Monday, 23 June 2008

Our loss of Dandini a gypsy trotter horse

Apart from the untimely and pointless death of Abigail my hand reared Jersey x Limo girl caused by Dyfed Powys police I'm only just coming to terms with losing Dandini.

He tripped and died very quickly. Being blind he couldn't see and hit his head hard. There was no blood no distress,just gone in a second.
I'm in more distress having had Dan for many years and having loved and cared for him.
He originally came from Lincolnshire having been left tied to a wooden stake that was impaled in his chest muscles. His eyesight was fragmented in one eye then. A National charity wouldn't help him because he was "unviable" which means they would spend more on him than they could fund raise on him so Dandini came to me. He was out on loan for a long time until his sight finally went. He followed Ferguson everywhere but had just made friends with Scamp and was quite happy wandering about.
I dont think Ferguson will be far behind him. He is very very old now and not holding weight.He is still very happy and eating well so is entitled to his life as long as he wants to live.

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