his adoring subjects.He pulls us on a breeze somewhere in our past on a journey to the future.
His work suggests to me that he knew what the future held in the modern world. Most of todays adverts portray verses that we know because most beautiful pieces have been chopped and pasted onto advertising campaigns.
Edward Elgar advertised the British empire at its best.
Lets face it you don't get many axe murderers who claim in court that Elgar worked them to a frenzy and made them do it.So I would consider an avid Elgary to be a suitable friend of a dignified and articulate nature.
As I write this you understand I have to compare various tracks and music types so laboratory conditions are upheld and another classical musicians work is echoing across the valley ,aiding and abetting the swifts and swallows on thier labour of scooping insects from the skies after the summer hay is made.
Its gangster tripping by fat boy slim for me !

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