Friday, 27 June 2008

Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela

My commiserations to you for having to spend your 90th in London with freezing rain storms, surrounded by people who you don't know with music you probably don't like.
You spent so much of your life in solitude standing your ground and avoiding the assassins bullets and then the best humanity can do is to throw you a birthday party in the middle of the capital.
The hamburgers will be vile if you can cope with standing in line for them and the toilets similar to Zimbabwe in summer with an Ecoli alert.With tacky tents flogging trinkets for ten times the price that children with aids sell the tourists in Harare.
Quite why you didn't spend it in Africa is beyond me because I would have done.
There is nothing like home.

Pop in for a cup of tea if you are passing through Wales.......oops if you have read my blog you will know to be careful. Any more false imprisonment and I will be catching you up

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